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    P-Funk All-Star Tony "strat" Thomas visit's This Side of The River...

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    Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Tony “Strat” Thomas started out playing a six-string razor in high school. After Thomas’ mother saw his talent she bought him a Stratocaster Guitar. The rest is history. Early on while landing small gigs, Thomas joined the legendary reggae band Onyx and other rock ‘n roll bands around town. A true artist, Thomas’ psychedelic sound was one-of-a-kind. Thomas has been compared to his music mentors Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel.In 1978, George Clinton gave Thomas a shot to play in the studio with the Sterling Silver Starship. As Thomas continued to work with Clinton as a studio musician, Clinton gave Thomas his big break. Thomas joined George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel, Garry Shider, Mike Hampton, Bernie Worrel, Bobby Womack, David “Chong” Spradley and Margua Booker to record and perform with The Parliament Funkadelic’s for over 20 years.“The Agony of Defeet” was Tony’s first guitar solo. He has played on various P-Funk projects such as the first P-Funk Allstars album songs such as Catcher Keeper, Hydraulic Pump, and Pumpin it Up.Thomas’ favorite project was Computer Games, featuring Atomic Dawg, and Loopzilla. That’s Thomas on the guitar loop!A seasoned recording artist, Thomas has shared both the stage and studio with Sly Stone, Ike Turner, Rick James, The Dramatics, Ron Banks, L.J. Reynolds, Don Davis, Robin Trower, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, Steve Marriott-Humble Pie, Quincy Jones, Wayne Shorter, Glenn Goins, Ron Ford, Treylewd, Cameo, The Dazz Band, Parlet, Gabe Gonzalez, Mike “Clip” Payne, P-Nut Johnson, Lige Curry, Blackbyrd, Dennis Chambers, Rodney Skeet Curtis, The Ali Brothers (Jerome and Jimi), Mudbone, Razor Sharp, Donnie Sterling, Kiddo, My Baby Belita Woods, The Brides of Funkenstein, Malia Franklin, Leslie “Blonda” Vocino, Jocaine and many more! 

  • NOI Prison Reform: Salaam Muhammad, Asst. East Coast Regional Prison Reform Min

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    8pm EST TUES 4/26/16

    Call in# 646-595-4289


    The Allah Team Radio presents:

    The NOI Prison Reform Ministry Radio Series


    Interview with Abdul Salaam Muhammad

    Asst. Eastern Regional NOI Prison Reform Minister


    Brother Salaam Muhammad joined the 5% Nation in 1966 under Clarence 13X aka the Father Allah. Finding himself in and out of prison, in 1971 he joined the NOI inside the walls.


    Finding himself doing 3 state bids, Salaam came out of prison in 1991 and joined the NOI under the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan at Mosque #7 in New York City under local Min. Conrad Muhammad.


    In 1994, Salaam gave expert testimony during a federal lawsuit for the Nation of Islam to be recognized as a religion. After the NOI successfully won the case, Bro. Salaam was appointed to be the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan to be the first Chaplain under the 2nd Resurrection of the NOI.


    Today Bro. Salaam is the Asst. Eastern Regional NOI Prison Reform Minister who primarily focuses on the Federal prison including Otisville, Brooklyn Fed State Prison, Danbury CT and Riker's Island.


    Salaam is instrumental in the Self Improvement program for Prisoners for the last 30 years.


    Join us as we interview Bro. Abdul Salaam Muhammad on his stirring history and the Time and What Must Be Done to help the Brothers in Prison and the Re-entry program.


    with co-hosts Randy Muhammad and Wakeel Allah

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    C.D. - Clarence Thomas, the 2016 Race, Obama & Saudi Arabia

    in Islam


    This is what we plan to cover on Critical Discourse:

    On Confirmation –Are “they” still trying to destroy Justice Clarence Thomas?

    Yeah, I know, he’s an Uncle Tom, sellout, turncoat, coon, yada-yada-yada. When are you detractors going to provide evidence?

    Then again, this story might put a completely different spin on the Anita Hill matte

    2. A frank discussion of the legacy and impact of Prince

    Undoubtedly a talented artist, and we are shocked upon learning of his untimely passing, but what did he contribute as worth, especially to the black community

    3. Election 2016

    As the New York Primary has increased the momentum of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, should we now say, “Let the best man win”?

    Do conservatives have a legitimate point about Trump’s credentials?

    4.Obama in Saudi Arabia

    The utter outrage in suggesting that Americans, whose family members were killed during the 911 attacks, can sue the government of Saudi Arabia (not endorsed by Obama, but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Saunders).


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    The Liberal Redneck (ROFLMAO)

    in Politics Progressive

    Live at Noon CST every Thursday
    "The Liberal Redneck Show"
    Call in is 646-649-0842. Press 1 to join the conversation....

    Join LR, the Professor, and PD the Pagan Goddess.

    Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. Call in or join us in chat with a free Blog Talk Radio account.  Share archived episodes with your friends on Facebook.  Piss off those idiot Republicans by listening every week... LOUD! ROFLMAO as we follow the money!  States that adopt hate towards LBGT citizens are getting a hard lesson in following the money as is hemorrhages from their states as businesses flee.  They can smell the lawsuits these states are setting them up for!


    Today's Show:

    Justices divided over whether Clarence Thomas is asleep or dead.
    If first you don't secede, try and try again!
    Time to stow it under your matress again!  Lawmakers are coming (no pun intended) for your !



