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    Fastlane Fame and Be Clear interview Chef Trez and Redd Handed!!!

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    Tonight we will have Chef Trez and Redd Handed on the show getting their perspective on the battle rap culture, upcoming battles, and whatever comes to mind.  There will also be a Be Clear recap the 'Blood in the Water' event from yesterday that was put on by the 7Cities Sharks battle league.

  • Thinking Forward Gets Turned Up With Momentum

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    Get Turned up tonight with the Thinking Team as Brandon & Arvelle Draper talk about how do we create momemtum in our lives when we have been defeated so many times before. Life keeps hitting you and never lets up but do you have what it takes to overcome. Never allow your low to define who you are, just know that it is not over until you win. So you must prepare for the storm so that you will not lose any momentum through the chaos.

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    Welcome to Clear The Smoke Radio

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    This is an open forum for any type of discussion that may be brought up, we will however highlight current events and explore different paradigms of the global society, this is an early start to another radio station which will later be launched here on blog talk radio.

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    Be Clear and Fastlane Fame interview Jaz the Rapper and BigBra Streetz!!!

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    We're going to talk with Jaz and BigBra Streetz to see what they've got going on, hopefully get insight on their upcoming opponents, and how they feel about what's going on in the battle rap culture today.

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    Breaking the Chain of Negative Thinking

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    It is very easy for negative thinking to get out of control. It starts with one annoying thought which in a few minutes leads to another which becomes a chain of negativity. The chain of negative thinking can rob us our functionality leaving us vulnerable to low self esteem, fear and doubts. Miriam Musau & Charity Maina will give us tips on breaking the chain of negative thinking. Listen live on Tue 3/17/15: 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, 6 PM MDT, 5 PM PDT: at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    The Dangers of Negative Thinking

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    Negative thinking can take a toll on us and if not addressed it can affect us in many different ways. Nontobeko “Nonto” Farrell and Winnie Wanja Thuku will help us explore the dangers of negative thinking and give us tips on dealing with them. Listen live at: 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, 6 PM MDT, 5 PM PDT: at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at:http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    Thinking Outside Of The Box

    in Christianity

    In today's society, if we are not careful, we can become subject to other's thoughts and opinions about us. When we become subject to them we become limited to them, only to find ourselves in a place of doubting our capabilities and even the God that we serve. In this, it creates fear, depression, oppression, and even imprisionment. On this morning, Pastor Douglas is going to give you the principles of thinking outside of the box. Stay Tuned for this series, I feel God is going to break some chains and allow you to rebuild with the stones that have been thrown your way. YES, it can be done and even better it's working for your good. 

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    Self Help Made Simple: Paving The Way To Clear Thinking

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    How often do you feel overwhelmed with all the stress on your plate? Do you ever allow your self to take a break from all the issues in your life, or are you constantly stressing about it? 

    On today's show the Self Help Brothers of Self Help Made Simple discuss not only how to solve problems but placing yourself into a better position to succeed.

    Jerome & Jason broadcast weekly on Angel Heart Radio every Thursday 7 PM US CST.

    If you haven't already, please LIKE them on Facebook Self Help Made Simple

    Angel Heart Radio is Global Radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    Clear Talk w/ Mustafa & Kim Mujahid

    in Family

    Join in every Sunday at 10am for special guest interviews as well as informative and thought provoking segments. Segments such as Café MJ: A Virtual Café where we meet with a cup of tea, coffee, or your favorite beverage and a recent copy of the Muslim Journal. In this Cafe atmosphere, read, discuss articles and enjoy our paper together.

    Quranic Word of the Week with Imam Abdul Azeez. In this segment we take a look at a word or idea inQur’an so we can better understand the message that is being conveyed and how we are to apply that idea to our lives.

    Faith and Industry with Abdullah Rasul where we discuss foundational concepts of Faith and Industry as preparation for entry and true success in this intended yet by us, mostly unchartered field (Garden).

    And last but not least – Health Tips (presenters vary). Here we share and review basic information that when utilized will serve to assist us in our pursuit of optimum health and well being.

    For more information and archives www.cleartalkradio.com

    Email us with your ideas: cleartalkradio@yahoo.com

    Visit www.clearlymuslim.com

    Have A Peaceful & Wonderful Day - Goodness Is On The Rise!

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    The Negative Affect of Carnal Thinking

    in Christianity

    Every christian must find a way to free themselves from the affect of carnal thinking if they are going to fulfill their Godly purpose. Overcoming carnal thinking is the key to spiritual ascention and coming in tune with the thought process of God. Join us as we reveal the biblical understanding needed to break free from carnal thinking. To find request prayer or to sow a financial seed of support visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    Episode #40 Season 4 - "ABOVE the Surface" My WAY of thinking

    in Self Help

    Season 4 "ABOVE the Surface" series is designed to elevate our consciousness to a higher vibration so that we can connect with the information and insights of this season in our lives.  We are being placed in circumstances where wit alone is not enough.  We must realize our superhuman abilities and gifts so that we can change our world by changing our reality about our world.  ABOVE the surface is thinking above the obvious and seeking both the spiritual meaning and the physical impact of our action snd inactions.

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