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    Larcher & Lorensen 118

    in Comedy

    James F. Farrell joins us.   Chicago baseball, Chicago Mayor, football, pro wrestlng and probably other stuff.  |

    Al Larcher & Clark Lorensen, of ComedyAccident, talk sports on this live weekly podcast.  You can listen to us live or after we finish via Blog Talk Radio, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.This is a Chicago based sports/comedy show that records live weekly at www.blogtalkradio.com/larcherandlorensen

    Tweet us @LarcherLorensen using #LLShow.  @LarcherThanLife @clarkinchicago

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    Rev. Willie T. Barrow Freedom Fighter

    in Politics

    It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce, our sister beloved, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Staff member and our partner of 50 years , Rev. ?#‎WillieTaplinBarrow? has made her transition. She was a woman of unusual courage and character. She was a freedom fighter. She fought in the tradition of ?#‎RosaParks? and ?#‎FannieLouHamer?. She was fearless. Death can have her frail body but not her good works and not our memories of her. We love you. Rest in peace.We will never forget you. More to come about the life of works of ?#‎RevWillieTaplinBarrow?. RIP. Tell you children about her. Keep Hope Alive! Rev Jesse Jackson

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    Friday Java 06 2015

    in Politics

    The political magazine with a full cup of Coffee and a few polling numbers in between the refills.
    La revista política con una taza llena de café y algunos números de las encuestas entre las recargas.

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    Candidates Answer: What Skills Do I Have To Attract Business To My Community?

    in Women

    Candidates for office agree that economic development is the key to ending crime and poverty. The question we're asking today is what skills do YOU have that will attract businesses to your community? Do you know how to resolve issues regarding security, employee wages, and health benefits? What incentives can you offer, what points of negotiation have you considered that would attract both major chain stores and locally owned small business to set up shop in the area you want to represent? Beyond greatspeeches and a slick ad campaign, on this Election Day we want to find out what skills does a person really need to help run a city? Mayoral Candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia discusses his vision for Chicago anf Fifth Ward Aldermanic Candidate Robin Boyd Clark discusses her goals to create economically self sufficient communities.

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    Mayoral Candidates Speak: Are Blacks And Latinos Allies or Rivals?

    in Women

    Census figures indicate growing numbers of Latino citizens, based on new births and new immigrants. On issues such as immigration reform, multilingual education and minority set aside programs for contractors, African Americans and Latinos often find themselves pitted against each other as rivals for jobs, contracts and economic resources. Among men, both groups are often the recipients of racial profiling and media stereotyping as criminals. There are white gangs as well as African American and Latino gangs, yet when issues of gang violence are addressed white males are not the targets of police crackdowns, black and Latino males are. Chicago Mayoral candidates Jesus "Chuy" Garcia and William "Dock" Walls address the relationship between African Americans and Latinos and how it will affect this year's election.




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    Rage In The Cage 25

    in MMA

    Tonight on Rage in the Cage Radio… How often does a radio host get to interview his opponent of an upcoming fight live on air? Tonight… Dee Burchfield interviews Daniel Ray about their upcoming bout March 7th at Firelake Arena. Then… Frederick Gunner’s emotions are high after some not so friendly advice seen on social media saying he’s not ready for his upcoming pro debut.

    Then… Rage in the Cage shows appreciation to some of our sponsors. Hear from Jeremiah Trotter owner of On Point Heat & Air and Chuy Valdivia from Tru Warriors Academy. Tru Warriors is offering a Women Against Rape seminar coming up on Feb. 28th – details on how women and teens can go for free.
    Join hosts Kimber Shafer and Dee Burchfield for a preview of what is ahead for

    Rumble at Firelake Arena tonight beginning at 9 PM Central on Rage in the Cage radio hour live on the MMA Madhouse Network.

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    Chicago First Mayoral Debate

    in Politics

    "While the center of the city has flourished tremendously, we need to see the same vitality in Chicago neighborhoods and  promised to hire 1,000 new police officers.There really is a contrast between the central business district and the neighborhoods,the editorial board. "Over the past few years in particular the contrast has sharpened. ... The neighborhoods have been left behind."said Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.

    As the mayor sat in the middle, his four challengers sat feet away, repeating a theme that Emanuel was more focused on downtown, and not so much on Chicago neighborhoods.
    "Emanuel  closed 50 schools, he has closed the mental health clinics in Chicago," said William "Dock" Walls.
    Ald. Bob Fioretti, 2nd, had a chance to make headlines. He promised me before the debate that he wouldn't "back down" from his allegations earlier in the week that the mayor all but killed an investigation into a strong-arm robbery of Rahm's teenage son.

    A new poll released Monday by Ogden & Fry, conducting weekly polls for the mayoral race, it appeared Garcia could force a run-off election.The poll showed Emanuel with a clear lead and 39.5 percent of the vote, Garcia with 18 percent, Wilson with 11.1 percent and Fioretti with 7.5 percent.
    The Victory Research poll of 806 “likely Chicago voters,” showed Emanuel leading with 36.4 percent of the vote. Fioretti was in second with 18.2 percent of the vote and Garcia in third at 12 percent. Wilson and William “Dock” Walls followed in fourth and fifth place with 8.6 percent and 0.9 percent,here was a margin of error of 3.45 percent.







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    2014 4th Sunday Night Christmas Story with Diane and Quy Eng/Vietnamese

    in Spirituality

    2014 4th Sunday Night Readings with Diane & Quy in English and Vietnamese.  Tonight's Show is the Story of Christmas!

    Reading John, Matthew... praying, sharing, and listening to music.  Let us worship together!

    Toll Free Call In:  1.877.497.9937

    Contact Diane or Quy at:  diane@lenning.com

    Follow along while we read together.  If you missed our live show, please scroll through the archived selections and listen to a show of your choice any time of day or night...24/7.

    2014 4 d?c Sunday Night v?i Diane & Quy b?ng ti?ng Anh và ti?ng Vi?t.

    Ð?c John, Matthew ... c?u nguy?n, chia s?, và nghe nh?c. Chúng ta hãy cùng th? phu?ng!

    G?i di?n tho?i mi?n phí Trong: 1.877.497.9937

    Liên Diane ho?c Quy t?i: diane@lenning.com

    Theo cùng khi chúng ta d?c v?i nhau. N?u b?n b? qua live show c?a chúng tôi, xin vui lòng di chuy?n qua các l?a ch?n luu tr? và nghe m?t chuong trình c?a s? l?a ch?n c?a b?n b?t c? lúc nào, ngày hay dêm ... 24/7.

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    Part Two Podcast With Chuy D And The Whole Michael Brown Situation. As Well As Black On White Crimes The Media Refuses To Talk About.






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    MOVEMENTS ALL AROUND- whats on your mind

    in Politics Progressive

    whats on your mind 


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