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    Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Dr. Kosanke

    in Family

    In today's episode of GUC we welcome back, Dr. Nicole Kosanke the director of family services at the Center for Motivation and Change.

    Previously, Dr. Kosanke was on the show to talk about the book she co-authored titled, Beyond Addiction: How Science And Kindness Help People Change. You can listen to that episode by clicking here.

    Dr. Kosanke also visited GUC to discuss CRAFT, an alternative intervention method which teaches families how to encourage the substance user, in their life, to reduce use and enter treatment. You can listen to that episode by clicking here.

    But today, Dr. Kosanke is back to give us the low down on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and much more. Think of this episode as your Recovery 101.


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    Intercultural Competences in Music Therapy and Beyond

    in Health

    The next Radio Show with Janice Lindstrom on April 29, 2016 at 1:30 PM (CST) will feature Dr. Petra Kern, Dr. DeLoach and their students Madison, Holly, Emma, and Garrett. They will talk about “Intercultural Competences” that are necessary to shape music therapy practice with a culturally diverse population in today’s global world. Join me coming Friday at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mtshow

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    ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ with Tyiece Love!!

    in Self Help

    This Thursday 4/21 7pm pst on ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ We have New Age Spiritual Blogger and Youtuber TYIECE LOVE aka 
    "Tyiece Livinginsync" joining us live to talk about the importance of the emotional manifestation of unconditional happiness and to take your calls! 
    Her youtube page is youtube.com/tyiecelivinginsync
    Also on the show:
    FREE mini guided meditation for all listening
    FREE mini tarot card reading for those that call in 
    GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE (on air shout out to someone you hope is listening or to say a prayer for someone)
    Topic Discussion about Judgement of Spiritual people and how to spot someone who says they are spiritual but are not
    Call in with any life question or struggle!! WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!!

    JOIN THE ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ group page on fb at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/ or email us at spirittherapyradio@gmail.co

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    LIVE! with Cathi...Prevent Cognitive Decline

    in Motivation


    We're living longer, the quality of our life is about the CHOICES WE MAKE.  Your are the creator of your life!  How's your life going?

    There is a strategy to prevent cognitive decline.  Our BODY and BRAIN don't age, we do by our CHOICES.  CHOICES THAT COME BACK TO EMBRACE US OR BITE US IN THE BUTT!

    Want to hang on to YOUR MIND...studies over the past few years repeat the same message...regular physical activity...good diet...taking on newer mental challenges and maintaining stron social connections.


    Improve reasoning skills...etc.

    Improve speed in performing mental tasks...etc.

    Healthy lifestyles benefit all...etc.

    Mediterranean Diet...etc.

    Keep on Keeping on...etc.


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    in Self Help

    Welcome to the ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ show!! I am Tahsha Renee your host and this weeks show details for THURSDAY 3/10/2016 7PM PST/10PM EST

    *Lee Carter will be joining us to talk about his new self help book THE DOOR OF PURE LOVE AND LIGHT on how to finally be free of long term pain and suffering on all levels mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!!



    *FREE MINI TAROT CARD READING for those that call in 


    *New segment of "GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE" Do you have a prayer request? Do you have a loved one you miss and would like them to know? Do you have a secret that's been weighing on you or somethng you need to get off your shoulders? Then call in and GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE so it can take care of it for you! 

    Tahsha Renee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and has her AA in Holistic Health/Transformational Psychology. She owns HEALING HEARTS WITH HANDS which has services in Psychic Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Hypno-Reiki, and Intutive Pictures Readings of those living or passed on.

    You can reach her on her website at www.healingheartswithhands.net or healingheartswithhands@gmail.com 

    For questions or comments about the show please email spirittherapyradio@gmail.com and please like our fb page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/ to be 
    kept up on upcoming shows and topics!


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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    in Self Help

    What is cognitive behavioral therapy and how does it relate to PowerThinking? In this episode, we will discuss this relatively new discipline and how it impacts you.

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    Inciting Incident #18 - Tom and Cecil, Cognitive Dissonance

    in Pop Culture

    In the 18th episode of Inciting Incident, from Gloryhole Studios we bring you Tom and Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance! Cognitive Dissonance is available on iTunes, all podcast apps, and dissonancepod.com.

    If you'd like to support the show, you can do so by donating a small monthly amount to our Patreon at www.patreon.com/IncitingIncident . Pledge between 1-5 dollars a month and gain access to special donor features and goodies once the show is funded. Plus Heather will declare her undying love for you by name live on the air.

    Al Laiman is a double major/minor at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written and contributed to The Fourth Estate, lordsofpain.net, the Philadelphia Film Society, the Penn Moviegoer, and published five books. He won Audience Choice for Best Film at the Third Annual Hershey Student Film Festival. He also was the longtime host for the Internet show the show "Jaded Hope" available on YouTube. 

