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    Clinical Air Episode # 10 Patients as Partners in Clinical Trials

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    Join host, Craig H. Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer lead a discussion on what it really means to partner with patients in clinical trials.

    Guests include:

    Jeri Burtchell, Founder, Partners in Research

    Regina Holliday, Artist and Medical Advocate

    For more information on Jeri's new launch, visit: Healthivibe.com and for Regina walking gallary, google Regina Holliday, walking gallary.

    For more information on the topic of Patients as Partners, visit www.theconferenceforum.org. The Conference Forum presented a program in March 2014 fully dedicated to understanding the journey a patient takes in clinical trials. Also take a look at Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials scheduled for September 11-12, 2014 in Boston. This event addresses significant innovation to help improve a patients experience in a clinical trial.


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    Exploring the Myths and Benefits of Clinical Trials

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    Our guest on Monday, February 10, 2014 is David Fuehrer. Dave is a two-time testicular cancer survivor and President of CureLauncher, a company he cofounded. Prior to doing so, Dave spent 10 years developing new products across North America, China and Europe for Pfizer, General Electric, Dow and many others.

    Dave will share his mission to solve the clinical trial enrollment problem that currently exists in the United States.  His company and website connects people to lifesaving medical treatments that they might otherwise be unaware exist. Some of the best medical treatment can be found in clinical trials, but few know or trust them enough to seek them out.

    Join us as we discuss the myths and invaluable services CureLauncher and clinical trials provides to patients and the medical community.

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    Clinical Air Episode #11: How can Digital Complement and Disrupt Clinical Trials

    in Science

    Donald Jones, Chief Digital Officer, Scripps Translational Science Institute talks with host Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer on what's happening with digital in drug development. Don discusses his thoughts on the evolution of new products with digital and the “digitazation” of tools for clinical trials. He also shares his thoughts on the biggest disruptors in pharma. 

    Don and Craig will be featured in an interview as well at DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials on September 11, 2014 in Boston.

    Craig Lipset
    Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D

    Donald Jones
    Chief Digital Officer
    Scripps Translational Science Institute
    Founder & Chairman, Wireless Life Sciences Alliance

    Valerie Bowling
    Executive Director
    The Conference Forum



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    Multiple Myeloma Update & Clinical Trials

    in Health

    This show is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Patient Education Series.  Our special guest is Dr. Christopher Yasenchak from Compass Oncology in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Yasenchak received his M.D.  from Pennsylvania State University. He continued his training at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and is board certified in hematology, medical oncology and internal medicine.  His clinical focus is multiple myeloma, lymphoma, stem cell transplantation, gastrointestinal malignancies and clinical trials.  

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    Clinical Trials in Prostate Cancer with Dr. Ian Thompson, UTHSC

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     Dr. Ian Thompson is Professor, Glenda and Gary Woods Distinguished Chair in GU Oncology at The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Dr. Ian Thompson received his undergraduate degree from West Point and his M.D. degree from Tulane University. After a Residency in Urology in San Antonio, he completed a fellowship in Urologic Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Thompson has published over 400 scientific papers, several dozen book chapters, and has edited five textbooks in medicine and surgery. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Early Detection Research Network of the National Cancer Institute and is Chair of the Genitourinary Committee of the Southwest Oncology Group, the largest clinical trials organization supported by the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Thompson is the Principal Investigator of the San Antonio Center for Biomarkers Of Risk of Prostate Cancer. This cohort study, with up to 8 years of followup, currently follows over 3,600 men for development of prostate cancer and has been the source of many recent important developments in the early detection of prostate cancer.

    Our prostate cancer panels are conducted in association with Prostate Cancer International and Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

    RSVP here (or) mail priya@trialx.com


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    Navigating the Complexities of Global Clinical Trials

    in Business

    Drs. Christopher Gallen, CEO at SK BioPharmaceuticals and Mitchell Katz, Executive Director, Medical Research Operations at Purdue Pharma, in a candid conversation on navigating the complexities of Global Clinical Trials and addressing topics including: Why global trials? Why are global trials so expensive? How are companies re-thinking global trials? What's happening with global outsourcing? Thoughts on emerging markets and patient recruitment What can we do to help mitigate the risks of global trials?  

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    Barriers and Limitations in Engaging Patients in Clinical Trials

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    Join guests Kerri Weingard, ANP, COO, Verified Clinical Trials and Susan Salgado, PhD, Founder, Hospitality Quotient as they identify the barriers and limitations in engaging patients in clinical trials. What we can do about it through communication and service? Hosted by Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, the Conference Forum, this episode addresses one of the hottest topics at the Patients as Partners event scheduled for March 3-4, 2014 in Philadelphia. For more information, visit www.theconferenceforum.org

    About our Guests:

    Susan Reilly Salgado, PhD founded Hospitality Quotient with Danny Meyer in 2010.  Hospitality Quotient offers customized advice and training to inspire, build and sustain a company culture of service in organizations across industries.  In addition to her PhD, Susan holds a BS and an MBA from Lehigh University. Susan has also served as an instructor in organizational behavior and business strategy at NYU and as a guest lecturer at Lehigh.

    Kerri Weingard is the chief operating officer at Verified Clinical Trials (VCT), a New York-based firm specializing in ensuring the integrity of medical studies and clinical trials by creating a database of research study participants trials. Ms. Weingard, who is a nurse practitioner, holds a master’s degree in science from Stony Brook University. She has conducted over 500 clinical trials as a research coordinator and sub-investigator. 



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    Clinical Trials and Tribulations

    in Health

    With guests Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer, and Walter De Brouwer, Founder and CEO of Scanadu.

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    Clinical Trials for All

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    In order to have new drugs to help with cancers and rare diseases, we have to first try them out in Clinical Trials. The design process of clinical trials is somewhat cumbersome and is often inherently controversial. We want to make sure that the trial gives us the information on safety and effectiveness that we will want to know once it goes on the market. At the same time we don’t want to over-complicate the clinical trial process and take too long to approve drugs that are doing well.
    Billy Foster is in a clinical trial and has had a good response to the drug he is taking. Through his involvement with programs through the Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) he has become aware of built-in disparities in the design of most clinical tri

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    Clinical Air Episode #2:To Serve Patients in Clinical Trials

    in Business

    Join us in a discussion on serving patients in clinical trials.
    Making clinical trials more accessible for patients Emerging technologies / iPads and informed consent Disruption Headlines in the news Host:
    Craig Lipset, MBA Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer Inc.
    Andreas Koester, MD, PhD VP, Clinical Trial Innovation & External Alliances,  Janssen
    Anthony Costello, CEO, Mytrus

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