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    Prosperity Sunday: A Christian Nation?

    in Politics

    A Christian nation prospers, and leaves no brethren behind. The Christian thing to do is to hold our politicians and corporations responsible.
    Was there ever really an American Dream? If yes, what happened to it? I would like to hear from some listeners who are believers. Listeners from other lands. What's your thoughts about the American Dream?
    America. A Christian nation, must be reflective of the change we desire for our nation. We must work to know we have the best people representing our values and interest. We should have leaders who are reflective of us. The best Politicians;  Educators; Clergy; Journalist; Even the best Chief Executive Officers.
    We all must be instrumental in every thing that affects our lives. We need one another. We are our brothers keeper. We must become involved or we will see things get a lot worse day by day. Communicating with those we disagree with is a way to a better America. Sharing Christ with those we know and those we meet. Doing our best as Christians. The plate of life is before everyone of us. Filling our plate of life with variety is the road to a better America. Leaving Christianity off that plate of life takes away eternal life. Leaving Christianity off that plate of life brings about problems on earth. 
    Politicians and corporations are powerful, but the God we serve holds all that there. The world is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Look to the Lord for daily needs. Ask Christ to come into your heart. A heart filled with light, will not be one to create darkness in their lives nor into the lives of others.

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    MOREHEAD, Ky.- Deputies of a county clerk in rural Kentucky issued marriage licenses to four gay couples on Friday after she defied a federal judge's orders for months because as a Christian she opposes same-sex unions.




  • VOC Wrestling Nation

    in Entertainment

    VOC Wrestling Nation

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    VOC Wrestling Nation

    in Wrestling

    King & Chris discuss Jimmy Snuka's arrest, Bram's arrest, Seth Rollins' gf firing for Nazi related pictures, Dean Ambose being attacked, the shooting of a stalker at WWE performance center, & in actual in ring news  the return of the Dudley Boyz & Sting.

    Wrestling talk: WWE, Ring Of Honor, Global Force Wrestling, TNA, Lucha Underground. If there's a 3 count we are on it. 

    Follow VOC Nation @vocnation Visit VOC Nation on the web at http://vocnation.com, simulcast on http://thebradyhicks.com The VOC Nation Radio Network traces its roots back to 2009 in suburban Philadelphia. Bruce Wirt took over the afternoon shift on the Voice America Health and Wellness Network and proclaimed himself, “your new ‘Voice of Choice’ in afternoon radio.” The V-O-C in VOC Nation was born. Over the next 3 years, Wirt took his act to Philadelphia radio, eventually settling in at independently owned WNJC 1360AM. The VOC Nation Radio Network spun away from WNJC in October 2012 and took to the “cloud”, using their solid fan base to instantly become one of the most listened to mediums on the Internet. In 2014, VOC Nation merged with Brady Hicks' IN THE ROOM Internet Radio Network, giving the combined medium over 50,000 monthly listeners. VOC Nation Radio streams live programming 7 days a week. VOC Nation has nearly 100,000 twitter followers and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of downloadable podcasts as ranked by Podomatic, and in the top 5% of live streaming programming as ranked by Stitcher Internet Radio. Considered "The Mothership" of VOC Nation VOC Wrestling Nation is now hosted by now hosted by @KingDavidLane & @ChrisBest99.

  • Blue & Orange Nation Talking Mets Podcast 9/3/2015

    in Sports

    The Blue & Orange Nation talking Mets podcast returns as the Mets head into September pushing for the postseason.  Hosts Vinnie and Mike will be talking about September call ups, 6 man rotations, and all things Mets, and are joined by special guest Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing.

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    PHL Sports Nation - Is There Reason for Eagles Optimism?

    in Sports

    Julian Bravo recaps the Eagles' final preseason game and asks if there is reason for Eagles optimism. 

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    The 110 Nation Sports Show

    in Sports

    It's HUMP DAY!!!!  We have another great show planned for you.  We have the 2014 Trans Am Series Champion, Ernie Francis Jr. stopping by the studio.  Ernie will be stopping by at 9:30 AM EST to talk TA, racing and life.  We will then get you prepared for the weekend.  With NCAAF kicking off, week 4 preseason and 2 races until the chase, we got you covered!!!  Show kicks off at 9 PM EST, so be there!!

  • "Theology Matters" with the Pellews: Importance of Christian Philosophy

    in Christianity

    Join Devin & Melissa Pellew as they discuss topics related to biblical theology, Christian apologetics and worldview issues. This week, we will be joined by Dr. Gregory B.Sadler for a discussion on the importance of Christian philosophy. Dr. Sadler will be coming on to talk about the subjects discussed in his 2011 book, Reason Fulfilled by Revelation: The 1930s Christian Philosophy Debates in France, about the broader question of Christian philosophy, and about how the 1930s debates can inform our present-day thinking about these issues. Dr. Sadler is an author and instructor at Maris College, who received both his Master's and PhD in Philosophy from Southern Illinois Carbondale. He is also founder of ReasonIO, an organization that bring philosophy into practice, making complex classical philosophical ideas accessible for a wide audience of professionals, students, and life-long learners. We will also be taking your calls so you don't want to miss this exciting and informative show! 

  • Christian Patriots Nighty News

    in Current Events

    Please join Christian Patriots Daniel Crane and Michael Howell as we tackle several topics and issues we face here in America and around the globe. 

    Join us live @ 7:00PM ET/4:00 PT on Christian Patriots Network. 

    Here’s how you can listen. You can call in and listen by phone and or speak with us by dialing (646) 668-8952 or listen online at Christian Patriots Network. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Daniel Crane
    Christian Patriots

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    Pastor Allmann's Christian Lecture Series 09/04/2015

    in Religion

    Pastor Allmann's continuing Christian Lecture Series on a Jewish Commentary of Proverbs 1-15 focusing on Practical Christian Living with emphasis on Holiness and Fearing the Lord GOD.

  • Talk the Talk (T3) Christian Biker Radio Show With Chris & Steve

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday August 31st at 6:30pm EST. 

    Special Guest Pastor Brick Mason from Redeemed Biker Church in McDonough GA.

    Keeping you up to date on upcoming Events,

    Prayer and Praise brought to us by Biker Down Lifted Up

    And of course T3!  Wheat and Tares

    Tonight We will look at a common problem in modern evangelicalism,it deals with changing behaviors instead of working to change hearts.

    Now we believe that as Christians we are salt and light, we believe that we can, by telling the good news, see change in people and then in the land.  We believe you need to be a good and involved citizen. But we also see a trend toward the church becoming a powerful action committee instead of a praying and active community. Don't miss this one!