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    Chrisette Michele Launch New TV Career and Fab RichHipster.TV Online Community!!

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    Needle on the Record is an eclectic, candid peek into New Music, Touring and Entertainment News. We also include Artist Interviews and Music Industry News; always delivered with a dash of humor.


    This week we feature Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele. Chrisette spills the tea on becoming the lasted Reality Television Co-Star of R&B Divas LA. She enlightens the Angela's on her lastest music project Lyrist Opus and the launch of her Richhipster.tv online community. Please grab her fourth album entitled, Better. Visit her wedsites www.thisischrisettemichele.com and RichHipster.biz.



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    Everything with Kathy B Ladies Lounge Chrisette Michele & Dr. Nicole LaBeach

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    Chrisette Michele - R&B Singer Songwriter 6:15pm

    Let Freedom Reign Available Everywhere Now!

    Surrounded by music since she was a small child, twenty-three year old singer, songwriter and composer Chrisette Michele has been blessed with an old soul and this Long Island bred songwriter and vocalist has a deep appreciation for the harmonic foundations that includes gospel and jazz. "I did my first solo when I was four years old," Chrisette remembers.

    Currently putting the finishing touches on her soulful debut album, an artistic exploration that fuses Chrisette's diverse musical interest into a wonderland, the young artist couldn't be more pleased. "I realize that I'm new to the music world, but I've been preparing for this moment for long time."

    Dr. Nicole LaBeach - Author, Relationship Coach 7:15pm

    Representing a new generation of life, relationship, and executive coaches, Dr. Nicole is a Success Strategist who has changed the lives of all who dared to strive for their personal best. She is the host of the “Dr. Nicole Show” on Blog Talk Radio, and is also the CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc., a premiere personal and professional development firm. 

    As author of the life-changing books “A Woman’s True Purpose: Live Like You Matter” and “Choose Yourself: A Journey Toward Personal Fulfillment for Women,” radio personalities from Steve Harvey to Tom Joyner, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Jesse Dylan have all shared her expertise with their listeners.

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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Chrisette Michele x Somi x Bizzy Crook

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    Time away from the spotlight can be a bad thing.

    But for Chrisette Michele, it was a necessary thing. Without the break, there is a strong possibility she wouldn’t be sitting in her Williamsburg apartment on a crisp morning, excitedly talking about her brand new album, Better.

    To say the album title is fitting would be an understatement. Chrisette is giddy and proud to share the name of her fourth album with anyone who asks if only because she is a living embodiment of the word. “I’ve sang a lot of broken-hearted love songs because I had a broken heart from love,” says Chrisette. “I began to write a little bit darker. And for me, dark just means a song that doesn’t have a happy ending.”

    On Better, even when Chrisette is laying her heart out on a table, she sounds confident and composed. Whether it’s the emotional Prince-like balladry of “You Mean That Much To Me” or the stern warning of “Snow,” Chrisette sounds independent and resolute. Even on “Soopa” a song where she explains to her lover that she won’t always be the perfect woman, Chrisette isn’t apologizing for her flaws as much she’s telling him, take it or leave it, and if you leave it, that’s okay.

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    Bold Moving with Michele Aikens & Friends

    in Self Help

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, with co-hosts Sharonda Cawthon and Vanessa Westley as we have coffee, re-cap the week, challenge your thinking and perhaps even inspire you.  This week Sharonda talks with Jaleen Sims of Jay's Love Your Life Foundation.  This soon-to-be-medical school graduate is already helping women to find wholeness and health.  We'll see you at 7:00 am on Saturday, bring your fuzzy slippers, open minds and coffee.  You have the whole weekend to run around -- take an hour to connect with friends.

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    BOLD Moving with Michele Aikens & Friends

    in Business

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman, and writer Sharonda Cawthon along with P.O. Vanessa Westley as we recap the first week in the year.  Let's start right for a strong finish!

