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  • 01:02

    The Coffee Club is repeating itself...

    in Politics

    If you don't get it right you try again and again etc.    Well last night we did not do it right so we are trying it again.   They reality is stranger than fiction, and we will try to prove it tonight with wierd news and current news which is probably wierder.    Our Congress goes on vacation while getting nothing resolved.   Muslims go on the roofs of their homes as they are getting bombed, instead of trying to find shelter to keep themself safe.  Give us a call at 645-595-3275 and let's talk while we enjoy a good cup of Java.


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    How to live a more enjoyable and stimulating life.

    in Family

    Here we go again!!!  Let's attempt to give this another try. Have you ever asked yourself how you could be living a better and a more fulfilling life. I know that we at the Coffee Club have done just that. We found some guidelines that we feel will enable you to do just that...live a more enjoyable and stimulating life!!!  We would like your input, so why don't you call us at 646-595-3275 and share your thoughts with us as you drink a cup of coffee.







  • 01:19

    Hi everyone...Tell us about your Mother's Day!!!

    in Moms and Family

    Hey, it's Tuesday, and once again, The Coffee Club is "throwing us a curve." Yes, we are convening on Tuesday this week. So, with Mother's Day just a fond memory, or not, why don't you tell us about your Mother's Day. Was it a big "shindig," with family and friends, or a quiet intimate dinner with Mom and the immediate family???  Please give us a call at 646-595-3275, with all the sordid details. We know how it is when family gets together.

  • 01:56

    The Coffee Club is just testing it's equipment to improve quality

    in Radio

    In past couple of shows we have been having many technicals problems and we are running a test show.   During shis show we will be follwing nor format and just wasting time playing music, receiving phone cals from any body who feels like calling and we will also have moments of silence.  which doesn't matter to us since it's just a test to see if we can do a 2 hour continous show without have any setbacks.. If you are listening to the show for some reason call us 646-595-3275.

  • 01:48

    A friend in need is a friend indeed!!!

    in Friends

    But not when it comes to money or business.  Never borrow money from a friend or go into business with a friend.  This will cause the friendship to suffer or put an end to the friendship.   The Coffee Club hosts, Felix and Dr. Marc, want to discuss this with our audience and get their feel on this question.  As far as we are concerned that's a no brainer and a quick remedy for losing your friends.   So join us with your cup of coffee in hand and we'll discuss friendship along with politics, news, and religion.    If you are up to calling us the number 646-595-3275, we'd love to hear from you.

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    The show must go on!!! Or maybe not!!!

    in Religion

    Today's show was supposed to be our Friday night Rebellious Rev and The Doc show as every Friday, but. and there's always a but, it's not that way tonight.  Last Tuesday night the Revellious Revs father in law passed away, his funeral was Wednesday and tonight we were goingt to do our normal religioius show with a tribute to Jack.   Well, today my wife got admitted to the hospital and there goes the show. So what to do ???.  Not much but do a short tribute to Jack and cut the show short.   If you want to call in during the show our number is 646-595-3275.    The Coffee Club will be back on Monday night 9pm ET as usual with Felix Dr. Marc..

    Thank you and God bless!!!


  • 01:26

    The Doc takes a night off, and The Doc is at a loss for words!!!

    in Religion

    This is a very happy time for our co-host The Doc.  His son Josh is getting married tomorrow to his beautiful bride Brittney   and tonight are the rehearsals.  What a poor excuse to take off from work!!!.   We all wish them the best and hope they have long happy marriage.   Where does that leave me as far as the show goes.   Our show is basically the two of going off each other and it is unscripted.  Without someone to talk to The Rev will be speechless.   What to do? What to do?    Play religious music and talk to our callers.  Yeah that will work so call The Doc at 646-595-3275 while you are enjoying some good coffee.

  • 01:06

    Family, what would you do for them???

    in Family

    We all say that we would do anythng, sacrifice anything for our family. But talk is cheap; the question remains, how far would we go for our family???   How far would you go to help out a relative?   Would you sacrifice your job, or an organ to sve a loved one?   In the course of a lifetime these are decisions that you may have to face, or maybe, you have already made the sacrifice.   How would you handle it?  Are you willing to make the extreme sacrifice if needed?   That's what we'd like to discuss with our audience tonight.  Call us at 646-595-3275 and let's discuss it over a hot cup of coffee.


  • 01:43

    The Weekend Update...A review of politics and news!

    in Politics

    Mondays are the best days to discuss the weekend's events.  ISIS is killing everybody that's in their way, and congress still can't pass any signifigant bills. However, there are rumblings in Congress that the confirmation hearings for Attorney General could begin as early as next week...But we have heard all that before!!!  The Republican candiates are rallying the news media to try and become this weeks "front runner" for the party's support. So weask you, our loyal listeners, who would you like to see as the Republican's nominee for President??? Call us 646-595-.3275 and let's have some fun discussions while we enjoy our coffee.


  • 01:08

    Another day, another ISIS threat to our homeland!!!

    in Politics

    The beginning of a new week and new threats from ISIS to our homeland. The weekend news shows were "buzzing" about these threats like "bees around the honey pot!" Homeland Security has been warned that ISIS is now targeting malls across our country. How can we diffuse these threats???  What steps can we take???  Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, made appearances on all the major Sunday news shows calmly voicing his concern and the steps being taken.  The Coffee Club is always ready to discuss pertinent topics that affect all of us. So get your coffee, pick up the phone and dial 64-595-3275 and talk with us!!!  Let's get the conversation going!!!

  • 01:54

    A chat with Chad, a Born Again Christian!!!

    in Religion

    Tonight's show was basically a chat with one of our favorite callers Chad.  He discusses his beliefs in as a Born Again Christian about Jesus and God and what it takes to be accepted to heaven.  Listen and learn his beliefs.  Enjoy the show and don't forget we are live and take phone calls.