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    Coal Tar and the Other Fun Things In Your Kid's Food

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    You may have heard my previous broadcast about foods banned in other countries.  Most of those foods were in fast food items, but what about the foods your bring home?  The fruit snacks "made with real fruit juice", the cereals with toys and cartoon characters.  Besides just the sugar, there is coal tar and many other harmful ingredients in our and our kid's foods.  Some of these just may be leading us towards more people with ADHD, auto immune issues and more.  Find out what you need to know to #keepkidshealthy.

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    CanAm Coal: Record Year Of Coal Production In Alabama

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    CanAm Coal (COE.V or COECF) believes in the long term viability of coal as a fuel source and that demand will grow going forward. CanAm Coal had a record year in 2012 producing over 455,000 tons of coal in mining friendly Alabama. This is almost a ten fold increase from 2010 demonstrating significant production growth. Over the next three years CanAm's goal is to possibly produce 2-3 million tons of coal. The company is developing three new mines and has attracted a significant financial institution to fund the operations. The company is well positioned for 2013 after investing a significant amount into opening up three new mines in 2012.  CanAm is a surface miner which does not have as many risks as underground mining. CanAm is the recipient of the "Sentinels of Safety" Award commending safe and reliable operations.  CanAm has focussed on building reserves and producing the higher quality cleaner coals, lower in sulphur, ash, mercury and arsenic. New EPA regulations could drive demand and premium pricing for CanAm's cleaner coals. The company already has 85-100% of 2013 production sold out and close to 650-750k tons for 2014. This provides investors with highly probable cash flow and earnings stability. The company could eventually generate a significant amount of free cash flow to make further accretive acquisitions.  CanAm's quality coals are already sold out for 2013 as they meet the new EPA standards. The company is deeply discounted with a market cap that is less than one times EBITDA and trading near a three year low. Most of their peers trade three or four times that value and CanAm is considerably undervalued in the sector. The mines are run by 30 year industry veterans that has put their own money on the table. Management owns just over 25%. 


    Disclosure: Author and Interviewer Owns CamAm Coal and the company is a sponsor on my website.

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    Maria DeVivo, author of The Coal Elf

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     Maria Devivo author of The Coal Elf will be with me to discuss her latest work. Amazon says about the book:   Ember Skye is a fed up teenage Coal Elf with a big ashy chip on her shoulder. Having been torn away from a carefree life and forced into a world of dirt and darkness has started to get the best of her. And being the only girl-elf working as a coal miner at the North Pole doesn't help much either! Then there's Sturd: a power-hungry, twisted elf with a checkered past and a serious grudge against Ember. Slowly but surely, his maniacal tendencies are revealed, leaving Ember with the sacred "Naughty List" literally in her lap. When a mysterious illness threatens to decimate elves both Above and Underground, Ember is thrust into a journey that will see her confront the literal and figurative demons of her past and lead her to the head of the North Pole himself. Yes! Santa is real. But this isn't your childhood Christmas tale!

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    Don't Drink the Water: The Danger of Unregulated Coal Ash

    in Politics Progressive

    Forty-two years after the passage of the Clean Water Act, a high profile industrial spill has made West Virginia water hazardous to your health. But that's just the most dramatic example of what happens in a red state hostile to environmental standards. People living downstream from the Tennessee Valley Authority have been dealing with the effects of a monstrous coal ash basin spill since Christmas, 2008 - with little help from the state or Federal governments. In fact, pollution from coal ash is an environmental hazard in communities throughout the country. Our guest today is journalist Rhiannon Fionn-Bowman of the Coal Ash Chronicles. Hosted by MOMocrats Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills. Produced by Engender Media Group.

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    War on Coal, Iran’s secret, Syrian Golan on Prophecy Headline News

    in Religion

    Join us for War on Coal, Iran’s secret, Syrian Golan, World Warned Prophecy Headline News 06-02-14

    Prophecy Headline News feels the love as Obama’s War on Coal heats up. The love continues with Iran’s secret affair with weaponry and not Obama’s treaty with them. The Syrian conflict moves towards the Golan Heights as we find more war, civil war, and lies with enough to go around for everyone. The World is warned by the World Bank and much more on this edition as Prophecy News begins the first week in June. 

