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    Christian World View or New World Order View?

    in Spirituality

    WATCHMEN ALERT:  Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled in many ways through the New World Order.  Hear how the NWO has been eroding the foundations of individual nations and plans to create 10 new nations just as prophesied in the Bible.  Learn who the leaders are and how to pray with understanding. Hear how the anti-Christ agenda has been progressing over the last 45 years.  Pray with us to tear down strongholds that lift themselves up against the knowledge of Jesus Christ, national sovereignty, freedom of speech and religion, Christian values and much more.

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    SDG 140 The Christian World View

    in Spirituality

    Genesis 1:1           

    Today we’ll look at the Christian World View. And we're going to start at the beginning and build outward as we learn how we can have a firm, full, true foundation to face this world in which we live.

    You know everyone has a “World-View” whether they know it or not.  And if you didn’t realize that then you’re probably letting the Luciferian controlled mainstream media and Hollywood form yours.

    Now a World-View answers 4 basic questions:  1. Origin 2. Destiny  3. Purpose  and 4. Morality.  But only the Christian world view is able to answer all 4 of these questions with harmony and meaning while building hope in the hearts of mankind.

    And honestly what more could we ask for?

    Now the best place to start is at the starting point, which is Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

    This is hard-core foundational truth, so if we want to understand The Truth we've got to enter into the temple of truth and of course the key is on the front door, which is Genesis 1:1.

    Now we don't have the ability, nor the time, nor the insight to exhaust the truth contained even in this one verse.

    For example, social Darwinist Herbert Spenser an agnostic believed that science was the only source of knowledge and truth.

    So he wrote: All there is in this universe can be reduced to 5 things: time, power, action, space and matter.  And by the way this is true.

    Now that truth is contained in Genesis 1:1!

    So stay tuned to to hear it and learn four other core foundational truths about God and our Christian World View all from Genesis 1:1


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    SDG 142 The Christian World View: Our Past is Coming to Haunt Us!

    in Spirituality

    Job 8:8–10

    You know our world IS haunted by ghosts today, these agents of Lucifer did their work in the past and it haunts us today!

    Sadly we’ve all but forgotten the foundational truths of this nation.  And that's because of these ghosts!

    This message is a continuation in our series on The Christian worldview.

    And we are looking at it as a “haunting” because today we’re being haunted by some philosophical ghosts that came into being by agents of the Luciferians in the 19th century.

    So we are going to expose those "ghosts" because as Christians we need to have a Christian worldview based on The Truth.

    Tune in to hear the dark works of Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx, Darwin, Freud, Westcott & Hort, and John Law exposed to the light of Truth!


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    The Medium's View - Grief Relief through Evidential Mediumship

    in Spirituality

    Please join us for a show dedicated to helping those in grief receive a better understanding of how evidential mediumship can help in the healing process.

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    Islamic View

    in Religion

    Today's program will discuss "Choosing a Spouse" part 3

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    Psychic View w/Mona Van Joseph

    in Spirituality

    Mona Van Joseph is famous as Las Vegas’ own Mystic Mona™! She’s the creator of the Dice Wisdom app, hostess of "Psychic View” radio show, a featured Las Vegas columnist, and licensed Las Vegas psychic.

    This entertaining and interactive program allows you to call in with a specific question. Unblock your phone number, concentrate on a specific issue and dial 347-850-1494. Mona answers questions by callers in the order of wait time.

    Mona's app, Dice Wisdom is available for both iPhone and Android...go to www.dicewisdom.com. $1.99 for all the questions you could possibly think of, right on your phone!

    For more information, please go to www.mona.vegas or call 702-571-0461.

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    MELANIE: A Christian Medium's Life & Her Gifts of Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Kevin Schoeppel was raised in in Southern Baptist churches, and began teaching the Bible in 1992. In 1999 he was ordained as a deacon by Pima Street Baptist Church of Tucson and in 2006 was elected Adult Education Director of the church. His interest in psychics began in 1975 with a girlfriend who could predict the future. This relationship sparked his interest in social attitudes towards psychics, and in how psychic ability actually worked. He married his wife Stanna—also a psychic—in 1978.

    In the mid-2000’s, as paranormal-themed TV shows appeared, Kevin’s students had questions about what the Bible really said about psychics and mediums. In 2010 he met Melanie Runyan, a medium in Kingman, AZ. She, along with Stanna, encouraged Kevin to write The Bible: The Truth about Psychics & Spiritual Gifts, which was published in 2013. He and Melanie remained close friends until her passing in March 2014.

    As a result of the book, which teaches how the Bible supports psychic and mediumship abilities as true spiritual gifts, Kevin has been the featured guest on several Internet talk shows, including previous Beyond the Gate Radio shows. His second book, Melanie: A Christian Medium’s Life and her Gifts of Spirit, to honor Melanie’s memory, was published in late 2015.

    Kevin lives near Tucson, Arizona with his wife Stanna

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    EDL Radio ~ What is this Christian State?

    in Politics Conservative

    (Uh Huh..)  A mosque in Brussels received a letter from a previously-unknown group calling itself the “Christian State” this week threatening to kill Muslims and attack their businesses in the country, according to French and Belgian media reports. Also, THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!

    Welcome to the English Defence League Radio Show with Geoff Mitchell, Kel Fritzi, Dave Milner, and Tim Burton.

    A place where we are not afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV, and radio won’t touch. This is the place where you will hear the honest truths, and can join in the discussion.

    This show engages in discussions pertaining to the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.


    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChannel

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke


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    "Black Christian Missionaries"

    in Spirituality

    The lack of Black Christian Missionaries is a problem for the global work of Christ!

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    Feldman World Review November 29, 2015

    in Politics

    A "Free Speech Zone" 

    Our New Daily Magazine: https://paper.li/FeldmanWorldGrp/1414459375 

    Our NEW WEB SITE: http://www.feldmanworldgroup.com/ 

    I'm only asking for 2 hours a week, every Sunday 11:30 AM EST and every Wednesday 10:00 PM EST!!!! FEATURING: The Jewboy Journal. Current Events, Political Discussion and Opinion. 

    Call us and Talk!! 347-202-0433 Or forever hold your piece! 

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This is a show that will provide correct and detail researched  information  on the study in the hostory of jazz, plus discuss issues and problems in our society, plus discuss different ways to solve these problems.