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    Back from the Dead with Lessons to Share

    in Spirituality

    David Bennett experienced an angelic life review while "dead" after being thrown from a boat in a storm. He saw his past and his future and his purpose.  Listen in and learn how you don't have to die to change your life.  Today David is an energetic healer with a book called Voyage of Purpose. 

    Holly Shelowitz from Nourishing Wisdom says pass the coconut please! Embracing healthy eating and healthy fats!

    Thanks for diving in and taking a bite out of this week's show.


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    Success equals a healthy Body, Mind and Soul -Are you planning for Success ?

    in Health

    We are eating, not exercising  ourselves into a failed future.  With the infectious diseases like Ebola, and the cost of the Affordable Healthcare Act driving medial costs through the roof, If is up to us to take care of our Bodies,.  Dr. Matt Mason from Mason Wellness will be taking about being healthy and controlling your cholestteror naturally.  And Dr. Brandi Gelia will be talking about mental health and how to cope with the stresss of life.  As a special guest, Dr. Bruce Fife will be talking with us about his new book the Coconut Miracle Cookbook.

    Dr. Fife is the president of the Coconut Research Center, an organization whose purpose is to educate health care professionals and the public about the health and nutritional aspects of coconut. He has written over 20 books and spent decades researching the nutritional and medical benefits to coconuts.

    Tune in and Voice your View 347-945-5229

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    A World Awakening: If My Life Were Lyrics - The LaGaylia Frazier Story

    in Paranormal

    Back in the early 90s, George walked into a small restaurant & lounge on Ft. Lauderdale beach called Coconuts, sat down for a meal and suddenly was introduced to a talented beautiful siren with a vocal range and energy that captivated everyone in the room.  LaGaylia Frazier performed every Sunday and Tuesday night along with two talented musicians to a packed house. George went to every show and brought many others to share in the experience of a moving, powerful performer.  And then, she was no longer there.  Several years later George caught up with LaGaylia and found her living in Sweden and living her dream as an International Superstar! Tonight we talk to her and hear about this amazing journey and the lesson of never giving up your dream!

    Hosts Andrea Perron and George Lopez will pilot this new launch into a vast sea of discovery of ourselves, our world and the universe.

    "A World Awakening" strives to unify, empower and give voice to an ever-expanding collective of like-minded individuals who seek Light, gathering together as a cohesive global community. Changing the world begins with changing the mind. Our singular intention, our mission is to serve, to love, to explore, inform and enlighten, promoting peace along the path of a spiritual journey destined to achieve understanding of our eternal connection. We seek the truth which will liberate and elevate humanity.

    "Let us live simply in the freshness of the present moment, in the clarity of pure, awakened mind." Matthieu Ricard

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    The John Carroll Radio Hour

    in Television

    Every Wednesday Night join John Carroll, from Survivor Marquesas, as he hosts the John Carroll Radio Hour. During this hour he will be reviewing Survivor as well as having guests from Survivor & other walks of life! So come on in, bring your torch, remember your coconuts & sit down as we Get Real w/ the John Carroll Radio Hour!

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    Dr. Bruce Fife: One of the World's Leading Experts on Miraculous Coconut Oil

    in Pets

    Considered one of the world's leading experts on dietary fats and oils, Dr. Bruce Fife, CN, ND,  author, speaker, certified nutritionist, and naturopathic physician, has written over 20 books including The Coconut Oil Miracle, Eat Fat, Look Thin, and The New Arthritis Cure. He is the publisher and editor of the Healthy Ways Newsletter and serves as the president of the Coconut Research Center, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate the public and medical community about the health and nutritional aspects of coconut and related foods. He is a popular speaker and travels throughout the world lecturing at health fairs, conferences, hospitals, and spas. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs worldwide.

    Don't risk a toxic reaction from your precious pet:  for a non-toxic, chemical-free repellent of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other external parasites (plus saves You money!) check out http://petsagainstchemicals.com

    Want to be the person your pet knows you are?  http://jazzupyourlifewithjudy.com. Here you'll receive some free gifts and access to Free shows with energetic healers, motivational speakers and many other inspiring guest speakers. 

    Have a Magical Week,

    Judy and Simba

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    The Sunday Morning Inside Slant 136

    in Sports

    Live at Asylum Fantasy Football, it's another episode of The Inside Slant. Join Fleeger and Briggs this week as we answer all of your questions leading up to all of the Week 7 action. Listen in as, along with Scott Fish of FFOasis.com, we help set your lineups and take your calls. Don't miss it as we discuss the value of a Fleeger and Briggs IPO, dodge coconuts, and once again have Briggs as a recommended start. And, don't forget to spread the word as we will soon take our talents to The Armed Forces Radio Network. Give them a follow @TheAFRN.

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    Should Kids Be Homeschooled?

    in Family

    Part 3 of 3: Originally Aired June 9, 2013
    Dianne Linderman talks about a recent news report: “Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster Than Public School Enrollment,” and speaks with a caller about the issues with our public school system.
    Do you know about all the health benefits of coconuts? Dianne shares some amazing facts. Also – get a great recipe for Coconut Cream Gravy, and Chocolate Coconut Cream Milk Shake!
    Find out more about Dianne Linderman on her website: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/ and be sure to check out Dianne's cook book Everything That Matters in the Kitchen.

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    P.I.D. Radio 11/4/10: Coconuts

    in Paranormal

    PRESIDENT OBAMA heads for India with an impressive collection of military hardware and 200 leading CEOs. India, a gracious host, is removing coconuts from the trees and deploying monkey catchers near the president’s travel route.

    Also: TimeWave Zero; Mount Merapi rumbles; and Californians have to do without their Happy Meals and welfare psychics.

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    Cuckoo for Coconuts on "Dear Prudence" Radio, TODAY!

    in Self Help

    "Legend has it that Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell on his head...the catalyst for the Universal Law of Gravitation. Alas, I had a similar experience with a coconut... and the rest is history!  Well, not quite... but I have been experimenting with this decadent seed, wrapped in a gorgeous husk... the fruit of the cocos palm.  What I have discovered is that not only is it delectable to the palate and an olfactory pleasure... it is also a remarkable healing tool!  In my endless quest to supplement psych meds and extraneous products with what nature intended, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has proven a treasure trove of healing!  Please join me on ‘Dear Prudence’ Radio – Life Advice To Help You Cope.  CALL IN! (858) 947-1909"
    Please join Amanda Grieme, Author of “Dear Prudence,” and English/Creative Writing Educator. Amanda LIVES with Bipolar Disorder choosing writing as her catharsis and creative medium to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, self-medication and ten years as an educator lends listeners invaluable, often quirky life advice. Tune in to share in life’s struggles, folly, laughter, tears…idiosyncratic oddities…cradled by eclectic music selections. “Dear Prudence” Radio – Life Advice to Help YOU Cope will provide you with entertaining and informative fodder about life stuff, backed by research, justified by public opinion… and humbled by ill-experience.
    Please write to Amanda at propsforfilm@gmail.com with questions/comments/suggestions.
    Enjoy My Debut Novel at
    www.eloquentbooks.com/dearprudence.html  or YOUR Favorite Book Shop!  Also available as an EPUB

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    The Zinghoppers

    in Friends

    Their goal is rock the globe!
    The Zinghoppers are a multi-platform children's brand that focuses on creating content for preschoolers and families. The show includes three animal characters: Penelope Funky Possum, Olo The Donkey and Coconuts The Kangaroo.
    The Zinghoppers has been both nominated at Emmy's for their PBS show "The Zinghoppers" shown over 175 countries and over 1 million viewers and at the Grammy's for their music.

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