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    The Culture Map - Decoding Cross-Cultural Differences #BBSradio

    in Business

    Business & Comunication Strategist, Leadership & Keynote Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds around the world to help you "Master the Inner & Outer Game of Business."

    Breakthrough Radio is a global business radio show that delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for leaders in business. Entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals join us every Monday.

    Erin Meyer, author of The Culture Map - Developing Global Leaders, understanding cultural complexities.

    Stephanie Calahan the Business Vision Catalyst teaches us every second Monday how to be more effective.

    Mike Alton, Social Media Hats teaches us how to master social media for our business.

    We will enjoy a one on one with her and dig into what does it really mean to our businesses and careers when we truley understand "How the World See You?

    Follow us & ask your questions via twitter using #BBSradio.

     We love rewarding engagement. You are invited to visit radio show blog at www.WhoIsMichelePrice.com 

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    The Hot Spot (Is Domestic Violence Gender Specific)

    in Entertainment

    With the recent leak of NFL player's Ray Rice domestic violence video, opinions are all over the place. Social media has a lot to say and so does the team at iCandi Radio. Join us on The Hot Spot as we discuss Ray Rice's consequences, the video, theNFL, and most importantly, domestic violence. Is domestic violence gender specific or does it apply to all genders? 


    Hotstedbt Coah Ced, MsiCandi, Ms Mocha & More


    7:00pm est

    Thursday Sept 11, 2014

    Call in number 619-393-2813

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    The Tailgate Show S3E2(Gunter Kronsteiner)

    in Sports

    This is a big one!!!! Fort Lauderdale Strikers Head Coach Gunter Kronsteiner will join us live in Kudio!!! What will he think about Chris' house??? Will he approve?? Will he have a sit down with Chris???  Call in at (713)-955-0711 if you have any questions for Coah K.  We'll talk all about Opening Night, from Ottawa to The Flight 19 Tailgate. We'll also finish up our NASL review. Who's gonna be top dog this year? Follow the link and tune in this Thursday(4/10) at 7pm. Go Strikers! See you at the F19 Tailgate!

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    One on one w/ Coach Ray Olsen : Keep Jettin 2.0

    in Sports

    We will have Coah Ray Olsen on to talk about the new updates to the Jet Sweep Series.

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    Life Coah Judy Romanoff

    in Education

    Joining us this Wednesday on March 30th will be Life Coach Judy Romanoff, who is a Parenting Expert. She specializes in Single Parenting families and is honored Nationally as the founder of the National Single Parent Resource Center. She will be here to Educate, Inform and to answer all of your questions on various types of Single Parent Families. So whether you need advice, guidance, resources, or just have a question that needs answering, Life Coach Judy Romanoff will have you covered!

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    University Of Memphis Head Coah Josh Pastner Thurs 9PM EST

    in Sports

    Join the show that gives the true sports fan a look into the journey and the human element that exists in all athletes. Catch the latest from the NFL, NBA,MLB all topped off with a show full of laughs. Call in FREE 1-877- 217-4130 OR CHAT ONLINE AT BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/BLINE. POD CAST ARE AVAILABLE AT THEBOTTOMLINESPORTSSHOW.COM OR ITUNES. Treat yourself to the way sports should be talked about
     Tues/Thurs 9-10:30PM EST
     Sunday NFL season 7PM
    1-877- 217-4130


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    "Conversations" with Justin Blackburn

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we welcome :
    Justin Blackburn
    if you do not know Justin . . .  tonight is a good place to start. Justin is a special Soul. He has an energy about him that is very embracing and empowering to those who come in contact with him. His ingigts to love and the simplicity of life is transformative. He is a Poet, Writier, Spoken Word Artist, Life Coah, Comedian and so very much more. Join us tonight as we indulge andspend this special time with a very Gifted Justin Blackburn, my Friend, my Brother.

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    My Mind on Sports Radio- Jan 10

    in Sports

    We'll be talking NFL Playoffs right of the bat with our special guest Herkules from DC's own WPGC.  Also breaking down the BCS Title game between LSU-Bama! Kings chose player over coah and won their first game after being down by 21! The NFL Draft Picture is coming into focus as big time prospects are deciding to stay or go. Where's your mind at? Hopefully it'll be tuned in to My Mind on Sports Radio!

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    Numerology with Josh Williams

    in Spirituality

    Join me, your Spiritual Consultant, and Josh Williams, Famed Numerologist, on Friday 30 December 2011 at 2pm eastern time for the last show of the year to talk about numerology and how it plays into your life and in the upcoming year! So, do make sure to call in and join the chat room!
    Josh Williams is a professional intuitive Numerologist with over 12 years experience. His work focuses on helping people understand the purpose and potential of their life journey through the sacred science of Numerology, while at the same time offering them practical and effective answers and guidance to help them choose the best steps along the way. Make sure to visit Josh's website at www.InfiniteNumerology.com
    Tia Johnson is a certified Dream Coah and Reiki Practioner.  In addition she is a Crystal Therapist and an Angel Intuitive.
    Call in for domestic users is 619-996-1641

    Call in number for international callers (must use skype) is 917-889-7908

    Time zone check: 2pm EDT; 1pm CDT; Noon MDT; 11am PDT; 7pm UK; 8pm France

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    Revealing YOUR Extraordinary Essence.

    in Spirituality

    Cynthia James joins Life Coah Ade to assist you in "Revealing YOUR Extraordinary Essence"
    Cynthia James is a transformational specialist and one of today’s brightest and best loved inspirational leaders and teachers guiding thousands of people to make changes at a deep level for lasting healing in their lives.
    Ms. James holds a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute where she was awarded the honor of distinguished alumni, and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology.
    She has uniquely combined the creative arts with innovative therapeutic techniques to bring powerful personal growth and expansion to individuals of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles, including facilitating the message of her award-winning book, “What Will Set You Free” as a workshop to women in prisons.
    Call in 347 426 3346 or Post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade" fan page on Facebook.
    This show will shift your consciousness. Empowering to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing. For more information about Life Coach Ade visit www.LifeCoachAde.com

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    Biggest Vision Board Event

    in Women

    This weeek we are hosting the biggest vision board event ever! Each day our guests will discuss the power of using vision boards, life coaching, supportive communities and how these things have helped them become successful!


    Denice Davis Founder of Trysomethingobvious.com and Author of the Rope

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