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    WIC, Work, & Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers with Stephanie Henry IBCLC, CLE®

    in Women

    To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week CAPPA Radio asked Stephanie Henry, IBCLC, BS(MT), CLE® to join us and chat about her work with breastfeeding moms. 

    Stephanie Henry began her journey into public health in the fall of 2009 as Neosho County Health Department’s Breastfeeding Peer Counselor.  She has been married to her husband, Mike, for 15 years and together they farm and ranch in Kansas.  They have an 11 year old little cowboy named Ethan who is in 6th grade.

    In October 2011, Stephanie became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Stephanie works with a variety of community partners to provide breastfeeding support and follow up for families in the community.  She works with breastfeeding families immediately within 24 to 48 hours of hospital discharge and has an after- hours warm line in place for breastfeeding assistance.  She has bridged the gap between the Health Department and the local hospital as well as created employee breastfeeding rooms for the City of Chanute and Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center through the Business Case for Breastfeeding. 

    Stephanie was awarded funding in August of this year for “The Perfect 10 Project”.  We learn more about The Perfect 10 Project on the show and how it provides the ten steps that provide a solid foundation of breastfeeding education and support to all mothers.  The steps are a balance between prenatal education and post-partum breastfeeding support that begins immediately following birth. 

    Her passion is bringing a continuity of care to the breastfeeding families in Kansas and that’s what led Stephanie to become a faculty member for CAPPA’s Certified Lactation Educator Program. 

    Learn more about Stephanie Henry and her CLE trainings http://breastfeedin1.wix.com/mwla


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    CHA/MIA, DET/CLE, POR/LAC, plus Thibodeau to MIN

    in Basketball

    Breakdown of Hornets/Heat including some great audio from Steve Clifford, Pistons/Cavs (with analysis of Stanley Johnson on LeBron) and Trail Blazers/Clippers, plus discussion on the Timberwolves hiring Tom Thibodeau and other league news. With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux of RealGM and the Sporting News (@DannyLeroux). 

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    OKC/SAS Game 2 Classic, the Waiters inbound, ATL/CLE Game 2, Dirk Opt Out

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    How the Thunder took an instant classic in San Antonio, including why the hullaballoo on the Waiters inbound is way overblown, Cleveland beats Atlanta in familiar fashion (47'), Plus news (58') : Dirk opting out, Rivers won't trade the big three, Terry Stotts' option for next year hasn't been picked up, and Larry Bird's comments on Frank Vogel's future.

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    Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigars Interview

    in Lifestyle

    CigarNews.com interviews Christain Eiroa of CLE Cigars.  Cristian was long time president of Camacho cigars and CLE is his return to the industry after Camacho was acquired by Davidoff.   Join us for this interesting interviews with one of pioneers of the modern day cigar industry.   

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    Playoff Picture Sharpens: DAL/UTA, CHA/BOS, ATL/CLE, plus Shortening the Season?

    in Basketball

    Discussion of Monday's games, focusing on Jazz/Mavericks, Hornets/Celtics, and Hawks/Cavs, along with a rundown of the playoff picture as it stands now, a discussion of whether the NBA should consider shortening the season, and news including Jason Kidd's future in Milwaukee. With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux of RealGM and the Sporting News (@DannyLeroux)

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    HOODTUNESRADIO... on a creep...

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    just got out of the truck... rollin' all day... now Iwanna talk ishh and turn up...646-478-0944 is the hotline and press "1" to talk...hosted by emaxx...I finally get the chance to kick it with you... from 11pm till 12:30am we rockin' that thang...so tune in to hear some real Cleveland music...leggo to this spot tonight...hosted by emaxxtheemijj...  hip hop and some r n b...

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    Legal Education Provider LAWLINE FURTHERED Defrauds Faculty?

    in Legal

    $118 million dollars are at stake in battle over whether Lawline Defrauded Faculty

    Has Lawline FurtherEd abandoned the law and crossed the line? $118 million dollars are at stake in battle over whether Lawline engaged in fraud, breach of contract, misappropriation of image and name, and gross misrepresentation of material facts concerning the intellectual property rights of attorneys who provided course content for the online legal community. 

    CEO David Schnurman once said FurtherEd is “Going After Professionals Who Have Money And A BIG Needs" and his business ia an alleged ‘leading provider of online continuing legal education.’  However, has anyone investigated how Lawline company has provided an alleged 2 million courses for online credits in all 50 states without compensating any of its faculty members for use of their image, name, likeness, and rights to their intellectual property?

    Did Michele Richman and David Schnurman knowingly and intentionally remove attorney faculty websites or authorize removeal to tamper with evidence?  Did they knowingly and intentionally hide faculty videos that were purportedly removed under an "unlisted" YouTube account for paid subscribers?


    Photos credits from Linkedin and LAInsider

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    YEPPER it's ya boy EMAXXTHEEMIJJ on some cleveland music ishhh...if ya ain't doin' nothin' or ya are , tune into HOODTUNESRADIO TONIGHT TO GET YOUR RELAXX ON...from 10pm thru 11:30 pm tonight , we play music from clevelands local artists as well as music from your town...hosted by the best out there I'll make ya think... or hate me. hopin to hear from you at 646-478-0944...press "1" to talk live...otherwise just listen... we got you...smoke session starts at 10:30...twist up!!!

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    Y'ALL ALAWYS ASKIN WHEN IMMA DO A SHOW...WELL HERE IT IS!!! hoodtunesradio is on a Friday night. settin' that action for you in realtime so you can groove. 646-478-0944 is that hotline bling so call and press 1...hosted by emaxxtheemijj  till 11:30pm!!! OUR music YOUR music my music...is CLEVELAND MUSIC!!! SHOUTS OUT to all who ride with me tonight... gettin loud on the flip...get it in!!!

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    Satellite Sundays | Episode 11

    in Professional

    Satellite Sundays is brought to you by OverTime.News & fantasysportsparadise.com

    Episode 11 Agenda:


    "Bro Code" - What the hell is going on with the Lakers?

    Shaq lobbies for Kobe to score 50 points in the final game of his career. Will he try? Will he succeed? Will you watch to find out if he gets it?

    Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook both considered to be out in OKC, who would you rather have on your team? Why?

    Denver asking is Kaep-tain America would be willing to take pay cut if they trade for him. Want him to go to 7 million per year. Currently at 15.8 million per total this year...

    JJ Watt played through multiple injuries last year (herniated disk, broken hand, rib injuries) Tough or Stupid?

    Bryce Harper & Mike Trout early favorites for MVP, any competition or is this a 2 horse race? Of the two, who do you think wins a championship first?

    (Pop Culture)

    Update on "Most Annoying Person in all of Sports & Pop Culture" bracket

    Dustin shit on social media and what it allows our youth and athletes to do, with latest Lakers story do you agree with Dustin's comments?

    Gwen Stefani said she was preggers for her April Fools joke, What do you think about fake pregnancies? What's the best April Fools Prank you've ever done?

    “B.S. Quote of the Week” Stephen A Smith, "Lebron James is STUCK in Cle"

    “Like it? Love It? or Meh…” 

    “O.T.N's Top Song of the Week” 


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    The Confessions of My Soul by Cle Mooring

    in Poetry

    Have you ever had poetry that made you think "That piece really spoke to my soul?" Have you seen artwork that simple "took your breath away?" Join us TONIGHT @ 11 PM EST on Deep, Dark, n Dirty for showing luv and our respect for Cle Mooring as he bless us with his craft and the creativity that comes from such a BRILLIANT mind!!! Join us in the chatroom @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy or CALL IN  @ (917)889-3369. Thank you!