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    Revenue Radio w. Barrett & Kelley

    in Self Help

    Join us this week on Revenue Radio as Kelley and Barrett spend time to coach YOU on how to start a business. Barrett Matthews is not only a radio host. He is a coach, a mentor, a trainer, a speaker, and entrepreneur and an author.

    His Best Selling book, Why Didn’t You Get It Done? Has been read internationally and is still helping people to beat the procrastination bug.

    Barrett will man the show this week as he discusses with the audience how you can write a book in 30 days or less.

    Share this with your friends and listen Friday at 12pm EST by calling 347-989-8385 or online at www.blogtalkradio.com/survive3652

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    Fantasy Football / Horrible Church Stories

    in Comedy

    We will be discussing fantasy football league that we are in and also horrible church service stories. Join us!!

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    Apostles Doctrine Radio Episode 300

    in The Bible

    Join us at 7:30 pm eastern time as Pastor Kelley Harrop gives us Gods word.

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    Marrying Tre McBride and Dorial Green-Beckham

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Radio Episode 190: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion walks through his favorite free agent adds for week 11.

    NEWS: It's time to drop Peyton Manning.

    Danny Amendola is more Welker than Edelman and that is a good thing. 

    Brock Osweiler is not actually a great streaming option vs. Chicago.

    John Elway is bad at drafting skill players. 

    Bill O'Brien needs to go back and watch some Jonathan Grimes week 17, 2013 game tape.

    Did you know Ameer Abdullah has lost 1 fumble all year? 

    Jumping back on the Leonard Hankerson hype train.

    Stashing Tre McBride and DeAndre Smelter in dynasty leagues. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Dirty dancing

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Radio Episode 189: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion explains how he would fix some of the NFL's most and least important problems.

    Empathizing with Rosemary Plorin.

    Bring back the choreographed team touchdown celebration!

    Where have you gone Terrell Owens? 

    Matt Jones is a trap.

    How the NFL's escalating violence and related injuries impacts fantasy gamers. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Revenue Radio w. Barrett & Kelley

    in Self Help

    Join us this week on Revenue Radio as Kelley and Barrett spend time to coach YOU on how to start a business. Vanessa Collins is a minister, author, speaker, seminar leader, coach and entrepreneur.  She is founder of the online Bible Study ministry, Intensive Faith Ministries International. She has over 20 years of experience in church leadership, youth and women’s ministries, teaching, evangelism (jail ministry), church administration (including finance and bookkeeping), and program coordination.

    As a speaker, Vanessa is known for her ability to explain and break down any subject.  She is an anointed and gifted preacher, teacher and seminar leader whose energy will inspire you.  Vanessa is co-owner of Heart Thoughts Publishing and has written several books including, “Intensive Faith Therapy,” “The Promises of God,” “The Promises of Jesus,” and “50 Mistakes Grant Writers Make.”

    Share this with your friends and listen Friday at 12pm EST by calling 347-989-8385 or online at www.blogtalkradio.com/survive3652

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Encore: Beyond Past Lives with Author Mira Kelley. Mira Kelly will share what parallel realities can teach us about relationships, healing, and transformation. People transform powerfully when they experience the stories and the profound lessons of their past lives. In this book, Mira Kelley shares the life changing lessons she has learned from her clients to help you find support and understanding, and to empower you in your growth. The stories contained in these pages will help you understand how to heal your body, mind, and spirit as you learn about the nature of time, Karma, destiny, and free will, as well as how each choice creates a new reality. Mira teaches you how to connect with your Higher Self in any moment to receive guidance. You'll come to understand how everything around you reflects you, why is it important to forgive, why you have the right to love yourself, and how the Universe always supports you lovingly and unconditionally. As you read Beyond Past Lives, you'll see how regression has helped others shift to a reality of health and well-being, and you will be guided to achieve the same for yourself.

    The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: I CAN HEAL®: A Revolutionary New Paradigm for Self-Healing with Author Dr. Wendy Treynor. Join us for an interview with Dr. Wendy Treynor, author of The Giftof Cancer: Turn Your Tragedy into a Treasure… A Treasure Mapto Happiness!  andcreator of I CAN HEAL®: A Revolutionary New Paradigm for Self-Healing based on social psychological principles she uncovered, standingon the shoulders of giants in her field. The work she shares lends newinsights for self-discovery, self-healing, and self-growth, so you can liveyour happiest life!

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    Editor/Journalist Collin Kelley Discusses Terrorist Attacks In Paris

    in Relationships

    Please join us tonight as we try to understand the horrific attack that took place today in Paris, In-Town editor Collin Kelley will help us to understand more about today's events.

    Collin Kelley is the author of The Venus Trilogy of novels – Conquering Venus, Remain In Light and the forthcoming Leaving Paris – published by Sibling Rivalry Press.
    Remain In Light was the runner-up for the 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Fiction and a 2012 finalist for the Townsend Prize for Fiction. His numerous awards include the Georgia Author of the Year Award, Deep South Festival of Writers Award and Goodreads Poetry Award,

    Kelley’s poetry, reviews, essays and interviews have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies around the world, and he has been a speaker at literary events and universities in the US and abroad.

    Kelley is also the editor of Atlanta InTown.




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    Patty's Pies

    in Comedy

    Discussing those patt's 

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    in Politics Conservative

    SO SAYS MY TEACHER JIMMY FROM BROOKLYN. He used to be on Bob GRANT'S TALK SHOW. Do you know how the commies got Bob GRANT removed from radio at least twice?  They used their number one label. RACIST..Do you know what their number two label is? Anti-Semite. Do you know why brainwashed main stream Americans never say the word communist? They are afraid of being labeled a McCarthyite. Do you know the 45 goals of the communist party entered into the congressional records in 1963? Google it. You will be shocked. Two goals come to mind. 1-Gain control of one political party. If they succeeded which party do they control? 2-Gain control of the universities.

    If they succeeded which universities would they be?

    Why is it that with all the intelligence we have. All the undercover people we have. All the moles and flies on the wall and all the cat burglars we have we can't get to Obama's sealed records?  Welcome to the cover up party of death formerly the party of the Klan. The party that has no GOD, no country, no flag, no patriotism. no kids and has legalized dope and child murder for profits.




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    T & Z Talk for Saturday, November 14, 2015, Volume 1, Episode 7

    in Politics Progressive

    The T & Z show today will focus our energies and efforts of the egregious and horror that is terrorism in France, where Richard Zombeck was born and has family roots. Sadly, the conservatives who can't seem to keep their comments to this country are taking to social media and condemning lack of gun laws to explain why this happened. They are continuing to hone their hate skills at the expense of our reputation, and prove time and again why they are on the outside looking in. SHUT THE FUCK UP Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and many, many more.

    Time allowing, we will also explore the fantasy world of Dr. Ben Carson, who exemplifies that some people know one thing really well, and well, after that, not so much. Grain anyone? Jesh!

    The rise and further rise of Carson, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, the three most troubled GOP candidates are the only ones moving up in the polls, with one exception, and that exception is Chris Christie, who has legal problems of his own. While Democrats build bridges, he blocks access to them, to voting, and pretty much all else.

    Please join us at 3 PM EST for two hours of sharp analysis, focused criticism where it rightfully belongs and your calls are more than welcome at 347-308-8392.