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    Dick B. thanks supportive Christian Recovery leaders

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    This evening's broadcast is a "Thank you!" to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. As many of you know, we have been very deeply involved in research and preparation of scripts and an accompanying guidebook for our upcoming video class: "Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism: The Rest of the Story." We haven't forgotten prayer or God's promises or the support of friends. In fact, the mail has been filled with support this month coming from an Episcopal priest, a physician, a Rhode Island well-wisher, a Harvard professor, a zealous alcohol and drug counselor (a major donor), and several Christian churches who know what we do, are recovery oriented, and think well of Christian recovery efforts.

    As today arrived along with another welcome check, we decided to mention to our listeners the kind of recovery support we are receiving from some named benefactor sources. And shortly follow up with a number of programs that have also helped us in our wor. We do this because, when we trust God, seek and ask His wisdom, the source of the abundance is reliable, welcome, and the cause for rejoicing.

    So join us this evening in thanking the churches and pastors and leaders we mention. There are many more. But these deserve special mention right now.

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    RECOVERY & RELATIONSHIPS: Why the Controversy?

    in Self Help

    Show Topic:  Throughout the substance abuse treatment and recovery field the issue of relationships, relationships while in the midst of treatment, relationships after treatment, and when is the right time, continue to be a subject of considerable debate. Is there a general understanding and agreement that providers abide by or does it depend on the whims of the provider, the modality, or the milieu? We'll discuss, debate, and hopefully provide some perspective on this issue.

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    SHOW TOPIC:  The holidays are historically a time when triggers are in abundance. They are certainly not limited to those in recovery, but for those in recovery whether you're young in recovery or grizzled veterans triggers certainly know no bounds. We'll talk about some of the more common triggers that come up during the holidays and ways to minimize their impact.

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    SCI Recovery Radio Show--Step 3

    in Podcasting

    In todays edition of the Recovery Radio Podcast host David Gerber is joined by St. Christopher's Inn Social Worker Michael Boccia as they delve into Step 3 of Alcholics Anonymous: "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him." Together they take on the spiritual aspects of this step and David challenges Michael from the perspective of those who do not believe in God.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Dr. Fresco – Biocidin

    Originally designed for Medical doctors who want to treat without medication

    SIBO & reoccurring symptoms

    Acupuncture for Constipation/GI Tract

    Parasite, bacteria and yeast – how long on protocol?

    GI Detox protocol

    Maintenance protocols

    Biocidin capsules for vaginal infections

    Biocidin capsules for prostatitis

    UTI protocol

    Lyme disease

    Biocidin and infants

    Infants and probiotics vs vaccines

    Cold & flu symptoms

    Partner not willing to test

    When & how to take Biocidin

    GI detox & fatty foods

    Topically for herpes, MRSA, fungus

    Exasperation of an outbreak

    Contraindications with other supplements/herbs

    Ingredients that disrupt the Biofilm

    Why Glycerin in the products?

    Do not use if anaphylactic reaction to walnuts

    Noni plant

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    Duneland Christian Living Today

    in Christianity

    Duneland Christian Living Today seeks to engage listeners to continue their discovery of our living God.  Through discussions centered on selected scripture, this show hopes to bring God's Word into view for your life today. 

    We are blessed to share openly with listeners our own struggles and prayers to discern and follow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    May all be drawn closer in relationship to God and each other through the gift of grace and love from Jesus Christ.

    Join the conversation and share your perspectives on the passage of the day.

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    Want to put new life into your life? Recovery rejuvenation!

    in Self Help

    Have you been in recovery from something for a long time and it is beginning to feel boring?  Have you had a lot of "life" hit you all at once and you are feeling overwhelmed?

    Join Sandra Kozlowski, author of Building Blocks of Recovery today at 3:30pm to get a little hope, a few tools to use and to chat!

    While this call is not a substitute for mental health counseling, the information contained does work well with both mental health therapies as well as recovery programs.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Dr Fresco presenting on Friday, Feebruary 27th, submit your questions for Q&A

    FDN II course for those already established in FDN I

    Lesson 1 is updated

    Steroid hormone produced as needed or goes to storage?

    Reduce chemical and toxic exposure without overwhelm

    Water linked to thyroid issues

    www.ewg.org & www.ewg.org/skindeep to review products

    Water filtration

    Neurogenic cough - Bastianmedicalmedia.com/sensory-neuropathic-cough

    Client case – MRT elimination with weight gain

    Health improving but 205 is not reflecting that

    Get client commitment before quoting your prices

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Hydrocortizone as a replacement for Isocort

    Case Question:  Titrating adrenal support supplements with sensitive client

    Genova Intestinal Permeability Assessment:  Interpretation of reference ranges

    Reactions to Genova Intestinal Permeability Assessment solution

    Details of Genova Intestinal Permeability Assessment interpretation

    PDF version of Intake Forms

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    SCI Recovery Radio Show--Step 1

    in Podcasting

    The first edition of the St. Christopher's Inn Recovery Radio Show of 2015 begins what will be a 13 part series on the 12-steps. Today, host David Gerber interviews SCI staff members Michael Boccia and Robert Watson on the 3 parts to the Step 1 message: "We", "Powerlessness" and "Unmanageablity." Together they each provide their unique insights into the power behind Step 1.

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    Recovery Radio Fresno with Louis Angel and Robert Orndoff

    in Motivation

    The NNIA network presents Recovery Radio Fresno with Louis Angel and guest Robert Orndoff. 

    Our show broadcasts every Saturday at 9pm pacific.  You can listen in by clicking the link at anytime.  Join the group on Facebook and share our links with all your friends.  If you would like to contact us after the show, call me at 559-492-0215 and our email is recoveryradiofresno@gmail.com.  This week Robert Orndoff of North Point Church in Fresno CA. will be talking about his personal recovery.  Also a "Safe and Somewhat Sane New Years Eve Party" will be hosted by Celebrate Recovery at 4625 W. Palo Alto Fresno 93722.  They will have a live band, dancing and raffle prizes. This is great way to celebrate recovery by bringing in the new year, sober clean and safe. 

    We are bringing the message of hope to the listeners.  

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