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    5%: TNT: "Let's Straighten It!" w/ Abu Shahid, 85th Birth Day Anniversary

    in Culture

    Peace, much Love and Respect to my Family, Nation and Friends,


    With My Eyes on the Prize, Unity in the Community, it gives me pleasure to invite you One and All, Believers and Disbelievers to


    “TNT: The Naked Truth, Live call-in show, Q&A with Abu Shahid, the Elder.”


    8pm EST tonite,

    Tuesday, 4/20/16

    Call in# (646)595-4289


    It gives me great pleasure to announce this milestone in my life as I approach my 85th B Irth Day, April 25th.


    Our topic tonight is “LET’S STRAIGHTEN IT!”


    After all our program is... TNT: THE NAKED TRUTH


    Just as Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation

    Proper Education Always Corrects Errors


    And that’s Peace,

    Abu Shahid, The Elder

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    Sporlitiks, where Sports & Politics Mix & Mingle

    in Politics


    Not your Mother's radio show. Some call it a discussion, some say a debate, you decide. New York Presidential primary-will there be a contested GOP convention?, NBA playoffs, Lawmakers keep Flint money out of energy bill, flyers express sincere regret over fan behavior, Clarence Thomas story, and more.

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    The Best of The Blues....On Wise Words With OneGone Show

    in Entertainment

    TK Soul,Sir Charles,Big Cynthia, Sunny Bland,Latimore,ZZ Hill,Clarence Carter,Millie Jackson,Shirley Brown and More 

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    Rush Limbaugh: Stop brainwashing Jen Senko's dad! INTERVIEW

    in Politics Progressive

    Today's Guest: Jen Senko, documentary filmmaker, The Brainwashing of My Dad, The Vanishing City

    JEN SENKO podcast excerpt: "Fox shouldn't have the right to call itself 'News'; it's mostly commentary."

    Key interview moments:

    • 3:05 Filmmaker Jen Senko dealt with multiple delays in getting The Brainwashing of My Dad to the silver screen, but the rise of Donald Trump, GOP political candidate, made her eventually timing perfect;

    • 12:10 Even Democrats scoffed at Hillary Clinton's mid-1990s claim of "a vast right-wing conspiracy" -- until long-time Republican operative David Brock confirmed her accusation was true;

    • 20:20 Senko questions whether Fox News Channel should be allowed to use the word "News" in its name.

    Subscribe to Mr. Media for FREE on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MrMediaRadio

    For more interviews like this one: http://www.MrMedia.com 

    What is Mr. Media® Interviews? The calm of Charlie Rose, the curiosity of Terry Gross and the unpredictability of Howard Stern! Since February 2007, more than 1,000 exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture video and audio comedy podcast interviews by Mr. Media®, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics! 

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andelman

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MrMediaRadio

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    Closer Encounters / The Human Race is in Big Trouble / E69

    in Paranormal

    Hello and Welcome to "Closer Encounters" Where you the Listener is also the Guest ,,I am your Host Clarence Mitchell..Tonight we will talk about the Human Race as a whole... are we falling behind??? Will we be able to keep moveing forward?? or will we all suffer from mental disorders and fail?? Call in at (347) 989-1008 and lets talk about it..Dont forget to hit the Follow button to hear this and all past shows..Thank You All...Check out the new Web site at http://www.closerencounters.info.

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    5% Series: GOD JAMEL ALLAH Part 2, Founder of Back to the Essence Policy Fund

    in Culture

    TONITE at 8pm EST! (WED 4/13/16)

    Call in #: (646)595-4289


    The 5 Percenters Forum presents:


    Interview with GOD JAMEL ALLAH, Part 2


    The History of the 5% Nation in “The Desert” (Queens, NY) in the 1970s & 1980s


    The Teachings and Culture of the 5% Nation


    The Unity of the 5% Nation & the Nation of Islam


    What are the Proper Burial Services of a 5 Percenter (God or Earth)


    The Back To The Essence Policy Fund


    Q&A about the Funerals of Wise Jamel Allah and See Allah


    With co-hosts Wakeel Allah & Allahmal Allah.


    Wed. 4/13/16 at 8pm EST

    call in #: (646)595-4289

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    Remembering Thomas Jefferson On His Birthday and SCOTUS' Executive Amnesty

    in Politics

    Searching for the truth, no matter where it leads and committed to help getting our country back on track.  Bill Martinez Live airs Monday thru Friday 9-12a (ET).  Welcome to a very independent and powerful three hours of talk radio.  

    This morning we're remembering our history as we celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday.  Our favorite historian Bruce Kauffmann shares some little know facts including that the Declaration of Independence changed forever our past understanding of the nature of government.  And that back in 1776 it wasn’t the “We hold these truths to be self evident …” passage that grabbed the attention of the Congress, but the list of complaints Jefferson included against the misbehavior of King George III (and, by extension, the British Parliament).

    David French on the Supreme Court's Executive Amnesty Challenge and James Hirsen on HBO's Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas Hit piece of a movie.  

    Plus should Bill Clinton apologize and the story of KICK KENNEDY: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter.  

    And remember to join us for our after show, "Mucho Más Martinez" 12:15p (ET) at www.facebook.com/martinezlive. We'll summarize the highlights of the show and look for your comments.