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    Amanda Eddie Single mother of a 10 year old autistic boy, was a firefighter in Michigan for 4 years, joined the military in 2007 as military police for the national guard in Michigan, worked at the Joint Forces HQ in Michigan for the national guard bureau, deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan in 2011-2012 on a Police Transition mission teaching and working with the Afghan uniform police and their military to be police officers. ETS'd in 2013. Struggled for a couple years, moved to San Antonio texas to build a new life. Now attend school full time as well as the wounded warrior project TRACK program helping to keep me on track towards living a "normal" life

    The Terrorist Whisperer

    Hamody Jasim is a counter-terrorism expert & advisor and one of the most lethal intelligence sources that served during the Iraq war as a young Iraqi who was recruited by U.S. Intelligence after saving an American Military officer who was nearly abducted by al-Qaeda. His intelligence information changed the battle for the Marines in the Fallujah/Ramadi area by taking out one of al-Qaeda’s main operatives. He then went on to protect the Americans in the Operations Center in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense by intervening a suicide belt before it detonated. He was known as the pro American to the higher intelligence agencies who would report his street level intelligence to the direct presidential advisors. People he helped called him the “Terrorist Whisperer” because he could take on the terrorists face to face by identifying their weaknesses. 

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    Simply CJ

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    Please join SDN Editor Christian James for a brand new edition of Simply CJ. The show will air December 28th, at 2:30pm Eastern Standard time. If you miss the live show, you can stream it through our archives. 




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    The Hotwash With CJ Presents: Anthony Anderson, CEO & Founder of Stolen Valor

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    SSG Anthony Anderson is currently enlisted as an 11B in the US Army, and is also the man behind Stolen Valor and Guardian of Valor. He is now a regular contributor to different news outlets concerning Stolen Valor. He has also assisted Senators and State Lawmakers in passing Stolen Valor laws. He is very passionate about his mission, and has become one of the nations experts on Stolen Valor. You can find him on Facebook and on the web at Guardian of Valor. He is here to discuss Warfighter News and Stolen Valor cases.

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    .5% with CJ, Joel, and Zach

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    We will have Zach talking about some great stuff about transitioning and his experiences.  He is a president of a Veterans group at his college and does laison work with the community.  School is good, mkay! And he will tell you why and he aint bullshitting!  I am going to con some of my history buffs and legends to get on with us to talk about some prior service greats.  If I can get some good Solid research down and time permits we can talk about Vets contibtions to our current society.  I am looking for some great call ins guys and gals.  Go to the main page and click follow so you can see when we set up other shows.  

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    Simply CJ

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    Please join Sports Debate Network for the latest edition of Simply CJ. Sports Debate Network editor Christian James will anyalze the wide world of sports.  The show will air live at Monday December 7th at 2:30pm Eastern Standard time. 

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    The Hotwash With CJ Presents: Ranger Chris Bemiss & Army Veteran Amanda Eddie

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    Former 1/75 Ranger 01-07, 5 Combat deployments. Part of such missions as the Jessica Lynch POW rescue and recovery of her fellow Soldiers remains. Few know that Rangers dug with only their hands for hours to recover the remains of 8 Americans after Seal Team 6 had secured PFC Lynch in a Blackhawk. My 5th Combat tour, Jan 28th Mosul Iraq I was injured after being ejected from the turret of the Task Force Delta, Pandur I was a gunner on. Operator SFC Zaun was KIA, but only after he saved me and the others in the vehicle.  I turned to alcohol to cope and 7 May 05 I flipped my car. Ejected once again, this time breaking my neck permanently paralyzing me from the chest down and spending 19 months in the hospital. For 16 months I was unable to eat or drink due to a hole in my esophagus.  May 23 05 my girlfriend married me while still in the trauma unit.  I finally left the hospital Dec of 06 immediately turning to prescription drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. It destroyed my marriage and Jul 13 my wife and little boy left me forever. After divorce, I tried numerous times to overdose or find the courage to put one in myself. Thankfully a Ranger brother SFC Jay Granger pulled me up and got me motivated in helping other Vets. 4 weeks later Jay died on a civilian skydive. Jay's family was on the drop zone, his wife and three boys saw him hit the ground. I made up in my mind after Jay passed, I was going to fearlessly honor him and help Vets, making no excuses for myself and fighting like hell to stop the 22 a day that commit suicide. I now volunteer with Gallant Few helping Vets daily. I have also made a PTSD documentary with the All Warrior Network in Los Angeles that was released last Memorial Day. The film THE RANGER has thankfully helped to save many lives! I stopped living for myself years ago and the one and only reason I do live is to help all of my Warfighter brothers and sisters. It truly is an honor to do so! RLTW SINE PARI JAY STRON

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    Simply CJ

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    Simply CJ will air live on November 30th, at 12:30pm Eastern Standard time.

    The Editor of Sports Debate Network, Christian James, will react to the Wide World of Sports. 

    Feel free to tune in! 

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    The CJ Miller Show w/ Shaman Matthew Bueno, Synchronicity in Saratoga

    in Spirituality

    Join your host CJ Miller, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer, as she unravels the mysteries of our existence with some of our greatest visionaries and extraordinary human beings.. Tune in to learn more about the energies we, as the human collective, are currently experiencing here on Earth.  

    ** With Special Guest, Matthew S. Bueno, a trained Shaman and Healer who works with the Ascended  Masters and Angels.  Free Psychic Readings and Long Distance Healing Sessions will be offered to callers.

    Matthew Bueno- To learn more about Matthew or to schedule a private session over the phone or in person please visit his website at www.ascendedmasterangels.com

    CJ Miller- (aka Claudia Helmke Miller) 

    Please visit my website for more information or to listen to my archived radio shows- www.wholeearthhealing.com 

    on Facebook at Claudia Helmke Miller- https://www.facebook.com/claudia.h.miller and Please Subscribe to my Youtube channel-https://www.youtube.com/user/ClaudiaHelmkeMiller

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    Smirnoff LIVE! w/special guest CJ

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    Tonight we talk about the latest "Supergirl" TV episode

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    Simply CJ

    in Sports

    Sports Debate Network Editor Christian James reacts to a wide range of stories in the world of Sports.

    Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers will be among the discussion points. 

    CJ will be joined by sports personlaities, SDN Stafff, and guest callers.

    The show will air live at 3:00pm Eastern Standard time! If you miss the live show, be sure to check out the Simply CJ archivies for an archived list of episodes. 


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    .5% With CJ and a co host

    in Lifestyle

    This show is for all to listen to, please feel free to share.  We do weekly shows for our group but since we are asking for outside help I am going to do a show to describe why we are asking for help.  To my friends and family from my Facebook page, Thank you.  I will say you may know a little more about me then you may want to know.  I encourage you to call in during the time for the show.  I will repost the link a few times so you can click on it and listen.  If you miss the show you can go back and listen after it is archived.  Thanks again.  

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