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    It is becoming increasingly clear to those not blinded by the corporate media that the global elite are in the end game of their plan for full spectrum global dominance. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran were among countries explicitly targeted by Project for a New American Century in a report released exactly one year before 9/11.

    If you are just catching on to this or if like many of us you have been struggling to put the picture together you will not listen to this show rrecorded on October 13. Our guest was Christof Lehmann, Danish human rights activist, psychologist, journalist and researcher on all things connected to the New World Order that is unfolding before our astonished eyes and unnoticed by the bewildered masses in the US.

    This show focused on the big picture of events in the Mideast as revealed by recent events in Syria, Turkey and elsewhere. We make the point that international corporate terrorists who have seized control of the US and other NATO governments are busy carrying out a plan laid out as early as 1996 but that is little known to Americans and many others.

    Please listen and join us in future shows as we continue the conversation designed to foster a united international front against fascism and war. Your children's lives and freedom depend on it.

    You can get automatic notices and descriptions of future shows by hitting the "follow" button on this link. If you are outside the US, you can sign up for a BlogTalk free account that will enable you to call in via Skype if you are logged in during the show every Saturday at 8 AM PST/ 11 EST.

    SFPI Radio is the international talk show designed to allow those struggling for social justice around the world to talk to each other about how we can support efforts to promote justice, democracy and peace in every nation.

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    Obama's "pivot" to Asia will move 60% of US military forces to the region. This is no surprise to those familiar with PNAC's Strategy for Rebuilding America, a blueprint for world domination by gaining control of the world's resources and command of space and cyberspace. The plan is playing out in the Mideast as nations are subjugated by preemptive wars under the illegal doctrine of "Responsiblity to Protect." Syrian is key to control of Mideast gas.  Iran is being destabilized through crippling sanctions to isolate Russia and let the Saudi-US-NATO-Israel cartel control gas in the region.The Masters of the Universe are so sure of success they are already deploying forces to the final battleground for the New World Order: Showdown with China.On December 15 psychologist,  independent political adviser and consultant, journalist and peace activist Christof Lehmann joined us to talk about all this and what we can do to build a united international front against fascism and war to end the threat of a permanent fascist New World Order.SFPI Radio is the international talk show designed to allow those struggling for social justice around the world to talk to each other about how we can support efforts to promote justice, democracy and peace in every nation.You can subscribe to reminders and descriptions of future shows by hitting the “follow” button on this link.Outside the US, join the conversation on Skype by signing up for a free BlogTalk radio account at the sign in button. Then, just log into the account to be part of the conversation.

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    EP16/We re-cap SFC's EPIC Vicksburg show! More Attitude MMA!!

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    First off we re-cap the EPIC Summit Fighting Championship show from the Lady Luck Casino in Vicksburg, MS!!  Next, we move on to the Attitude MMA show coming up this Saturday night in Lakeland, TN!  Toni H Tallman and Sara Ayaz are the FIRST EVER female fighters to be on Primal Radio.  They fight this weekend, but it may just get started a little early... ummm on the RADIO!   Dexter Reed and TC Coleman  are on to hype their respective fights on the Attitude card... I hear TC is a bit miffed because LAST WEEK someone on the show said his opponent Alex Castaneda was going to have an "easy fight"...   We can't wait to hear his response to that!   A special appearence on the show by Jeremy Lehmann with up to date info on tickes and the Media Weigh Ins!  Rounding out the guests are Jacob Kilburn and  Joshua Stanley.  They are on to hip us to their upcoming fight for Hook N Shoot on September 27th in Evansville, IN.  Now this MMA fight is the first of it's kind with a very interesting stipulation.  You guys are gonna want to hear what's going down at Hook N Shoot!!  TUNE IN, CALL IN, TALK!!

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    Episode 15 - Summit Fighting Championship/Vicksburg fight picks - Attitude MMA

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    We have a huge show planned this week!  First, Matt Weibel breaks down the Summit Fighting Championship card coming up September, 13 at the Ladyluck Casino in Vicksburg, MS! Summit Fighter, Dekaire Sanders will guest.  Next up, Jeremy Lehmann from Attitude MMA breaks down the September 20th Attitude card in Lakeland, TN.   Fighters Alex Castaneda and Brandon Gaitor will be on to talk about their respective fights on that awesome card!  Michael "The Blaster" Lancaster is on to help do fight picks and you can never tell who else will call in!  Maybe we can get Chad Chilcutt and Jamie Houston on the show this week... Maybe Wayne Kendell or Danny Shell will call in. They talk a lot of smack on Facebook, maybe they'll do it on the air.... again!  

