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  • Culturally Specific Domestic Services for Christian Women and the Black Church

    in Family

    We will discuss the barriers to disclosure for Christian Women in the Black church, and the Crisis of Faith caused by traditional practices of clergy counsel in the church. Also, the lack of services for women due to the myths perpetuated by church organizations regarding seeking help from the community and the lack of understanding of mainstream service providers when Christian do seek safety and help.

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    Bible. .. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

    in Religion

    Bible Questions and Answers

  • Prophecy: Understanding Prophetic Utterance

    in Religion

    A study for every believer who desires to come into the fullness of the Gift of Prophecy, in both utterance and understanding. A timely message from God on one of His most valuable, and perhaps misunderstood, gifts of the Spirit.

    You don’t want to miss a week because we are going to be covering a 4 part series on Prophesy – Understanding Prophetic Utterance.

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1

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    The Messiah’s Misunderstood Mission

    in Christianity

    Jesus performed miracles and signs. He healed the sick, raised the

    dead, quelled storms of nature, fed the multitudes and exercised

    absolute authority over the spirit world—yet He wasn’t accepted as Israel’s Messiah. One might think that with those credentials, He would be automatically proclaimed Messiah. We are told, however, that “He came to His own [people], and His own did not receive Him” (John 1:11). After a 3 1⁄2-year ministry, only 120 followers were there for the miraculous beginning of His Church (Acts 1:15).

    One of the prophecies about the Messiah foretold that He would be “despised and rejected by men” (Isaiah 53:3). The great works Jesus did that brought about His popularity in the country were not enough to overcome the disfavor He incurred from the religious authorities—or enough to secure loyalty from the fickle hearts of the common man. His mission and His teachings were at cross purposes to those who held high positions in the nation, and His purpose was also misunderstood by most of those who saw and heard Him. What were the Jews looking for? The Jews were acquainted with many of the prophecies about the Messiah, the chosen or “anointed one”

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    Apostles Doctrine Radio Episode 269

    in The Bible

    Join Pastor Kelley Harrop live for Church at 7 pm Eastern Time! 

  • We are Survivors with Wanda McKinley and Deborah Williams

    in Religion

    We are Survivors is a non-profit organization for abused women and children . Our purpose is to provide a stable environment for abused women and children by providing temporary shelter and counseling along with employment training. We want to empower women to know that they can and will survive and thrive in society in thier on and to uplift them by providing them a new life, a new prospective of what a normal life is.

  • Urban Agriculture/Gentrification on "T.M.Thursday"

    in Education

    Join Sista Queen Deja & Brotha Curtis for this week's Terrific Minded Thursday episode!!! We will have in the studio's Brotha Malik Yakini, of Detroit Michigan, who has been a powerful source of education and inspiration for thousands in the field of Urban Agriculture and Growing Your Own Foods...
    In the second hour of the show we shall have the pleasure of hearing from the astute mind of Brotha Jason Harris, a leading developer of committees that address Gentrification in New York city!!!

    Please take the time to come in with us as we strive to express how these are matters that any Terrific Mind would be gratefully improved by knowing more of as we expand thru the 6 Steps to P.E.A.C.E.
    ...in Love & Service


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    in Indie Music

    BELOW DA SURFACE RADIO IS HERE AND TRENDING! WE ARE OFTEN IMITATED BUT NEVER DUPLICATED!!! WE ARE FEATURING SOME OF THE TOP INDEPENDENT ARTISTS AROUND THE GLOBE! THIS SHOW IS FOR THE INDEPENDENT AND UNSIGNED ARTIST OUT THERE! BE SURE TO TUNE IN EACH AND EVERY THURSDAY AT 730PM AS WE BRING YOU THEM BANGERS FOR YOUR EARS. STARTING OFF THE SHOW WILL BE BUTTER B'S MIX ALSO WE WILL HAVE PEEDEE'S STONED REPORT AND WE CAN'T FORGET SMACK WITH THE #SMACKYASELF AWARD AND WE END IT WITH TRAP IT OR SCRAP IT. tHIS WEEK WE ARE INTERVIEWING REAL GUTTA MUSIC OUT OF TEXAS! THIS ARTIST IS TRENDING REAL HEAVY OUT WEST!  CHECK OUT THE BIO:Joseph Chatman aka “Gutta” was born  in Waco, Texas. Growing up in a city of violence, crime and gangs, the only way he felt it was possible to get out of the hood was to pursue an education so he attended The Gary Job Corps.  As a young kid, music had always influenced Gutta’s drive to become a hip hop artist.  Gutta was captured by music as a kid, which led him to make knowledge and understanding “Hip” for the hood.  Influenced by hip hop artists such as Tupac, Ice Cube, Notorious BIG, and Scarface it wouldn’t be long before he developed a love for all genres of music, and now “A STAR IS BORN!”  Gutta’s first project was a mix tape titled: “Nawf 9th Hustler” in 2003 with AkkBad Entertainment out of Houston,Tx, in collaboration with Dj Panic out of Arlington,Tx.  FOR MORE ON THIS ARTIST GO TO  http://www.realguttamusic.com/



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    Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 3 9/3/2015

    in News

    On the next episode of the Red Brick Town Radio podcast, on Thursday, September 3, we're broadcasting LIVE from First Thursday in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia where we'll be talking about the new Giant Food store in Alexandria, Virginia opening Friday, back to school, and with Republican City Council Candidate Fernando Torrez. We'll take your calls, and more!

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    "Exposing the Myth of Generational Curses!"

    in Spirituality

    Christians I beg you to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start reading your Word!  Our level of ignorance is staggering when it comes to the things of God and His glorious Kingdom!

    There is a trend in the church today to try to blame every sin and problem on some sort of generational curse. This is not biblical. God’s warning to visit iniquity on future generations is part of the Old Testament Law. A generational curse was a consequence for a specific nation (Israel) for a specific sin (idolatry). The history books of the Old Testament (especially Judges) contain the record of this divine punishment meted out.

    Tonight we are going to obliterate the myth of the "generational curse" in the IC and expose it as just another "fear tactic" to get you to be submissive to the witchcraft and divination coming from the pulpit.

    Is it possible that you can be paying for SINS your great, great ,great, great, great, great grandfather committed and you claim to be a born again believer? Absolutely NOT! We are going to end this foolishness TONITE on 'P2T"!

  • Kingdom Awareness "The Love of God"

    in Spirituality

    Kingdom Life Ministries International’s (KLMi) mission is to equip the Church.  This is done through and by the Spirit of Truth.  By allowing God’s Holy Spirit to lead the body, the Church will understand that by submitting to the kingdom of God we become partakers of his divine everlasting promises.  We also know that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior and it is only through him that we can ever obtain abundant life.  We have service for the Church live on Sundays at 12 noon EST called Sunday Morning Kingdom and bible study live on Thursdays at 6:30pm EST called Kingdom Awareness.  You can join us right where you are by simply calling (310)982-4267 right from your phone or you can listen in by clicking the links provided at service times.  For prayer, questions, speaking engagements, or any ministry purpose call (803) 940-8928.  You are Blessed.  Pastor Mark Fields

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