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    Find Your Mojo and Get It Together (Subconsciously)

    in Women

    Love can find you at any age. But, the older you are, sometimes, the harder it is for love to track you down. Leonardo Bustos has helped thousands of Baby Boomers find love and find it quickly. Even if you're a pretty young thing with a line of suitors around the block, you've got a mother, aunt or friend who can use Leo’s help.

    Host of Magnificent Time, Cloris Kylie, helps women get their lives together. A true Get It Together Girl, Cloris helps women make lasting change in their lives one step at a time. We want to focus on getting your subconscious together. So many times our minds work against us and we don't even know it! We'll discuss how to get your mind in line with your goals and desires.

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    Meditation to Help You Reach Your Goals

    in Self Help

    Did you know that meditation can help you achieve your goals?

    Tune in for this conversation with intuition and meditation coach Rocco Distefano. Rocco will explain how we can use meditation not only for relaxation and wellbeing, but as a tool for creation. He will also walk us through a short meditation.

    About Rocco:

    Rocco Distefano is a master teacher in the instruction of Intuition, Meditation and Self Compassion. In 1999 he became the founder of his company: Your Life Is Awesome, which has also become a thriving online community for self compassion and self-awareness. Since the age of 3, Rocco has been communicating and channeling information from Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and departed loved ones. Today he continues to share messages with students, friends and family from a place of Ethics, Integrity & Compassion.

    Rocco's website: http://yourlifeisawesome.com/


    Visit Cloris’s Site: www.cloriskylie.com

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    And The Show Must Go On....

    in LGBT

    Tonight the boys discuss the Utah parents that cancelled Christmas, the protests over the NYC & Ferguson verdicts across the country, the 2015 Grammy nominations, and more.

    Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @TheSpilledTea @Doquinn76 @KylieSF @Odaat_webseries @OnAirWithDoug

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    Quagmire America Radio: A Nation In Turmoil W/ Special Guests @EndFeminism

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join hosts, Jason Taylor/Randy Hahn @QuagmireWorld & Watson Prunier @Battle4FreedomX every Monday night at 10:00pm EST here on Quagmire America Radio. The best two hours of hard hitting, honest Conservative radio.

    This Monday night, Jason & Watson are joined by very special guests Danelle Malchus and Kylie Malchus authors of ‘End Feminism, Save The World.’

    Also Monday night, Ferguson, Race Relations and President Obama’s ultimate goal to send this great Nation we all call home into a state of Martial Law. All this and much more, be sure to tune in.

    I am excited to announce that my dear friend, Watson Prunier will be joining me every Monday night. Watson is a Strong Christian Conservative, with powerful words and a calming voice. Make sure to tune into Watson Prunier Tuesday nights at 7:00pm EST on Vigilant Liberty Radio, and check out his incredible website Battle4Freedom.com.

    Call in; speak with the hosts and guests. 347-989-1665

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    Learn How to Thrive in a Diverse Environment: Interview with Jeffrey Rasley

    in Self Help

    Many times we’re so focused on what divides us that we can’t collaborate with others. However, it’s a must to function effectively in our diverse communities and workplaces. Author, philanthropist and adventurer Jeffrey Rasley shows how we can find common ground even in situations when there are conflicting beliefs.

    About Jeffrey Rasley:

    At the age of 55, Jeffrey Rasley left his successful law practice for more satisfying nonprofit endeavors. He is the founder and president of the Basa Village Foundation USA, which raises money for culturally sensitive development work in the Basa area of Nepal. He currently serves as an officer or director for five nonprofit corporations.

    Jeff is the author of eight books. His most recent publication, GODLESS --Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs, shows how beliefs divide us but values unite us. This He has published numerous articles in academic and mainstream periodicals, including Newsweek, Chicago Magazine, ABA Journal, Family Law Review, American Athenaeum, Pacific Magazine, Indy’s Child, The Journal of Communal Societies, The Chrysalis Reader, Faith & Fitness Magazine, and Friends Journal. He is an award-winning photographer and his pictures taken in the Himalayas and Caribbean and Pacific islands have been published in several journals.

    Connect with Cloris at http://www.cloriskylie.com and follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloriskylie

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    Steve Harrison – Ways You Can Share Your Message with the World

    in Self Help

    Do you have a message to share with the world but feel that it’s impossible? Does the marketplace seem too crowded for you to be successful?

    Join Cloris Kylie for an inspiring conversation with publicity expert and entrepreneur Steve Harrison. Steve will show how making a living by doing what you love is possible!

    Steve’s company has helped launch such bestselling books as Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus. Steve is the co-creator of www.BestsellerBlueprint.com with Jack Canfield, and the creator of the year-long Quantum Leap coaching program.

    He also presents the National Publicity Summit in New York, where authors and entrepreneurs have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet face-to-face with producers, editors, and journalists from venues like Good Morning America, Live with Kelly & Michael, The View, Dateline NBC, Fox News, and Time Magazine.

    Steve and his company are responsible for getting more than 15,000 people – including over 12,000 authors – booked on radio and TV talk shows -- which is more than any PR firm on the planet!