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    Infidels Are Watching Welcomes Michele Walsh

    in Politics Conservative

    Michele Walsh is Canada's Pamela Geller, and we are Honoured to have her join us. She fights tirelessly within the Counter-Jihad Movement in Canada, and is responsible for so many apprisements which would otherwise slip by the Sleeping Public.... Today we discuss Eric Brazau...

    Welcome to Infidels Are Watching, with your Hosts, Tim Burton of Liberty GB and Kel Fritzi, where we strive to educate about a threat…called Political Islam. We ARE the Freedom Loving Infidels.

    We don't offer honourifics to the mohammedans here. They are simply known as The Scourge.

    We give you the tools to do the homework, and further educate others in the hope that there will be a united Global Understanding in that Islam continues to be the greatest threat facing Western Democracies today.


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity”


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    BOLD Moving With Michele Aikens

    in Business

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, as we discuss topics of interest to you.  Whether it's starting a business, discussing community and world events, exploring attitudes or just having fun, this is the perfect place to start your weekend.  This is the last BOLD Movers Network Show of the year, and we are talking with Chiquita Ann MzRedcarpet, makeup artist and business woman about getting Red Carpet Ready for 2015.  No matter what profession you're in, you need to be ready to take advantage of opportunities from how your look, to how you speak, to how you accept opportunities.  You will hear about Chiquita's journey to success and be encouraged to move BOLDLY.

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    THE REAL REPORT hosted by TayVi Interviewing R&B Artist Chrisette Michele

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    Monday-Wednesday: 5-7pm EST “The Real Report” hosted by TayVi
    Thursday: 5-7pm EST “TrafficJAMMING” hosted by DirtyFINGERS
    Friday: 5-7pm EST “Special Guest DJ Show” hosted by DJ FRO
    Saturday: 10-12midnight EST “The Unsigned Grind” hosted by Black Val
    Sunday: 6-8am EST “Spoken Revelations” hosted by Deon Ballard

  • BOLD Moving With Michele Aikens & Friends

    in Business

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, and co-hosts Vanessa Westley & Sharonda Cawthon as we discuss topics of interest to you.  Whether it's starting a business, discussing community and world events, exploring attitudes or just having fun, this is the perfect place to start your weekend.  The first Saturday in 2015, meet the BOLD Movers Network.  You will hear from our show hosts about the exciting plans they have this year.  Tune in at 7:00 am for New Year's Evolutions, vision boarding parties, and chat.  Call in and tell us what you're up to.  HAPPY 2015!

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    BOLD Moving with Michele & Friends

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    Join the publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, and co-hosts Sharonda Cawthon and Vanessa Westley as we re-cap the week and get you ready for the weekend with coffee, humor and inspiration.  What better way to start the weekend than unwinding with your girlfriends?  Get a cup of coffee and let's talk before the busyness starts.  Call in to join the conversation at 914-803-4503.



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    Chrisette Michele

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    Chrisette Michele: Five Months Later,
    I STILL Haven’t Got My Grammy!

    Good things come to those who wait. And wait. And wait – and are still waiting as we speak. So goes the tale of R&B diva Chrisette Michele, upon whom, on Feb. 8, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences bestowed Best Urban/Alternative Performance honors. Otherwise put, girl snagged a Grammy.

    It was Chrisette’s first, for the track Be OK, after having been nominated two years ago in the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, for If I Have My Way.But this week on Mutha Knows, she revealed a frustrastion with the honor.

    “Where’s it at? Where you got that Grammy?” asked host Mutha. “I haven’t gotten it yet,” said Chrisette. “It’s on its way somewhere in a box from Fedex – on its way to my house? I don’t know.” “Wow! How long does it take?” said Mutha. “I have no idea! And when was it – February? We in July now. I ain’t gonna say nothin’ crazy, though,” promised Chrisette. But then she added: “No, I’m nice and, ahm, calm.”

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