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    Cathedral of Greater Blessings Showers of Blessings live

    in Religion

    Listen each Sunday at 12:30pm for live Singing and Preaching from Rev-Elder Dr. Matthew E Davis, Sr., Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Greater Blessings Chrisitan Community Church...Dial 1-646-716-6989

    Located at 4275 Winchester Rd Ste 3628 Commerce Cr- Memphis Tn 38118

    contact us at 901- 228-8274  or Email: Blessofrehoboth@aol.com

    go to website: www.touchedbythewordministries.vpweb.com



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    WHO WILL DELIVER THE DELIVERER ... Special Host Deliverance Min Vernetta Jackson

    in Christianity


    In Christianity, deliverance ministry refers to the activity of cleansing a person of demons and evil spirits in order to address problems manifesting in their life as a result of the presence of said entities and the root causes of their authority to oppress the person.

    Call in on tomorrrow evening; Monday; May 18, 2015 to learn how demonic iniquities have roots of manifestated issues that can effect your very outcome in family, finances, health, and emotional dysfuncitions. 

    Call:  (323) 870-3977 @ 5:00ap PST - 6:00 pm MST - 7:00pm - CST- 8:00pm EST

    The ministry of deliverance is about bringing spiritual victory and freedom to those who are in bondage. It doesn't matter what you call it (demonized, possessed, oppressed, etc.), if they are in demonic bondage, whether they need to tear down a stronghold, break up a legal ground, cast a demon out, or all three... it's still deliverance, because it's setting the captives free. Casting out demons, is just part of the overall ministry of deliverance.

    God Bless the Hearer of the Word of the LORD!

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    The Blessing Circle... Divine Moments of Grace...

    in Women

    Our intentions are pure...

    SImply Grace honors diversity in faith and experience by providing a sacred space of kindness, compassion, love and hope for humanity. The Blessing Circle is a divine interruption, a gentle reminder of the abundant grace present in our lives. Faith is when we close our eyes and open our hearts...to be vulnerable, to surrender, to trust as we lean back into the arms of grace and God.

    Ordinary moments are truly extraordinary, they truly are divine moments of grace.  Simply Grace Founder, Mikki Lessard, is humbled and honored to welcomen her dear friend, the beautiful Voice of Grace, Minister, Kelley Sawyer.  Your heart will be touched, your soul will be stirred and awakened as Kelley offers each of us her grace filled wisdom and divinley inspired invitation through prayer to renew our faith in each other, humanity and God...  Meet us in the meadow of grace, let your soul be bathed in stillness, peace, and love...

    The moment faith becomes a reality in our vision, we begin to see the invisible, believe the impossible, and do the incredible...breathing grace into our hearts and our very being. Grace is the light, the love, the hope, the faith that fills each of our souls with peace. Moment by moment notice the extraordinary, life is a beautiful wonder...feel its divine miracle.  This is Simply Grace...

    Simply Grace Community
    Simply Grace

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    Life Experiences - Episode #2 - Guest: Pastor Mildred Simpson

    in Christianity

    Join Real Walk Network's Friday Night Program at 8 PM CST/9 PM EST with Derek Stephens, Host of "Life Experiences" (Ep. # 2).

    His Guest will be Pastor Mildred D. Simpson of Oasis of Love Ministries International in Tucker, GA.

    Date:  May 15, 2015

    Time:  8 PM CST/9 PM EST

    Studio Call #:  (347) 989-1893

    LISTEN ONLINE: http://bitly.com/lifeexperiences-2

    HOST:  Derek Stephens

    GUEST:  Pastor Mildred Simpson

    If you need prayer, would like us to pray for someone, or, need a spirtual connection, please do not hestitate to call or listen to the podcast online.  We answer all calls from our listeners.   God's Blessings to everyone.  Derek Stephens, Host


    Kyle T. Mosley - GM and Executive Producer

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    Fully Persuaded About Chrisitan Living w/ Pastor Jeffrey Thomas

    in Motivation

    Overseer J.M. Thomas has been chosen for full time service to the body of Christ as an anointed five-fold ministry gift and by the grace of God is able to move in any area as He directs. Overseer Thomas has been given a unique anointing to lead and insight worship among the saints. Provoking powerful worship experiences in God's presence. Overseer Thomas has 16 years of ministry experience.  He is also an anointed preacher, teacher, facilitator, seminar coordinator, workshop leader, writer and singer. Overseer J.M. Thomas is currently the Founder and Senior Pastor of Rehoboth Family Worship Center, Hickory, N.C.; where he feeds the flock, loves the sheep, and covers the saints.  Overseer says we must study to "live" not to preach.

