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    "What makes up the Cloud"

    in Technology

    Join us as we speak to Greg Greenlee as he reveals "What makes up the Cloud" Greg is the Owner and Founder of the Blacks In Technology community site. He has spent over 10+ years in the Information Technology field which includes networking, IT security, systems administration, virtualization/cloud computing, and storage administration. The Author of "Get your head out of the Clouds" which is an amazing view of exactly what the cloud is. He will be available to take your questions live on the air http://www.bitdigest.net/get-your-heads-out-of-the-cloud-a-down-to-earth-talk-about-cloud-computing/#sthash.xN14G5Ws.dpuf

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    Key Cloud Benefits and Challenges

    in Education

    Topic: Today’s Key Cloud Benefits and Challenges
    Join us Tuesday February 5th 2013 at 3:00pm eastern time as we welcome Purposeful Clouds CEO Mr. Chander Khanna.  He will be coming to us to discuss the topic Key Cloud Benefits and Challenges.
    For more than a year now, Cloud Computing has grown in the mainstream adoption phase by an ever increasing volume of business endeavors.
    This expansion in its adoption and the related experiences encountered across a diverse set of use cases; ranging from software development, content delivery, to big data analytics has resulted in significant knowledge maturation and lessons learned.
    Enterprises have started adopting the Cloud for selected mission critical workloads. We have acquired a much higher level of baseline understanding and clarity vis-à-vis the benefits of the Cloud as well as its remaining challenges.
    We will discuss key benefits and challenges during today's Blog Talk Radio (BTR) broadcast.

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    PODCAST: Government Cloud Computing Trends, Chris Sibold

    in Technology

    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.  Today, we are speaking with Chris Sibold, Director, Federal Cloud and Managed Services Sales, at Iron Bow, about key government cloud computing trends in 2014.

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    PODCAST: Cloud Computing Trends and Government, Cisco

    in Technology

    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.  This month we are highlighting the theme of cloud computing and government.  As such, we are speaking  with Mike Younkers, Director, U.S. Federal Systems Engineering at Cisco.

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    How and Why a Company Should Get Started Utilizing the Cloud

    in Technology

    Join us as we talk with Darryl Eady  President and Founder of Consort, Inc on the Topic of
    How and Why A Company Should Get Started Utilizing the Cloud
    Cloud is the industrialization of delivery for IT services. This new consumption and delivery model inspired by consumer Internet services will be the enabling force for self-service, economies of scale, flexible pricing models and workload based IT resource provisioning.
    This topic focuses on coming up with a cloud adoption strategy. A cloud adoption strategy entails combining both business and technical decision points to offer a holistic, and enterprise-wide method to generate sustainable business outcomes. The potential business-centric consumer will typically want to ensure that investments in cloud technologies will strengthen their company’s presence in their respective marketplace. On the other hand, the technology-centric consumer will lean on cloud services to build up IT capability and improve business performance. In both cases, increased profitability and agility are at the forefront of these business objectives.

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    PODCAST: The Latest Cloud Computing Trends and Government

    in Technology

    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.  Today we are speaking with Chris Sibold, Director of Cloud and Managed Services Sales, Federal at Iron Bow, about key cloud computing trends and government.

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    Cloud Computing

    in Business

    Cloud Computing. You've probably heard about it, but haven't got a clue as to what it is. Donald Larson, Newbound about cloud computing.

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    Cloud Computing and Governance Risk

    in Internet

    What's the fuss about cloud computing?  Today, I will be interviewing Hoyt Kesterson of Terra Verde Services.  We will be talking about why cloud computing is such an important trend and some of the risks it can entail.   Mr. Kesterson is a security veteran and for many years chaired the international standards committee governing the use of digital certificates.   Terra Verde protects customer information through a combination of highly experienced professionals and innovative solutions.  Its service professionals average 18 years of front-line experience in protecting some of the most important information in the world. Terra Verde uses that wisdom and knowledge to offer a set of solutions that helps businesses of all sizes keep their information secure.   Contact info for Terra Verde is     sales@terraverdeservices.com 877-707-7997

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    How to be successful with cloud during your first year

    in Technology

    Join us Tuesday April 30, 2013 3:00pm eastern time with Pat O' Day  CTO of Bluelock for an up close discussion about being successful during your first year in the Cloud.
    Everyone will tell you why to migrate to the cloud, but during this podcast we’ll cover how to be successful during your first year in cloud. There are unique consumer-oriented questions and concerns when you’re working with cloud the first time.  When working with cloud for the first time users are often unsure how to use the right amount so they’re getting the most for their money, and what to do if they run out of resources.  They often wonder what they get for their money and how to pay for cloud.  During this podcast, Bluelock’s CTO Pat O’Day will guide new cloud users in what questions they should ask and what they should be looking for to make sure they get the most value possible with their cloud experience.

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    Cloud in the SMB Space

    in Technology

    Join us as we speak with Kathy Sadden of Xerox. Kathy is the senior vice president of ITO Marketing and Pursuit Management for Xerox Business Services, a position she has held since June 2009. Kathy is responsible for the marketing, advisor relations and pursuit management operations functions for the Americas ITO area.
    Her responsibilities include developing messaging and marketing campaigns, including cloud, healthcare and ITO services, for both existing and new logo clients; providing oversight for the new business and base pursuit management process for both ITO and healthcare; additionally overseeing references, client satisfaction survey, client council, analyst evaluations and advisor relations. She is also responsible for the development and maintenance of all collateral messaging and value prop, internal and external communications, and, partner and client events.
    Prior to joining Xerox, Sadden was vice president of marketing and integrated sales for The Everest Group. Reporting directly to the CEO and founder, she built a marketing plan and team from the ground up, and was responsible for the firm’s global marketing and sales plans and functions. She developed and was responsible for outside industry relations, which included executive-to-executive relations, as well as responsible for integrating sales across all lines of business, which included directly managing sales personnel, budgets, territories and targets.
    She spent 13 years at CSC in a variety of roles, including managing director for both consulting and ITO, managed the Dallas consulting office (responsible for the P&L for sales and delivery), practice director, partner and account manager. She also held several positions at Price Waterhouse Consulting and at Texas Oil and Gas.