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    Black People Recourse, Remedy and the Renouncement of U.S. Citizenship

    in Education

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    1.Do you have to recognize your Nationality ?

    2.Should you renounce your Citizenship in the U.S.?

    3.What recourse should we take with the Court.?

    4.What is our remedy in U.S.Courts.?

    5.What does it mean to be a stateless person.?

    6.Why are people of African decent treated the way they are in the U.S.?


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    THE PROPHETIC WORD | Kingdom Citizenship

    in Religion

    KINGDOM CITIZENSHIP.  Those belonging to the Kingdom of God will live by Kingdom principles.  Today, many are associating themselves with the Kingdom of God, yet separating themselves from His Church, the Body of Christ.  Such is not possible.  In this episode, Prophet Joy discusses the characteristics of the Kingdom and challenges God's people to choose a side... live by the rules of the Kingdom or live by the world's system.  There are only two choices, and many have not yet made a choice, rather choosing to straddle the fence.

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    Accountability Citizenship

    in Politics

    Stephen P. Tryon “holds a B.S. from West Point and an M.A. in philosophy from Stanford University.  He served as a soldier in the United States army for 21 years.  At the end of his army career, he served as a legislative fellow for Senator Max Cleland, as well as a legislative assistant to the senior general at army headquarters in the Pentagon.
    More recently, Tryon has worked as a Senior VP of Human Resources and International Business at Overstock.com.  He has spent four years managing logistics and five years managing human resources and international business.  Stephen P. Tryon is the author of Accountability Citizenship.
    According to the book description of Accountability Citizenship, it “explains how we can restore accountability in government by accepting our personal accountability for some simple tasks we must do as individual citizens living in the age of information. The book is non-partisan. Readers are asked only to agree on the very basics—that the government of the United States is supposed to represent the people of the United States.
    The author makes a compelling case that changes in our information distribution technologies and business models discourage effective political participation by citizens. In the early days of our republic, information distribution was based on newspapers—subscription-based and geographically aligned with the representative structure of Congress. Over the past forty years, deregulation of television and radio along with the information technology revolution have disrupted this alignment. But we can restore accountability through the three steps of accountability citizenship: being appropriately positive, appropriately informed and appropriately engaged.”

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    Selling Citizenship: An analysis of St. Kitts and Nevis

    in Politics

    Explaining the Citizenship by Investment Program

    For more information: 












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    Black Multi Citizenship

    in Politics Progressive

    A discussion about Black Multi Citizenship in the 21st Century and expanding our disposition on an international stage.

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    Radical or Effective? DIY Citizenship #BBSradio

    in Business

    Digital and Social Media Strategist & Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds in Business Success Mindset and Digital tools, techniques and strategies. Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals every Monday with Houston's #1 Social Media Strategist, Michele Price, CMO for TechStreet Houston.

    Dino Dogan, co-founder of Triberr shares new thinking on using you blog for your business.

    Matt Ratto, author of DIY Citizenship, Critical Making and Social Media

    Geoff Livingston - Integrated Marketing segment. Author of Marketing in the Round.

     Follow us with hashtag #BBSradio for the up to the minute news.

    Ask your questions via twitter using #BBSradio.

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    Dual Citizenship

    in Spirituality

    How can you be in two places at one time? Some people in lthe bible had dual citizenship and used it wisely. We will look at how Paul fits this description and how He used both citizenship's to fulfill his purpose and  destiny in his ministry. Are you using your dual citizenship wisely? We will see how Paul used his as the scriptures are revealed on The Word Revealed..

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    Improving Literacy Education for Better Citizenship

    in Education


    Improving Literacy Education for better Citizenship

    Rich Long, President of 'Literate Nation" is our guest

    www.reading.org  @IRAtoday

    www.literatenation.org @literatenation

    Presented by MyON

    www.myon.com  www.thefuture inreading.com @myonreader

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    The Montana Republic- Two Classes of American Citizenship

    in Politics

    "Few patriots know that there have been two classes of American citizenship since the imposition of the Fourteenth Amendment; that is, United States citizens and state citizens. This is further evidenced by the fact that the several state governments have their own constitutions, which are usually ignored even by most of the alternative media. We'll also discuss tonight how the American Bar Association uses legalese to subvert the consent of the governed."
    Join me and my guest Kyle in discussing the reality of the 14th Amendment.

    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    Pathway to Citizenship OR Amnesty?

    in Politics Conservative

    The "Gang of Eight" is pushing forward with its Amnesty bill, or rather what they call the "pathway to citizenship."
    What will be the impact on our economy, workforce, taxes, etc. of this supposed "pathway to citizenship?"
    Join us for a lively discussion with our guest Matt Rooney, savejersey.com founder and blogger, as we discuss the implications of amnesty on our country, culture and economy.
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    Digital Citizenship Month

    in Education

    The month of May marks the first-ever Digital Citizenship month in the state of California. This event, resulting from the work of the California Writing Project and Common Sense Media, grows out of a recognition that youth are increasingly creating, learning and socializing through digital media.
    Join guests from Common Sense Media and the California Writing Project as they discuss the genesis of Digital Citizenship Month and an array of associated resources that help educators and parents guide youth and their families to make informed choices, choices that enable them to act responsibly, safely and ethically online.

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