    .   Overseer J.M. Thomas has a heart for ministry and that of a worshipper.  He believes that when we worship God with our whole hearts He will reveal who He is to us and who we are to Him.  In other words visitation will result in manifestation and revelation concerning the power that lives in us. Overseer J.M. Thomas has had several pivotal moments in ministry. In 1998 Overseer began preaching as an Evangelist and received his first evangelistic assignment. In 2002 he was Ordained an Elder in the Lord's Church in Norfolk, VA. In 2004 he was Confirmed an Elder and commissioned as a local Pastor in Shelby, NC. In 2005 Rehoboth Family Worship Center was born in Lincolnton, NC. In 2006 Rehoboth opened a second location in Gastonia, NC. In 2008 he was Commissioned Adjutant General, National Evangelist and National Youth President of the Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches Inc, in Norfolk, VA. In 2009 Rehoboth Family Worship Centers merged and relocated to Hickory, NC. In 2011 he was Ordained as an Overseer over the Rehoboth Jurisdiction.


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    Talk the Talk Christian Biker Radio Show - With Guest Pastor Steve Nute Part One

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday night at 6:30PM EST. on Talk the Talk Biker Radio Show. We will be talking to Pastor Steve Nute, Pastor of Nealley's Corner Church in Hampden Maine. A biker friendly congregation.

    Steve is a retired member of the Sons of God MC, he sevred his country with the US Army 1970-1972

    Maine Troop Greeter and Patriot Guard Rider.

     We are also honored to have him on staff with the Biker Bile Institute.

    Be sure to tune in!

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    #265 - Interview with Christian author and pastor, Steve Turner

    in Books

    Listen to the Chrisitan Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, 5/22 at 2 p.m. (EST) for a LIVE interview with Christian author and pastor, Steve Turner.

    A lifetime resident of Northwest Baltimore, Min. Steve "Music Man" Turner, is a pastor and author who is known nation-wide for his music ministry.   Pastor Turner moved his church from Glen Burnie, MD to Forest Park, MD in 2013 after sensing a call from God to plant his church in the Forest Park community. “We are praying for God’s glory and peace to fall on this community.”  His book, The Other Pulpit:  Life Lessons of a Leader is an inspriational read that encourages and motivates readers to seek God's glory.

    Call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guests.  Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE!  You can always download FREE On-Demand podcasts of this and more than 260 other inspirational interviews with Christian authors at www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour!

    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)


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    What's Important Now----Live Program 5-14-15

    in Christianity

    Join Tom Sears on this week's live broadcast of What's Important Now. On this week's program Tom will once again take a look at the rise of Islamic terrorism around the world and on American soil. Plus, the blood moons of 2015 and how all of this ties into Bible prophecy. This program will be jam packed full of Bible Prophecy. Also, Tom makes an announcement about a new upcoming radio broadcast that he will be hosting in the very near future. This is a program you don't want to miss.

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    Talk the Talk Chrisitan Biker Radio Show - With Guest Brian Smith Part Two

    in Christianity

    Prostitues, drug addicts, bikers, gang members, metalheads, felons. It doesn't matter what you've done, or where you come from. Here at FHMCC, everyone is welcomed with open arms. Our community is open-minded, multicultural, accepting, and experiencing growth at an exponential rate. Listen in on Monday Feb. 9th for part two of our interview with Pastor Brian Smith from The First Heavey Metel Church of Christ. We will be talking about how sometimes Christians can give Jesus a bad name. Join us!

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    Talk the Talk Chrisitan Biker Radio Show - With Guest Brian Smith Part One

    in Christianity

    Prostitues, drug addicts, bikers, gang members, metalheads, felons. It doesn't matter what you've done, or where you come from. Here at FHMCC, everyone is welcomed with open arms. Our community is open-minded, multicultural, accepting, and experiencing growth at an exponential rate. Listen in on Monday Feb. 2nd as we interview Pastor Brian Smith from The First Heavey Metel Church of Christ and see what all the hype is about!

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    West Texas Outlaws at Copper Caboose Live Remote (Lubbock, Tx)

    in Radio

    The West Texas Outlaws will be in attendance at Copper Caboose on 50th & Slide in Lubbock, Tx! Copper Caboose is a place full of fun games, and great food! Sammy, the owner of The Outlaws, and his crew are taking it among themselves by  giving back to the community, and raising money for their Child Awareness Game April 4th at Lubbock Chrisitan University in Lubbock, Tx. So come out and have some fun!!!