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    Singer, Cody Belew RETURNS!

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    Fans of The Voice may remember, Cody Belew, though he did not win the competition, he sure won the hearts of many fans around the world.  Cody is returning to our show to talk about his brand new debut album, What You're Looking For.  

    The debut album from Cody Belew takes the listener on a journey through pop, soul, and disco.

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    Episode 175-Michael Cody

    in Writing

    Michael Cody, residing now in Washington, D.C., was born in Asheville, N.C. and raised in the small town of Macon, Ga. Where Power Resides, the first in a series of action/thriller novels explores the question of who really is in power, who pulls the strings in Washington and the Pentagon. Would our own government really spy on US citizens? Find out in this fast paced roller coaster read!

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    Veronica Holcomb, Craig Cody, Don Nations

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    Veronica Holcomb as coached corporate leaders to develop their leadership behavior, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and personal style. Roni has designed and delivered many customized leadership development programs for women and emerging leaders. She is also the author of Ready, Set, Grow! 10 Success Strategies for Winning in the Workplace and a contributing author to Leadership Defined  

    Craig Cody owner of the New York Accounting Firm, Craig Cody and Company. He is also a Certified Tax Coach. As a Certified Tax Coach, Craig belongs to a select group of tax practioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies in order to become, as well as remain, certified. He has co-authored an Amazon best seller, Secrets of a Tax Free Life

    Don Nations professional coach and consultant focused on helping individuals and organizations perform at a higher level.  He has earned four academic degrees (B.S. Psychology, M.A. Psychology/Education, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry) and three coaching certifications.  He is an ordained minister and father of five.  He has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders across the country

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    In January of 2012, Cody Belew received the call that would change his life. He was being invited to audition for “The Voice.” After making it to the top 8 on season 3 of NBC’s number one show, Cody now meets head-on the task of staying relevant in the music business.

    His debut album "What You're Looking For" is available now and will introduce the world to his heart and soul through pop music. When asked about the sound of this first album, Cody proclaims, “I don’t want anything on this album that you won’t want to skate to. If you can’t roller-skate to this album then we might as well not do it.”

    As he navigates his way through the rough beginnings of being an artist in the music business, Belew knows he’s received both a gift and an obligation. He was thrust out into the spotlight, and quickly amassed a following that spans the globe. He wants to reach every fan through his music, and he wants to reach those hurting and hungry through his philanthropy. Cody was introduced to the world by way of a reality television show. Now you’ll get to know him one concert at time and from one song to another, because he was born to entertain.

    Cody joins Take 2 Radio Music on Wed., Dec. 11th 3pm EST

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    Cody Jones

    in Sports

    Cody Jones

  • Dana Cody~Nailing your Empire

    in Women

    Tune in and support the Top line beautician and entrepreneur Dana Cody is the owner of Tippie Toes Beauty Lounge, a full service nail salon that specializes in some of the most extravagant manicures and pedicures ever to be done with locations in Los Angeles and Miami. Dana originally opened Tippie Toes in 2007 with her beloved late mother Angela Page, a nail specialist for over 23 years, and took over the business after her tragic passing in 2011 from leukemia.

    Graduating from of Exxotica Beauty Academy in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Dana has over five years of experience in the luxury nail tech industry and aims to create never before seen designs and styles with her elaborate nail art. One of her beautician claims to fame are her customized jewelry “Treasure Nails,” a patented and trademarked nail art procedure which use high quality resources such as 14-karat gold, sterling silver, rose gold or platinum with real precious gems like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. 

    Dana is also the star of “Boss Nails” on Oxygen, a reality show that follows the daily undertakings of Dana and her salon team as she oversees and trains her team at Tippie Toes as well as runs the daily business tasks that running a salon commands.

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    Cody Taylor, NFL and College Football recaps and more

    in Sports

    Tonight on the ONE HOUR edition of Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen:

    Cody Taylor of BasketballInsider.com joins the program to get his take on the Lakers, Knicks, Warriors, Rockets and more! 

    TB is currently flying back from St. Louis so he sent his thoughts in via an audio clip which we play on the show tonight. 

    All of this and more as we are LIVE! 

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    Nail World w/ "Dana Cody- Teichner" of Boss Nails

    in Social Networking

    Don't Miss The 1st Installment Of The Candy Shop's "Nail World" Series As @KenyaTST Dives Deeper Into The In's & Out's Of The Nail World. The Star Of Oxygen's Boss Nails,"Dana Cody-Teichner" Stops By To Discuss Her Nail Legacy, Relationship & More. Plus, Benji Vanderpump Joins Us For "Fashion Talk", DJ Pops Up For "SportsChat" & J-Write of BE Magazine Has Your "Entertainment Rundown". Tune In & Get Your Sweet Fix Here!

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    Healer and spiritual counselor! Cody Breault

    in Spirituality

    I am a healer and spiritual counselor. I have had many telempathic awakening experiences and visions that have shown me the design of reality. I spend my time helping people by energy healing them, counseling them on how to use energy and how intention works, how to let go of things (forgiveness), and how to express self love. I help people to rewire their subconscious mind and energy patterns so that their life can reflect these changes to them not only in how they feel, but in the kind of occurances that play out in their lives. I made a youtube channel so that I could share valuable information and healing energy with people for free. My youtube channel is DivineExistence. I also create sacred geometrical images that emit a field of healing energy that is physically palpable by most people. This energy helps to reduce pain and heal as it vibrationally uplifts anything that it comes in contact with. A difference in feeling and taste can be experienced in water that is charged by these images. This goes to show the uplifting qualities it has on the entire human body which is made mostly of water. I put these images on things like blankets, stickers, water bottles, lamps, necklaces, cars, and more. A large portion of the help I give people is free as many people who need help are already in a really tough spot and I have been told by many that I have changed their life. Truly though I see it as them changing their own life while using me as a catalyst to do so. Currently I am writing a self help book to empower people to their own love and intentions to lead them to their own awakening or help them progress more intentionally in the awakening.  Existenceisdivine@gmail.com



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    January Jones - Wild Buffalo Bill Cody & Scott Smith

    in History

    LITTLE TURTLE--I wrote about him in IBD but don't have a copy; attaching the chapter in Extraordinary People

    I think it's fair to say that most listeners have never heard of him, yet you say he was the most successful American Indian leader of all in fighting the Americans--why has he been forgotten?

    How did he rise to leading the Miami tribe that was in Ohio and Indiana?

    His claim to fame is inflicting the greatest defeat on the US Army by natives at the Battle of the Wabash--tell us about it.

    How did he fare once peace was made?


    Everyone has heard of him, but few know any details--how did he get his nickname?

    You say he became world famous because of his wild west show--what was it like?

    How did he manage to travel to Europe with all those animals, not to mention the hundreds of cast members?



    You say he's one of the most important admirals in US history, but few have ever heard of him. How did he rise to that position?

    He should be remembered for the Battle of Midway--tell us why he didn't get credit/

    What did he do during the rest of the war?


    He was Churchill's chief military advisor. How did he rise to that position?

    What were his most important contributions once he became the head of the British delegation to the Combined Chiefs of Staff?

    What happened to him after the war?