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    Dream Catalyst: Erik Lehmann

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    How can you make dreams come true for young people -- especially those that are homeless? Dream Catalyst offers opportunities to do just that. Our guest is Erik Lehmann.
    Erik Lehmann, Dream Catalyst
    Spending almost two months in a homeless shelter as a teenager changed Erik Lehmann in ways he never could have imagined. Now it’s his life mission to help youth affected by homelessness. He founded Dream Catalyst, a non-profit organization, to impact homeless kids’ lives by helping them awaken to their personal dreams, purpose, and contribution to the world. The seed was planted over 20 years ago when he helped celebrate the 12th birthday of Mikey, another kid in the shelter. Mikey otherwise wouldn’t have had any recognition on his special day, and the big difference Erik was able to make with a small gesture deeply affected him. Now Dream Catalyst presents opportunities to youth like the Uncover Your Dreams, Discover Your Voice workshop, a soul-nourishing event that allows kids to experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose through inspired presentations, group discussions, meditation practices, writing activities, creative expression and uplifting songs. In a supportive environment, they’re able to awaken to who they truly are and who they are here to be.

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    Richard Lehmann; Radio and Voice Personality American Dutch Rabbit VP

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    Sponsored by OH Kruse and their Perfection and Show String line of feeds; www.phkruse.com

    Join Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin for a night of laughs and education with guest, Richard Lehmann.  Richard spent 30 years as the host of his own radio program in  Milwaukee, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle and Kansas City. He was also named by Billboard Magazine as National Air Personality of the Year. Richard has interviewed  Movie and Television celebrities as well as 2 US Presidents, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson  and many more.

    Currently, Richard is the Vice President of  “ The American Dutch Rabbit Club “ one of the oldest organizations of its kind. Has bred and showed Dutch Rabbits nationwide since 1975.  

    Richard has bred hundreds of Grand Champion Dutch Rabbits and won several national awards.  In 2013, Richard was also named into the The American Dutch Rabbit Club Hall of Fame.

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    Heathers, 1988

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    1988 film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The film portrays four girls — three of whom are named Heather — in a clique at a fictional Ohio high school. The film brought director Michael Lehmann and producer Denise Di Novi the 1990 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

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    Wine Down Wednesdays - Peter Lehmann Muscat

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    Join the Wine Down Diva, Ms. Jazzie Chane'l, as she gets back to things in the heat of summer with a wine review on Peter Lehmann's Classic Muscat! Visit them here to check 'em out!
    Be sure to catch the Diva on these sites:
    Twitter: @winedowndiva
    Facebook: WineDownDiva
    And as always, come early and stay late.

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    Joy Keys chats with Artist Mickalene Thomas about her HBO documentary

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    Runway model Sandra Bush dreamed of becoming the first African-American supermodel, only to struggle with addiction and despair. But she later achieved celebrity as Mama Bush, the model for some of the best-known and widely admired paintings by her daughter, acclaimed artist Mickalene Thomas.

    In her film directing debut, Thomas paints a poignant portrait of her mother and artistic muse, presenting a tender look back at a lifetime’s worth of hopes, regrets and redemption. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN debuts MONDAY, FEB. 24 (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET/PT), on HBO during Black History Month.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN was conceived and directed by Mickalene Thomas; produced by Tanya Selvaratnam; executive producers, the Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Mickalene Thomas and Lisa Cortés; distribution consultant, Sarah Lash; cinematographers, Shane Sigler and Omar Mullick; editor, Alex Meillier; music by Thomas M. Lauderdale.

    Check out the film trailer: http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/happy-birthday-to-a-beautiful-woman/index.html#/documentaries/happy-birthday-to-a-beautiful-woman/video/trailer.html

    Known primarily for elaborate paintings composed of rhinestones, acrylic and enamel, Mickalene Thomas holds an MFA degree in painting from Yale University. Centering on womanhood and the expanded definition of beauty in today’s society, her work is exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and can be found in several significant collections, including those of the Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

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    Bert interviews Melisa LaTour , Bill Bartman and guests

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    Melisa LaTour  President of MTL Communications


    Bill Bartman 


    Hugh Jackman Interview


    Lehmann Brothers 






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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    White Plains CitizeNetReporter (http://WPCNR.com) Publisher / Editor John Bailey opens the first hour of the "featured" BlogTalk Radio platform based program Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris speaking to the subject closest to his heart: the City of White Plains. The programming day begins on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 10 a.m. At 11 a.m., Beth Lehmann, a Yonkers resident joins the show. She is one of a select few Cabot Community Celebrity Award winners.  Cabot Creamery Cooperative honors her volunteer achievements and contributions to the well-being of community. We learn what drives Beth Lehmann to give. Hezi Aris is your host this morning. Join the discourse. You are asked to stay on topic of the hour. Share your perspective by calling the show at 347-205-9201 or by using Skype: contact eHezi18 during the "live" broadcast, or listen on demand.

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