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    Spartan Life Radio - NSU School of Education Wins Department of Education Grant

    in Education

    On this episode of Spartan Life Radio, we're talking with Dr. Leon Rouson, associate professor in the Norfolk State University School of Education, about the U.S. Department of Education's $1.1 million grant for education majors. The grant, which runs through 2020, will support 140 pre-service teacher education candidates and will be administered through the School of Education. According to Dr. Leon Rouson, who also serves as the principal investigator, the grant will provide participants with mentoring and tutoring, but will also equip them with financial literacy and test-taking skills as well as pay for their professional tests and organization fees. The end result, said Rouson, is to produce very highly-qualified teachers. If you're thinking about becoming a teacher, you won't want to miss this episode of Spartan Life Radio.

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    The broadcast day of the featured BlogTalkRadio program Westchester On the Level opens with CSEA Local 9169 President Lionel Turner at 10am who speaks for over 1,500 Union members and their families. CSEA Local 9169 members are the nurses, clerks, aides, technology, maintenance, custodians, bus monitors, safety officers, and food service workers who are the backbone of government in Yonkers. They attend work on a daily basis yet they do so despite the fact that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has yet to conclude a contractual agreement with the union. They have not had a contract for over three years.

    Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins speaks to, reviews and highlights New York State's 2016-17 approved budget at 11am.

    Should time reveal itself, Hezi will engage in review and analysis of national and international issues of concern.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Engage us during this and every midweek radio time slot by placing your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://tobtr.com/s/8641453

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    #021– Jim Mahfood

    in Art

    Jim Mahfood is a comic artist with a fine art pedigree. His graffiti-inspired work on Marvel's Spiderman titles as well as Indie books like Tank Girl and Kevin Smith's Clerks have made him a fan favorite at conventions. Matt and Jim discuss moving to Hollywood, the impact of personality on success, and the benefits of being a fan of punk and hip-hop. Check it out all right here on this dope episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown Comics

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    The Morning Show with Yusef El

    in Education

    Today I am going to discuss the Clerks Praxis and show you how it compares to todays Article 1 Legislative Trubunals.

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    #03 The Jim Mahfood Episode

    in Hip Hop Music

    Meltdown Presents: On Some Hip Hop Sh!t: #03 The Jim Mahfood Episode.

    You've been good all year long and this is the episode of On Some Hip Hop Shit you've been waiting for. Artist and writer Jim Mahfood (GRRRL Scouts, Tank Girl) sets off 2016 with stories from making his own short zine to drawing the "Clerks" comic for Kevin Smith and ballin out of control like the 40 oz comics bawse that he is. To check out Jim's work, hop on over to www.jimmahfood.com

    Self Uno jumps in the booth with @BSchultz808 and @Wedsfinest to talk with Jim about the crossover of Graff and comics and we delve into paying respect in his books Hip Hop and his music influences. Its a sprawling ep where we go way too long again.

    We get a chance to swan dive into Scott Morse and Mahfood's legendary Comic-Con parties and the con scene before geek culture was truly popular. Most importantly we talk Jim’s top five 40oz beers, the Beasties, Questlove’s NYU class, and working with the Marley family.

    Download this shit. You wont regret it.
    @somehiphopshit on twitter
    @onsomehiphopshit on the gram.

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    The Sonny Thomas Show

    in Current Events

    The Sonny Thomas Show w guest Russell James of @Praxis_Mag #WR #WPWW #14W

    SonnyThomas.com  @SonnyThomasShow

    Praxis Mag

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    Visit our other sites in the Sonny Thomas rhelm:

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  • How to Make a Five Year Plan While Focusing On the Present Moment

    in Business

    "Business is not typically seen as a spiritual activity.  It is supposed to pursue only money-oriented goals devoid of any deeper significance.  The only worthwhile businesses, however, are conscious businesses; those that tackle their work as a spiritual activity."  

    This quote is from Fred Kaufman in his book, "Conscious Business".  My discussion in today's Episode of Enrichment Radio will focus on how to maintain a balance bewteen Internal Consciousness and External Praxis.  In other words, how to connect the internal values with external business practices.

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    in Education

    Show Overview:

    An interview with Dr. Jomo Mutegi

    "My research agenda, which addresses the underrepresentation of African Americans in science and science-related careers, consists of three lines of scholarship. In the first I explore students science knowledge as a factor that influences career decisions. In the second line of scholarship I explore racism in student teacher interactions to determine the degree to which race bias inhibits African Americans from pursuing science and science-related careers. The third and most central line of scholarship is educational praxis. Herein I work to use science education as a tool for improving the African American community."

    NCEBC wants to welcome the full village to question, understand, and ask questions, about governance, educational policy, finances,  resources, and  the basic democratic principles of equity, fairness, and justice. It is important (if not, vital) that we have this conversation to continue to dispel the myth that black children are incapable of achieving high test scores,  therefore public schools are incapable of providing quality education. 

    "We believe in accountability. We believe that data drives decision-making. We believe in research-based practices. These principles have been used for generations by high performing schools, principals and Superintendents; especially those working and succeeding in urban communities were poverty and race are the dominant elements. This conversation is about the politics, power, economics, and restructuring of a public school system into a charter school system."

    Diana Daniels, Executive Director, National Council on Educating Black Children


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    Networking Best Practices with Jhan Doughty Berry

    in Work

    My role as the Executive Director of Talent Development & Diversity involves working as a strategic partner across the organization to develop, implement and assess strategic learning and development initiatives that aid to enhance the diversity profile of our workforce. I excute this role through my work on several key business-driven projects that I either lead or serve as a member of a team. 

    In case you want to know about my organization, ETS is the world's largest not-for-profit educational measurement company with 3,000+ employees and locations throughout the United States and more than 180 countries. Our trademarked brands include: Criterion, GRE, Praxis, TOEFL & TOEIC.

    I work within a culture that values critical thinking and thrives on innovative approaches to our work. I have colleagues who are the best in their respective fields-they are purposeful, hard-working, smart and can find humor in every situation. 

    I am known for developing business driven ideas, formulating the execution strategy, implementing them with high detail and assessing the outcome. I thrive on developing and working with the best talent, am energized by any opportunity that allows me to engage with others who are excited about our work, and am passionate about diversity and inclusion. I enjoy writing, place high value on collaboration and welcome opportunities to engage in learning and development.

    When I am not working, you will find me reading a good book. However, my greatest joy comes from spending time with my family or preparing the latest great recipe from one of my cookbooks or from a television cooking show.


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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Clerks: 20 Years Later!

    in Movies

    It's been 20 years since the release of Kevin Smith's Cult Classic, "Clerks", and, we are ready to reunite the stars of the film!

    We are being joined by, Actress Marilyn Ghigliotti (Veronica)  and Scott Schiaffo (The Chewlies Gum Guy) for this epic event!

    JOIN US!

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    Episode 360: Capitalism for the poor, homosexual marriage, News and comment

    in Politics Conservative

     Capitalism for the poor,homosexual marriage, News and comment

    World’s Poor: “We Want Capitalism” Post-Colonial Capitalism at the Bottom of the Pyramid By Iain Murray

    Kentucky clerk still won't issue same-sex marriage licenses by FoxNews.com

    KY Gov. Steve Beshear: Clerks Who Won't Issue Gay Marriage Licenses Should Resign

    By On Top Magazine Staff

    Kansas Gov.: State Won't Recognize Same-Sex Marriages By Trudy Ring

    Should Christians Oppose Homosexual Marriage? By Kevin Cauley

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