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    Producing Coal and Cash Flow in Alabama

    in Entrepreneur

    Canam Coal (COE.V or COECF) just came out with their second quarter numbers on Friday.  The company has transitioned to a steady state of production which should produce 60 to 80k tons of coal on a monthly basis going into the second half of 2013.  The balance sheet is improving with operating cash flow five times better than the prior year.  Free cash flow is turning positive from negative and should increase over the second half of 2013 into 2014.  All of Canam's new coal mines have opened and are operating near planned efficiency.  This past July was a record month of production as it sold 67,500 tons of coal.  According to the company, they can sustain this rate for the foreseeable future.  No new equipment is needed in the near term which reduces expenditures.  All of CanAm's 2013 production is sold out and a majority of 2014 production has been sold as off-take.  This may be due to CanAm's low sulfur and ash coal profile which receive premium pricing.  I expect CanAm to generate increasing free cash flow over the coming months and to gain recognition by the investment community.


    Disclosure: Author/Interviewer is shareholder of CanAm Coal and the company is a sponsor on my website.

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    USA Descends, NWO controls, DHS, Coal War on Prophecy Headline News

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    USA Descends, NWO controls, DHS, Coal War on Prophecy Headline News 04-28-14
    Join us at 12 noon MSDT today!
    USA Descends, NWO controls, DHS, Coal War on Prophecy Headline News
    USA Descends, NWO controls, DHS, Coal War on Prophecy Headline News. Today we bring you the news of an age or times; with the idea of you being let down into a void[the current day and age you live in] filled with perilous, dangerous, difficult, fierce times which are meant to strike at you, reducing your strength; morally and physically.  Reducing the strength so that the Devil may overcome [literally to wear out] you [see Rev war against the Saints].


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    We have striven to find reliable and trustworthy information in gathering these articles and believe the sources quoted are such, but we cannot gaurantee this information is free of mistakes or errors.

    WIBR/WARN Radio believe that the Bible serves as mankinds main source of all faith and practice which help prepare people for the coming of the Messiach, Yeshua to this earth.

    WIBR/WARN Radio does not necessarily agree with all contributors, information, or sources quoted.  As in all things, including scripture; we recommend fasting, praying, and studying scripture for yourself to verify biblical teachings.

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    Brown Divest Coal

    in Business

    Recently ,Peter Arpin of ReNewable Now interviewd some bright students from Brown University about the Brown Divest Coal organization .
    The Brown Divest Coal Campaign is a brand-new student group that is asking Brown  University to divest from 15 of the largest and filthiest coal companies in America. We believe that our university should not be profiting from an industry as dangerous and outdated as coal, which devastates human health and the environment at each step in its life-cycle. Coal is the single largest source of greenhouse gases worldwide and thus a huge contributor to climate change. Mountaintop removal coal mining has already destroyed more than a million acres in Appalachia, and air pollution from coal-fired power plants kills 13,000 Americans each year. Learn more about this group by going to http://browndivestcoal.org

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    Eva Westheimer - Center For Coalfield Justice

    in Environment

    Mountain Justice Spring Break 2015 will take place from March 7-14 at Natural Tunnel State Park in Southwestern Virgina. The hands-on event (register here) is where environmental justice issues collide with workshops, site visits, speaker panels, community service and movement building.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Eva Westheimer, Community Organizer for the Center for Coalfield Justice, to the show on Tuesday Feb. 24 at 11 am Eastern time. We will discuss the upcoming Mountain Justice Spring Break. And Eva will give us an update on efforts to: stop Mountain Top Removal and other forms of extreme coal mining, raise awareness of these devastating practices and encourage clean energy and alternatives to surface mining.

    Click ont he following links for more information and contact information: Eva Westheimer Twitter & Facebook, Center for Coalfield Justice, Mountain Justice. Please follow @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter and check out Talkupy.net for archives and more.

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    WV-You Podcast #2 : Coal

    in Current Events

    Welcome to WV-You!  A podcast for West Virginians made by West Virginians.  Current events, news, sports...we have it all. Whether you still reside in the state or have moved on, remember "Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer."


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    Rapture Centric At Night

    in Spirituality

    I'm a Chunk of Coal

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