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    LTBR Presents: Claudia Moss

    in Writing

    Join LTBR hosts Stephanie and Lauren as they chat with Claudia Moss about her latest work.

    Claudia Moss is the author of two novels, Dolly: The Memoirs of a High School Graduate (Holloway House) and If You Love Me, Come (self published).  Her short fiction has appeared in a host of anthologies.  Her poetry has appeared in Venus Magazine.

    She is the author of the independently published Wanda B. Wonders series, which introduces the enigmatic Everywoman, Ms. Wanda B., who is a humorous social commentary, unafraid to voice her opinions on contemporary life in shades of black and white.  Wanda B. Wonders Sings the Bailout Blues is the third book in the series.  

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    Olive Garden Presenta Radio Al Dente: Claudia Moss

    in Family

    Claudia Moss, autor de la Wanda B. Maravillas novelas, no utiliza medios sociales sólo para promocionarse. Más bien, el anfitrión de The Siren ofrece a los autores de sus hijos favorites—incluyendo Adria F. Klein, Laura J. Numeroff y Dorothy Carte—sus apoyos mediante la lectura en voz alta de su trabajo. Durante esta edición del Kiddie hora de Claudia, ella trae What’s Wrong, Dany? de Brigitte Weninger a la vida con un nivel de energía y el entusiasmo que está seguro de hacer que todos los niños lean durante la historia, y pedir más cuando es a través de.

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    What is a Soft Tsunami?

    in Books

    Former College Board consultant, dancer and artist, Claudia Moss, talks Soft Tsunami on Off The Shelf radio on Saturday, May 2 at 11am/EST. Claudia and Off The Shelf Radio talk show host, Denise Turney, will talk aboout the makings of Soft Tsunami and how life experiences develop impactful art and vice versa. Listeners who tune into Off The Shelf radio on May 2 at 11am/EST will also get book marketing tips, story development advice, inspiration and encouragement.

    If you value your writing career, tune in!  

    Dial into Off The Shelf talk radio at - (347) 994-3490

    The link to the show is - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Denise-Turney-

    You can also connect to Off The Shelf radio via the chat room, following the above link.

    See you Saturday, May 2 at 11am/EST!!

    It's going to be fun!!

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    We will be interviewing authors CLAUDIA MOSS and ELIZABETH FUNDERBIRK ("Love Torn Asunder"). Sit back and let's get to know these two wonderful Ladies of the pen and what makes them tick! Find out about their lives their passions and their projects - this is sure to be an informative and entertaining show, so DON'T MISS IT! See You There... !!

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    Host Claudia Moss on her new book, SOFT TSUNAMI

    in Books

    BlogTalk Host Claudia Moss discusses her premiere poetry collection, Soft Tsunami.  Although her colorful poetry has been anthologized in several works, all of which she is extremely proud, Claudia is elated to serenade finally her own compendium of poetry, the first of many more.
    In this revealing expose, she will speak of her love of poetry, her writing process, how she came about the name for the series, why she released the work as a series, Indie publishing, her cover artist Lincoln Jude, the art within, and why it is imperative that artists not ask or seek anyone's permission to shine and soar.  Permission was already Divinely granted before you embarked upon your journey on this plane.
    Join her on Monday, September 17, 2012, at 3 PM, EST, and please pick up a book over the weekend or on Tuesday, as that is a vital part of bestselling ranking.
    And please LIKE the Soft Tsunami Collection when you see it on Amazon.

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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #54 - OMG Friday

    in Podcasting

    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins 

    On Todays Show - Warnings to all Texas Bikers - I'm here and I'm in control -shades of Hage - Large net being cast - Preliminary autopsy reports out -  We'll keep them as long as we can - criminals can wear suits and badges 

    All that BS and more on Texas Biker Radio 11AM - 5/22/2015

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    Race Talk Live with Kate Moss: NASCAR's Daniel Suarez, Cup Spotter Chris Lambert

    in Sports


    On the show, we will talk to NASCAR XFinity Series driver Daniel Suarez and Denny Hamlin's spotter, Chris Lambert, fresh off the all star race win. We will also chat with Kevin Crouse who will be live from Charlotte Motor Speedway, catering a huge fan event. 

    See you 7-8pmEST for the fastest show on the radio

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    Manuela “Mannie” Ferguson -The Staging Fashionista *

    in Lifestyle

    The Staging Fashionista

    Home staging and decorating brings out my creative side.  Over twenty years in public service and working as a Senior Executive has provided me with customer service and management skills that have proven beneficial for my business.  I love staging homes for my clients to make them look their best prior to putting them on the market.  I want buyers to fall in love with the homes I stage by creating a lifestyle and an emotional connection to the home.  My average days on market of my staged homes is 18 days. 


    Claudia Thomas/ Real Estate Agent

    Topic: Why Real Estate Agents ahould hire a Home Stager.

    Claudia is licensed real estate agent serving Northern Virginia.  She has earned Lifetime Top Producing Agent for the past 10 years.  Certified as a short sale specialist, and an accredited buyers representative, currently specializing in new construction, luxury homes and military relocation.  


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    Texas Biker Radio #53 - Special - Shootout Continues

    in Podcasting

    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins 

    On Todays Show - Shoot out continues and it's the media taking shots with one round of misinformation after the other.... Domestic Terroist? ...The Nudge ...

    All that BS and more 1:PM - 05/21/2015


    See Ya!

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    Justified Murder In Tulsa and the Movement to Stop Sheriff Glanz

    in Politics

    Call in 323 870 4626 and be heard.

    Justified Murder

    Blood Searing the Streets

    Greenwood Burning

    Its 1921/2015

    Men lay Dead in the street

    As the Pain of yesterday


    Scissors of Injustice

    Blade wide open

    Coming at you

    Rain like bullets

    As the people

    Speak for the voiceless

    Girded in truth

    Pushing a petition of action

    No Longer living in the pain of yesterday

    Tomorrow is today


    It is 2015 and protests abound in Tulsa Oklahoma and other cities around the United States.. With more deaths resulting as a result of police brutality, its time for a change. We the People of Oklahoma now have a website. Please join us in the discussion of "What can we do to effect change in the world of injustice ? "  We have a answer. I believe what is happening in Tulsa at this moment in time - can be duplicated in other cities. This is a workable model. Have a problem with your police/sheriff department in your city ? Take note at what is happening peacefully in Tulsa with expediated results. I am fond of a quote by Lincoln - "Truth is the best defense"   Find that truth in evidence and expose it to the light of a grand jury. It works.


    If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people that are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. "  Malcom X










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    An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 10 with Guest Claudia Moody-Jones

    in Art

    Listen in as host Michael Harris interview Artist Claudia Moody-Jones and her very unique Orgami Art.  As a recently retired teacher, Claudia Moody-Jones feels one of her greatest accomplishments was teaching art to children. She received several grants to teach after school art classes. As a professional artist Claudia has received awards and recognition through contests and competitions. She has been featured in a few online magazine articles in the Cloth, Paper and Scissors publication. Her work has also appeared in their hard copies for winning some of their challenges. Claudia has participated in shows and exhibitions in New York and in Los Angeles, where she lives.

    To read the CAGO Newsletter, visit www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the CAGO Media tab. On this page you will find our radio shows, videos and newsletters.

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online continues each month with their monthly art competitions and exhibitions.  Go to www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com, and Click on the Art Competition tab for details.