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    "Jesus, Christ and the Holy Spirit!"

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    If you ask the average Christian to make a distinction between Jesus, Christ and the Holy Spirit, you will probably here "Crickets" (absolute silence)!

    Today on P2T, we are going to dissect each person and spirit and tell you why it is critical to the survival of the modern day Christian to ABSOLUTELY know the difference.

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    Your Heart Must Agree With Christ

    in Christianity

    The Will of God will not be revealed to us, unless our hearts are in agreement with Christ.  Do you wonder why unnatural things happen to you?  Are you tired of being tormented by the same situation?  Do you want change to occur in your life?  

    Join Prophet Peter Smith Onoriobe and Prophetess Sabrina Evans today for a word of hope and a prophetic release in your life!


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    I Have No Power, Come Holy Spirit, Help Me!

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    When we realize that it is God and Christ Jesus who has the power to heal us, we fully surrender.  Christ sent the Holy Spirit to us and by His Power, to those who believe, we are healed and delivered.  When we are healed by the Power of God, it is done!  When we are set free by the Power of God, we are free forever!

    Join Prophetess Sabrina Evans today for a time of healing and experience the Power of God heal you!  To God and Jesus Christ be the Glory!  

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    Standing for What You Know to Be Right in Christ!

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    If you've been in debt and want to recover by doing things the world's way; if you look to be approved by the world; if you welcome that thing, that gift that does not come from God or Jesus in your life, taking it; if you entertain that thought, that image you see in a movie or see in a video -- the Word of the Lord says in Galatians 5:2-3, Christ will be of no benefit to you.  Repent and pray! Stand up for what you know to be right in Christ and God will bless you!   

    Tune-in with Prophetess Sabrina Evans for prayer and worship together concerning hope of righteousness in life and our world for other believers!

    Glory be to the Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ!

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    Faith on the Battlefield!

    in Christianity

    Overcoming the mind by renewing your mind in Christ is one of the keys to blessed success.  A man or a woman is as he or she thinketh.  We must have faith in God and Jesus Christ to be fulfilled in His Word.  God is His Word.  We must be ours.  Whatever the sickness or ailment you're facing today, Jesus can heal you.  His Anointing breaks the yoke.  The Blood of Jesus Christ can heal you...if you believe.

    Join Prophetess Sabrina Evans on today's episode as she talks about increasing faith in God and Christ Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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    WHAT THE BIBLE SAY'S / God's Plan 4 Life & Family 2 / Preacher Pastor O.

    in Religion

    Hello RFCM Family & Friends, Beginning this Monday I will be preaching/teaching on God's Plan For Life & Family. This will be a six part series that will conclude on Monday the 16th.

    Part 1 – THE BIG IDEA






    If you are a Christian and you are wondering how to please God wherever you are in then life then this class is for you.

    God's Plan For Life & Family will help you right now in your real everyday life. God's plan for life and family will take away the guessing and confusion that comes from not living life the way God wants us too. If your marriage is in trouble you need this class it will save your marriage. If you are single and UN-happy you need this class. You are whole now even though you are not married. If you are married and want to get out or UN-married and want to get in then this class is for you. If you are really tired of wondering where did I come from? Why am I here? And where do I go when I leave here? If you seek the answers to these questions and more then this class is for you. Finally my brother & my sister in Christ Jesus it's time to start living the life God intended for all of us to live before the fall in the garden.

    For more class info just visit our church website:


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    Intercessors- Spiritural Intelligence Agents (SIA) Prayer For the Nations

    in Religion

    I bind every spirit that would cause the perpetuation of wickedness in my family bloodline in the name of Jesus. Father causes the sins of my forefathers to be broken off our family bloodline in the name of Jesus. Father God I ask you to heal our land, to cleanse our land of all unrightness that has been passed down in the name of Jesus. Father God forgiven of the sins we committed our of ignorance of you in the name of Jesus. Father God we thank you that every legal right that the enemy had over my family bloodline is broken in the name of Jesus. Father God in the name of Jesus I command every demonic squatter in my family bloodline to go to Gehenna the place of everlasting destruction in the mighty name of Jesus. We thank you that the blessings of the Lord is running my family down in the amen of Jesus. Whom God has bless know one can curse in the mighty name of Jesus Amen! Amen!

    Scripture References: Deuteronomy 28:15, Genesis 49:26,


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    Giant Slayer: Defeating What Is Denying You Victory

    in Women

    We all know the familiar bible story of David defeating the giant, Goliath. When we read it and reread it we find ourselves cheering David on even though we know how the story will end, David would kill Goliath. Today I want to look at this biblical victory and I want us to apply it to the giants in our own lives. What do you do  when you're standing between your GOD and your giant? What do you do when you're in the midst of a process amd a promise? What do you do when your giants harrass you and you feel as though you have no hope?  What do you do when your "prophetic word" comes with "spiritual warfare? It had been prophesied that David would become King, anointed by Samuel in the midst of his brothers ( 1\ Sam. 16:13). But David went through hell and back before the prophetic act became a reality. In fact, he was almost immediately taken from his home and assigned to become the then-King Saul’s armor-bearer. In the next breath, he was facing the battle of all battles with the giant Goliath. David knew that he could defeat Goliath because the same God who gave him the power to defeat a lion and bear earlier, was the same GOD who would give him the the power to defeat any giant in his life. What giants are you before you today? Are you facing them or fearing them? Are you running towards them with courage and confidence or are you retreating back from them with despondency and defeat? I don't know what your giants are  but I do know who God is. Your giants may be powerful but God is ALL POWERFUL! You may be facing giants of depression, lack, adultery, pride, greed, lies, divorce, etc but sticking your head in the sand and not dealing with it is not going to help you but harm you. You can't conquer what you won't confront and you won't defeat what you deny. It's time to face the goliath that's been harrassing you for years  and slay every spirit sent to kill your destiny

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    Sunday's Message: God's Prophetic Timetable for The Church

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on the broadcast for the Sunday's Message entitled: "God's Prophetic Timetable for The Church." There are dispensations of time and events that God has decreed will happen and has happened throughout Biblical history. The prophetic timetable of God is centered around the establishment of the Church and will be complete at the second appearance of Jesus Christ during the rapture of the Church, and proceded by the tribulation period. Join us on the broadcast foe this timely message.

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    Christian Spirituality-Alex LaFountain

    in Christianity

    Each week, Alex LaFountain, a Seminarian with the Aquarian Catholic Spiritual Community, explores the intersection of the esoteric, the Catholic, and individual faith. From Christian Reiki Masters to explorations of shamanic prayer to Catholic Mystics to heart-felt bible studies, this show will entertain you, push the edges of your belief, and bring you into the world of the Holy Spirit in all of her wonders.

    Join us this week as we explore what it means to be a Christian Psychic. Is such a thing un-Biblical? Is it true that psychics get their power from the Devil? Deacon Kristina Rake sits down with us this week to explore psychic abilities and it's compatibility with the Christian faith. Don't miss out! 

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    WHAT THE BIBLE SAY'S / The Deliverance Of Faith / Teacher Pastor O.

    in Religion

    Join us as we discuss various topics related to living the Christian life in this world. We will have guests from time to time who have written books or run a business, raised a family and those who have done many other things that can help us live a better life for Christ. Call in and be a part of the conversation when we have guests all we ask is that you keep it clean and Christian. Of course there will be music from all the Christian Genre's and Pastor O. will also be preaching during the last portion of the show. So we are inviting everyone to tune in and get ready to turn it up for Jesus Christ.

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