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    Alisha Roberts-Novak "Why Your Business "Model" Is Not Werking The ROI Runway!"

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    Alisha Roberts-Novak "Why Your Business "Model" Is Not Werking The ROI Runway!"

    "Today Alisha Roberts-Novak, DOO Of AdministrativeResolutionsNetwork.com keeps it (@Alisha4Real) she shares from her 13-year modeling industry career & responsible management of her image representation using PR (public relations), etc. Today Alisha continues to integrate business imaging and exceptional industry standard plans into her own Administrative Resolutions Network business models. Alisha consults by listening to her clients business needs, especially where there is evidence of a lacking business model and standard...helping business fill their gaps, in order to fit the fabric of their business models... for a best-dress & professionally fashioned 'ROI (return on investment) on the runway' of long-term success." - Tracey Bond, Host, Publicist for Alisha Roberts-Novak, (@Alisha4Real) | AdministrativeResolutionsNetwork.com at http://Beneficience.com managed by 
    Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, New York, Canada & London UK.

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    Four Questions: Every thought, feeling, belief and action is either making a deposit or a debit in my Spiritual bank. So with that understanding I am asking myself these Four questions.

    1. What does what others wanting me to believe, think, feel or do have to do with my money?

    2. Do I have the Money in my account to fund this behavior, relationship or activity?

    3. What Investment can I make that increases the value of my personal portfolio?

    4. How do I increase my Magickal Power to Make Money Magick to get what I want, even in a unrighteous monetary system?

    "Bring Your Brain, Body and Bible."

    Magus Richard Bullard, ThM

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    The Shop With J.Short and Stephen M.(NFL Draft Preview)

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    A Block: Hot Topics


    Hot Topics 

    1. Skip Bayless to Fox Sports

    A. Will you still watch First Take?

    B. Good replacement

    2. 29-year old high school player

    A. How does this happen?

    3. Johnny Football indicted

    A. Good investment?

    B Block: NFL Draft Preview 

    1. Eli Apple

    A. Not a top prospect because he can’t cook?

    2. Noah Spence

    A. Worth the risk?

    3. Eagles Trade Up

    A. Smart move?

    C Block: Even More Hot Topics 

    1. Sleeper/Player you wouldn’t touch

    2. Weakest/Deepest Position Group

    3. Stephen’s Top-5

    D Block: Discussion and Keepin It 100 

    Discussion: Who should go first? 

    A. Goff or Wentz

    B. Should Tunsil or Ramsey really be the debate?

    Keepin It 100 


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    Tonya Allen: The “idea-preneur” Leader & President/CEO Skillman Foundation

    in Management

    Tonya Allen, a serial “idea-preneur,” serves as the Foundation’s president & chief executive officer. Her two-decade long career has centered on pursuing, executing and investing in ideas that improve her hometown of Detroit and reduce the plight of underserved people, especially children.

    Allen has been instrumental in many successful philanthropic, government and community initiatives and has a comprehensive understanding of philanthropic governance and strategy.

    In her current role, Allen aligns the complexities of education reform, urban revitalization and public policy, so that these sometimes divergent areas of work come together to improve the well-being of Detroit’s children. She serves as the architect of the 10-year, $100 million Good Neighborhoods program. She orchestrated the development of a $200-million, citywide education reform organization called Excellent Schools Detroit, and a high-school improvement strategy has resulted in 15 new college-preparatory high schools.

    - See more at: http://www.skillman.org/Who-We-Are/Our-President-CEO#sthash.47hy6x0b.dpuf

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    LIVE! with Cathi---All the World's a Stage-Part 1

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    The first performances were made in Athens, Greece, 2,500 years ago.  During that time, participation in theater was an important part of Greek citizenship. Today, participation is not required but 'THE THEATER' continues to be a popular form of entertainment for millions of people around the world.

    'ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE'..Sanskrit theatre involved dramatic acting, dancing and costumes.  It first developed in India about 1,900 years ago.  Ancient Romans helped to spread the appreciation for theatre throughout Europe as their empire grew.


    The word THEATRE  is greek for...etc.

    Small companies of professional actors began...etc.

    Kabuki-Japanese Theatre...etc.

    Three types of drama...etc.

    6th century A.D...Mystery Plays...etc.