    Connect with the host at www.cloriskylie.com

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    Indie Books Show #61 (Kimberly McKay)

    in Books

    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Author Kimberly McKay joins me this week to talk about her books Finding Kylie, Facing Redemption, Coming Home and more.

    From Finding Kylie:  What if … after laying your mother to rest, the mother who has been the only real family you’ve ever known, you discover her secretive past in a set of hidden journals? What would you do if she was the only link to the father you never knew ... a father you’ve been told was dead, but was indeed very much alive?

    Twenty-five year old Chastity searches through her mother’s belongings in hopes of finding any shred of evidence that leads to her father. A man, she’d always felt was out there ... somewhere. Any glimmer of hope is dashed when she reads one tiny line scrawled across the back page of her mother’s notebook. One traumatic sentence is all it takes to unravel her life long desire in a matter of seconds.

    Chastity uncovers the sordid truth, a truth that her mom, Kylie, tried to hide at all costs. This newfound information plunges Chastity into a new world of control, power, and hurt. With the help of her mother’s best friend a handsome attorney, Chastity sorts her way through her new found family ties and the costs that come with it.

    Tune in Friday at 11AM EST or listen to the archive.

    For more information about Kimberly McKay and her books:




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    The Men's VUE! Chloé, Marvin & Glenn Discuss: Men Living In Their True Mission

    in Dads and Family

    Every man has a purpose. Some men discover their mission early, some later, and sadly, some never find their true passion and purpose. Today, Glenn Barker, Executive Director of The ManKind Project and Dr. Marvin Thompson, Founder and President of Empower ED LLC connect with Chloé Taylor Brown, Lifestyle and Transformation Coach to celebrate a man who has.

    Glenn Barker believes we emulate what we celebrate and today we’re celebrating David Kuhn, a 62-year-old blind father and grandfather who is running across America to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis and funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. His motivation is his 12-year-old granddaughter, Kylie, who has cystic fibrosis.

    Men! Learn how to discover your personal excellence and get on your mission today with the transformational PEP!.Tweet @MKPChicago  @ChloeTBrown   DrTeducates 

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    NABWIC TALKS: with Jerry Holland, Duval County's- Supervisor of Elections

    in Women

    Duval County’s Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland, was elected into office in the 2005’s Special 
    Election. He is honored in having the opportunity to serve the citizens of Duval County for the last seven 
    years and re-elected in 2011 without opposition. 
    Throughout Supervisor Holland’s term in office, he has registered 64,415 students in Countywide Student 
    Voter Registration Drives held each school year. Supervisor Holland’s goal is to introduce students to the 
    electoral process to strengthen the foundation of our Democracy and to continue educating future 
    Supervisor Holland served as the 2002-2003 President of Jacksonville City Council during his first term on 
    the Council. Supervisor Holland earned his Master’s degree in Education and his Bachelor of Business 
    Administration in Transportation and Logistics form the University of North Florida.
    Supervisor Holland and his wife, Beverly, have one son, Brian, married to Kylie and are proud 

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    Time and Success Strategies to Achieve Your Goals with Guest Marnie Swedberg

    in Self Help

    Do you have a great life, but you find it impossible to achieve all the goals you set for yourself?

    Do you sometimes run out of time, money or energy for the things in your life that matter most?

    Join Cloris Kylie as she welcomes, Marnie Swedberg, the online mentor to over 12,000 leaders from 30 countries and a Success Principles & Time Management Trainer. Marnie will share key strategies you can use to reach your goals in the minutes you have.

    About Marnie:

    Marnie Swedberg serves thousands of mentees from over 30 countries training B.U.S.Y. - Best Unique Strategies for You. She is a syndicated radio talk show host, the author of 12 "how-to" books, plus she personally oversees two businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. She consistently shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity and skyrocket your delight in life. www.Marnie.com.


    Visit Cloris’s Site: www.cloriskylie.com

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    Interview with Claudia Azula Altucher: The Power of No

    in Self Help

    “No” is sometimes the hardest word to say. It’s also the most necessary.

    How many times have you heard yourself saying yes to the wrong things—overwhelming requests, bad relationships, time-consuming obligations? How often have you wished you could summon the power to turn them down?

    Cloris Kylie welcomes Claudia Azula Altucher to “Magnificent Time.” The co-author of the WSJ and USA Today bestseller, The Power of No, Claudia will share practical strategies to help you take back your power, and will show you that a well-placed No can not only save you time and trouble, it can save your life.

    About Claudia:

    Claudia Azula Altucher  is a writer and teacher of yoga. She is the co-author of the WSJ and USA Today bestseller book: The Power of No and 21 Things to Know Before Starting an Ashtanga Yoga Practice. She writes for major media outlets including Thought Catalog, Mantra Yoga + Health magazine, Positively Positive and Mind Body Green. Claudia hosts a weekly radio show with Hay House.  Her blog ClaudiaYoga.com has attracted over 2.3 million visitors since inception.  Join her on Twitter @ClaudiaYoga.


    For more empowering resources, visit www.cloriskylie.com

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