    Brian is the co-host of NXT: Breakdown, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and frequent panelist at Tekko, Bronycon, and Zenkaikon. 

    Heather Vincent is an aspiring comedian, utlizing social media to get her voice, her jokes, and how adorable she is in a box at Taco Bell, out there. She can be followed at : https://www.facebook.com/HeatherVincentComedy/

    Subscribe to Inciting Incident on iTunes and leave us a five-star review!

    Email: IncitingIncidentPodcast@gmail.com, dissonance.podcast@gmail.com


    Twitter - Al- @AlLaimanLOP, Brian - @BrianTheFuzzy, Heather - @HV_OverMyHead, 

    YouTube - www.youtube.com/c/AlLaimanLOP

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    in Spirituality

    My guest this week is:
    Joseph who is not only a Amazon best-selling author of the Love Notes For Your Soul/Loving 
    Yourself Wealthy book series lovenotesforyoursoul.com and founder/Grandmaster of Kenshin-kan martial arts but who 
    also CHANNELS MARY MAGDALENE!!! If you would like to ask MARY MAGDALENE a question please send 
    those to joseph at joseph@lovingyourselfwealthy.com and he will read your answer from her on air!
    Also a possiblity that Joseph will be doing a live channel of her on air!
    Also on the show:
    *FREE short Hypnotherapy session
    *FREE Tarot Card Readings
    *Final topic disscussion on the 3rd way on how to MANIFEST WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT OUT OF LIFE
    *Call in to "GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE"...say a prayer, request, or shout out to the universe 
    directly for yourself or someone else

    Tahsha Renee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and has her AA in Holistic Health/Transformational Psychology. She also owns HEALING HEARTS WITH HANDS which has services in Psychic Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Hypno-Reiki, and Intutive Pictures Readings. www.healingheartswithhands.net 

    For show info: spirittherapyradio@gmail.com and please like our fb page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/ to be kept up on upcoming shows and topics


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    Loyalty, Faithfulness, Lies and Betrayal. Urban Therapy with Sun

    in Lifestyle

    On this show we're gonna focus on our expectations of people. Are we asking too much of the people we care about? Are we expecting too much in return for the love that we give? Are we giving enough of ourselves?

    Are there really different rules of conduct for lovers than there is for friends? If so, then why?

    Is there a difference between being faithful and being loyal?

    Can a dishonest person be loyal?

    Do we really distrust liars all the way like we say we do?

    Should you always be truthful to your love?

    Is being truthful and being honest the same thing? The exact same thing?

    What really makes us hang in there with a person whether it's a lover, a friend or a family member?



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    The Swag Differential. Urban Therapy with Sun #177

    in Lifestyle

    The way that a person carries themselves is what separates them from the rest of the common folk out there. It's your personality. It's who you are. Some call it your swagger or swag for short.

    It's something that is tailored to you even though many atempts are often made to duplicate others. Sometimes copycats have been successful at copying someone else's swag. R. Kelly did a number on Aaron Hall's gimmick and did it to death. He left Aaron in the dust.

    Most of the time it doesn't happen that way though. Your swag is what either allows you to get away with murder or will stop you at every petty crime you try to commit. Everybody can't do what somebodyelse can do.

    There can be a variety of things that separate your swag from somebody else's. It can be the way that you walk or talk or hold a drink. It can be the way that you treat people or the way that you dress. It can be the way that youtake care of yourself orthe way that you greet people. It can be the way that you conduct business or the way that you handle a conversation. It can be so many things that it's not often necessary to nail it down to just one thing.

    Your swag is you. It's how people identify you. It's what gets you included in things or gets you left out of stuff.

    Your swag is what you get when you have identified yourself and have gotten comfortable with yourself.

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    Your Legal Toolbox For Kids With Behavioral Issues - Part 1

    in Parents

    Do you have a child with behavioral issues? How do you get the right accommodations and appropriate placement under special education law?

    Part 1

    Committee Meetings – The Process





    How is classification determined?

    What is the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP and why it’s important to know.

    My child is very bright and does well academically but cannot learn due to behavioral/neurobiological issues so the school will not classify him?

    Part 2

    The IDEA

    FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education

    LRE – Least Restrictive Environment

    What if my child isn’t failing but is unable to learn or attend class due to behaviors?

    What are different classifications for children and teens with mental illness or behavioral issues?

    Do I have to use an attorney to get my child classified?

    What rights attach to someone who has been classified?

    What if my child has been classified and I don’t think that problems are being solved?

    The District offered my child a seat in a program and I’ve heard things about it that I don’t like and feel it will worsen her behaviors, do I have to accept it?

    How can parents enroll their child in a private school that best accommodates their child at district expense?

    Is an IEP a legal contract?