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    Interview with Constance Freedman

    in Real Estate

    Constance Freedman is the Founder and Managing Partner of Moderne Ventures, an early stage investment fund focused on technology companies innovating in and around real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance and home services. 

    Moderne is an early stage venture fund investing in technology companies that are innovating within real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance, and home services - multi-trillion dollar industries that make up well over 20% of the US GDP and are ripe for innovation. Our target companies have applicability in these industries and the ability to expand to other markets.

    Schedule A Free Coaching Call

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    Show #157: Lack of Investment & Strategic Focus by Corporates

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    Special Guest: Emma Bridger, Managing Director at People Lab

    According to People Lab’s report: ‘Spotlight On the Employee Engagement Profession’, over half (53 per cent) of UK organisations do not measure the impact of employee engagement, citing barriers such as line managers and senior leadership’s lack of priority as major barriers to success.

    Join us as we discuss the six recommendations made in the report to help organisations be smarter in their approach to employee engagement.

    Emma Bridger is of of the UK’s leading employee engagement experts. Emma believes work doesn’t need to be a miserable experience. In fact everyone benefits from an engaged, happy workforce: the people that work there, the company, their customers and society. She’s passionate about working with companies to create great places to work, which is why she set up People Lab, to try to eliminate the Sunday night blues!

  • CAPBuilder Talk w/Marc Parham - Small Business Week in Atlanta

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    Join me for this episode of CAPBuilder Talk where we will discuss National Small Business Week. My guest this evening will be  Dr. Lawrence Spinelli Acting Vice President, Department of Management and Administration Director of Outreach and Public Affairs Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and Terri Denison SBA Georgia District Director.

    We will discuss:

    Dr. Lawrence Spinelli - The Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC
    OPIC - The Expanding Horizons Workshop
    Terri Denison – SBA Georgia District Director
    SBA National Small Business Week Events

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    MARKETPLACE TRANSFORMATION w/Dr. Minetta ~ The Kingdom in the Marketplace

    in Entrepreneur

    Special Guest: Pastor Julius Koonce, Owner, Total Reach Technologies, Partner, KGB and Owner KGB Media and President, PC Plus Systems Solutions 


    This transforming program is a global show with an emphasis on biblical wisdom and insights with the kingdom of God perspective on the mountains of cultural or spheres of influences in society. The eight (8) spheres of society include: 1) Religion/Belief system 2) Family 3) Business and Commerce 4) Government, Leadership and Law 5) Education 6) Media 7) Arts and Entertainment 8) Science and Technology. 

    In the Bible, mountains usually represent the authority of kingdoms, We will discuss how you can occupy the mountains of authority and bring Heaven's influence to earth, transforming culturals and discipling nations.

    LUNCH & LEARN Business Series ~ Thursdays at 12 noon ET.

    EVENTS: Saturdays ~ Jumpstart Your Business and Life Webinars ~ 8am to 1pm EST/USA 

    WOMEN BUSINESS COACHING OPPORTUNITY ~ Limited 24 Participants.  $99 Investment Cost. 


    Radio Host/Founder: Apostle Minetta Hare, Founder of International Kingdom Ambassdors Network,https://www.facebook.com/internationalkingdomambassadorsnetwork  and the Lydia Circle of Christian Business Women. 

    SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: Seminars, workshops, conferences, coaching services, training program and speaking engagements, contact goodsuccesseminars@gmail.com 

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    Bill Stone: Brace for "Earnings Galore" This Week

    in Finance

    Bill Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC Asset Management Group, says this week is going to be key for the earnings season. He joins John Wordock to talk about Apple, the Fed, the Bank of Japan, and the U.S. economy.

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    in Self Help

    Iyafadara "Iya"is an amazingly accurate, gifted and compassionate Psychic/Medium Tarot Reader and Life Choice Consultant. Through Iya's insight, clients are able to find clarity for questions of love and romance, relationship, life choices, money, business, finances, career and much more . . .

    Is this a good investment? . . . Should I start my business now? . . . Is this relationship right for me? . . . Are they married?


     EverySaturday 12:00PM CST. Call Today (1-347-326-9678) with your questions about life, love & more. . . 

    There's nothing more satisfying than getting information live from a highly qualified, professional, personable person in a one-on-one conversation. Throughout the years, Iya's UNCANNY INTUITION has guided people to more successful lives.