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    Economic Empowerment for African Americans: From Civil Rights to Silver Rights

    in Culture

    TONIGHT: Thursday, June 4th, 9pm EST Listen to the The African History Network Show 9:00pm-12midnight EST (6:00pm-9:00pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network.  We’ll discuss “Economic Empowerment for African Americans: From Civil Rights to Silver Rights” with guest Ryan Mack, Mid Atlantic Market President for Operation Hope.  CALL IN WITH QUESTIONS/COMMENTS & LISTEN AT (914) 338-1375.  Listen online LIVE and the archived show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow/2015/06/05/economic-empowerment-for-african-americans-from-civil-rights-to-silver-rights  or http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/  or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com. 

    1) Ryan Mack, Mid Atlantic President of Operation Hope will discuss Economic Empowerment for African Americans and Financial Literacy.  2) June 1st is the 94th Anniversary of “The Black Wall Street” Race Riot of 1921.  3) Allegations of a slow down on Policing in Baltimore and the rise in shootings.  4) Angela Davis was acquitted on this date in 1972.

    If you like the information we share on The African History Network Show please support our crowdfunding campaign. We are raising funds to help run The African History Network and broadcast our shows, etc.  Visit http://igg.me/at/AfricanHistoryNetworkSummer2015/x/5597446

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    Welcome To Civil Rights Radio

    in History

    Thank you for visiting us at our new home! From The Mountain To The Valley Civil Rights Radio will continue to tell the story and inspire future generations to be 21st century foot soilders!

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    Welcome To Civil Rights Radio

    in History

    Thank you for visiting us at our new home! From The Mountain To The Valley Civil Rights Radio will continue to tell the story and inspire future generations to be 21st century foot soilders!

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    The Civil Rights Movement 2.0

    in Entertainment

    We are witnessing a civil rights movement in 2015. The same things that the brothers and sisters went through,we are facing again. What will come out of this movement? Does it prove America is a racist nation? Will we ever get past race? Let's have a honest talk about a issue that divides many.

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    Birmingham, Alabama's civil rights legacy

    in Travel

    Birmingham, Alabama is known as "The Magic City" and the "Pittsburgh of the South" because of its steelmaking prowess and civil rights legacy.  Walking through the city offers a powerful history lesson and inspiring life stories of those who sacraficed for freedom.

    World Footprints will revisit two attractions that takes us back to a dark chapter in America's history:  the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church where a tragic bombing changed the course of history.  Our tour guide is Barry McNealy, a teacher and master tour guide who has been seen on CNN. 

    Join World Footprints as we walk through Birmingham's and American history.

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    Florida Civil Rights History -Dr.Chambliss

    in Education

    Prof. Julian Chambliss will chronicle the Civil Rights Mivement in Florida.
    Good Civil Rights News Today on The De-Criminilization of our Sons! 
    Federal prosecutors will no longer seek long, “mandatory minimum” sentences for many low-level Non-Violent Drug Offenders! ------ A federal judge ruled on Monday that the stop-and-frisk tactics of the New York Police Department violated the constitutional rights of minorities in the city, repudiating a major element in the Bloomberg administration’s crime-fighting legacy.

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    Black History, Civil Rights, and Selma.Do you know the whole story?

    in History

    CWT4R will discuss with Dr. Rhue the movie SELMA and how the character Bayard Rustin who was one of Dr. Kings’ advisors was portrayed. We will ask Dr Rhue to explain how important Bayard Rustin was to the civil rights movement and how he should really go down in history. Dr Rhue will be talking about other LGBT African Americans leaders who paved the way for us as Black Americans and were hidden during the movement but were instrumental in its success as Bayard Rustin. Join us as Dr Rhue discusses the many faces in history and the many faces of those who were GAY.

    Dr. Sylvia Rhue is a writer, activist, filmmaker, and producer. She is a native of southern California. Sylvia went on to receive a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, CA. She was the first African American to receive this degree. As a part of her dissertation, she was able to create a documentary on black lesbians, which re-kindled her childhood interest in making movies. This passion culminated in her co-producing with Dr. Dee Mosbacher and Frances Reid, the acclaimed documentary “All God’s Children,” a film that dealt with African American values, gays and lesbians in the civil rights movements, and African American responses to homophobia.


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    Empowerment Building with Gentrification, Civil Rights, & Civic Assets

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall enter into our 3rd consecutive week on our topic of "Gentrification Literacy". We shall discuss "Empowerment Building & Wealth Building with "Gentrification Assets", "Civil Rights Assets", & "Civic Assets".

    Included in today's discussion are the following terms:

    Gentrification Tools, Technitions, & Technologies.
    Civil RIghts Tools, Technitions, & Technologies.
    Civic Assets Tools, Technitons, Technologies.

    Remember that if you do not know your Civil, Gentrification, and Legal Rights....you do not have any.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call "It's My House Radio" @ 712-432-8863.  

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    Creating Civil Rights Wealth 4 Gentrification Prevention

    in Real Estate

    On "It's My House" we shall discuss how to Create Civil Rights Wealth to prevent gentrification in your neighborhood.

    Civil Rights Wealth is created when you organize and use "Civic Assets" which are the "Civil Rights TOOLS" that you and your community needs. Doing for yourself instead of allowing the government to do it for you.

    Here are some examples of Civic Assets that can create 'Civil Rights Wealth":

    (Private Court System) Mediation/Arbitration (community liazon)
    Volunteer Fire Department
    Private Hospital (clinic)
    Private Police
    Reading Rooms
    Private Schools.....that teach Law Literacy, Law Enforcement Literacy, Municpality Literacy, Political Literacy, & Generational Wealth.
    Private Transportation Services (Uber) business model or Time Banking business model
    Neighborhood Improvement, Aquistion, & Capitalization.
    Block Parties
    Neighborhood Trust Emergency & Prepardness Team. 

    If your (block or neighborhood) does not have the "fundamental elements" that are listed above....then your neighborhood or community is AT RISK becoming gentrified. 

    Visit our webiste: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Listen to "It's My House Radio" @ 712-432-8863

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    Mr. Ronald Crenshaw on 'Darryl Clark's Progressive News Weekly' on Civil Rights

    in Culture

    Thursday June 11, 2015, 6:30 - 7:30PM EDT
    Spring is in the air!  A time of reflection and renewal for us and for our nation.  This week you have another opportunity to make a difference.  Tune-in and dialog for progress with our special guest Mr. Ron Crenshaw.  Mr. Crenshaw is a political activist, historian, and human rights advocate inspired  by the entire body of courage and work of Paul Robeson.  His no-holds-barred approach to assessing the societal landscape is both inspirational and empowering. Don't miss it!

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    Civil Chat with Lee Rebroadcast of

    in Politics Progressive

    CIvil Chat with Lee looks at lost income due to tax breaks, anti abortion movement, ongoing focus by the GOP on a woman's right to choose, as well as the declining middle class, and our continual oligarchy society machine pushed by the GOP agenda.