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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The FINALE

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    The ESSENCE of a Strong Woman - The FINALE

    Here from three women how they overcame challenges, changes and obstacles to connect with their destiny and find the essence of their strength. On this episode we will discuss dating, business, faith and more.

    Guest panel:

    Dr. Tiana Von Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, producer, author, sought-after mindset coach, real estate guru and creative visionary. As CEO & President of GoldStar Properties and Madison Layne Real Estate, Co-Founder of the Minority Investors Alliance (MIA), National Investment & Expansion Strategist for Strongbrook REIC, a Utah based real estate investment and mortgage company, this inspiring entrepreneur is making strides in the world of New York real estate and beyond.

    Follow Tiana on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @TianaVonJohnson


    DeBora M. Ricks’ desire to change the world led her to Baltimore City’s State’s Attorney’s Office’s newly created Domestic Violence Unit, where she advised, counseled, coached and advocated for abused and battered women...

    DeBora, the editor of more than fifteen books, is a Coach and Consultant to aspiring authors.

    Contact DeBora at Dricks6085@aol.com or call 410.599.2131. Visit her on the web at www.DeBoraRicks.com

    Toy Parker - "Instead of looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, #IGNITEyourLife and be the light inside the tunnel that blazes a trail of Success!"

    To learn more about Toy professionally and to learn about her latest projects visit www.toyparker.com today!

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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The Pyschology of a Man

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    The Psychology of a Man - What Women WANT to Know  Pt. 5 (Fatherhood)

    Guest panel:

    Rickey Jasper was born on 28 July 1963 in Parkdale, Arkansas. Graduating valedictorian, he has earned a Bachelor of Sciens (BS) degree in Politcal Science with a minor in Accounting from Southern Arkansas University; a Master of Business Adminstration (MBA) in Management from Louisianan Tech University; and a Master of Science in Accounting (MSAC) from Strayer University. He is currently working on completing his Master of Divinity.Called to ministry, Rickey is licensed and ordained. He currently serves as the Assistant Pastor at the First Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Leesburg, Va. Married Almost 28 years to the lovely and talented Sheila D. Jasper, Rickey and Sheila are proud parents of two handsome and gifted sons: Rickey Lane Jasper II ("RJ"), graduate of James Madison University, entrepreneur, and model; and Desmond "Tyler" Jasper, a sophomore at Radford University.

    Patrick Pete is a minister licensed to preach the Gospel under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins at First Baptist Church of Glenarden.  His passion is discipleship, in particular, the discipling of men.  Minister Pete served as the Director of Brothers in Discipleship (BID) for over a decade.  He also served as an Elder at the Peace Fellowship Church in Washington, DC.  He is married to his lovely bride, Gwendolyn Pete, who is a powerful woman of God in her own right.  He has two children, Johnnie B. Pope III (Sherry Pope) and Bianca Pete, and 2 grandchildren, Alanna, Gabriel and one on the way, Ethan.  His passion is to preach the Good News of Jesus, specifically, that no matter what adversity you face, God brings you to it, not to bring you through it, but to have you use it to accomplish His purpose for your life.

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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - How Do I Get Back to Myself?

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    Join me for a special show with my guest: Dr. Celeste Chisholm Owens and Karen Ward.

    On this show we will discuss the 3-parts of man/woman (mind, body, spirit) and how to successfully journey back to your true and authentic self. This journey includes a complete surrender of mind, body and spirit which will also be discussed. As an added bonus we will talk personalities/temperament with Karen Ward, Certified Personality Trainer.

    The four Personality styles
    Understanding your personality
    Basic desires
    Why understanding your personality is crucial to all relationships
    Why you should work to overcome your personality weaknesses

    Dr. Celeste practiced as a psychologist for more than10 years, but when God instructed her to leave it all behind, she did. Today she is reaping the benefits of her obedience. Although her career focus has changed -- she is now a motivational speaker, health advocate, and author -- her passion to help others live his/her best life has not.

    In 2012, she and her husband Andel co-founded Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries, LLC. who's calling hearts back to God through surrender of mind, body, and spirit. They believe that surrender is a lifestyle and a necessary posture for today's Christian.

    Karen Ward - Beyond Two conducts customized training and speaking engagements.

    Karen Ward is a dynamic speaker and Certified Personality Trainer. She presents speeches, workshops, and seminars to businesses, non-profit groups, ministries, retreats and organizations. Her high quality, high content, high energy Personality programs are delivered in a humorous, down to earth style that everyone will relate to and remember.


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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The ESSENCE of a Strong Woman - Pt. 3

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    What is the ESSENCE of a STRONG woman?

    Learn how to move out of SURVIVING to THRIVING.

    Guest Panel:

    Nikki Curry – International Speaker, Brand Strategist, Publicist and Accountability Coach –…. known as the Brand Definer at BrandDefiner.com where she works closely with Speakers, Coaches, Authors and Media Publications who are ready to take their platform and business to the next level.

    Email: Nikki@NikkiCurry.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/NikkiCurry
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/BrandDefiner
    Twitter: www.Twitter.com/Nikki_Curry
    InstaGram: www.Instagram.com/BrandDefiner
    Terrylynn Harrell
    Broker/Franchisee and Regional Owner

    Terrylynn Harrell, Principal Broker-Owner/Prince William Association of Realtor's 2014 President Elect and National Association of Real Estate Brokers 2014 President.

    Carla Watson is one of the country's foremost authorities on employee and entrepreneurial development, strategic leadership and contagious motivation. God first, change your mindset, create a vision and cultivate that which you believe in, you will "WIN"

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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The ESSENCE of a Strong Women Pt. 2

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    Find out how these ladies overcame challenges from depression, molestation and abuse.

    Guest panel:

    Teresa Knowles has a passion for mentoring young girls and strives to empower them by teaching them biblical roles models in the bible like Judge Deborah, Queen Esther, Abigail, etc.  She truly believes that GOD created everyone with a divine purpose and believes in giving those less fortunate a “Hand UP vs. Hand OUT” so they may be empowered to take charge of their own lives.  She has a passion for outreach ministry and networks with various organizations to provide resources for those in need.

    Sharnetta L. Bennett is a girl on fire who is not afraid to go where others won’t go and speak what others won’t speak. She is bold and determined to make an impact in the lives of others. She is a native Washingtonian and firm believer of Christ. She accepted Christ in 1994 and has yet to turn back. Her physical abuse led her to launch The H.O.P.E. Foundation (Helping Other People Escape) as well as a Cosmetic and T-shirt line to help other women and teen girls overcome their abuse. She is a believer that she has been given the power to help heal hurting women so her faith and tenacity is what keeps her moving forward. Website: http://www.hopeforvictims.org/

    Rene Michele - I was molested at an early age. Then Raped at the ages of 11,14 and 26.  I met a guy that I thought I was going to have something special with. It turned into a nightmare. He beat me then at one point he pointed a gun to my head and pulled the trigger... Domestic violence !!! Love don't hurt!!! @Facebook.com

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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The Psychology of a Man

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    The Psychology of a Man - What Women WANT to Know

    Series Part 1 - (Why, How, What, Where, Who) The Understanding of a MAN.

    DR. JOHNNY C. PARKER, JR. is founder of  The Parker Group with a 25 year track record of helping couples, leaders, stakeholders, individuals and professional athletes achieve success. He has been invited to the White House and his work has been featured  on CNN, BET, and other broadcasts. He has written for Ebony, Essence, and other publications. He is an author, relationship architect (couples) and executive coach (CEO's). He has also served as a team life coach for the WNBA and National Football League.

    Dr. Jeff King - Bio not available.

    Theodore ‘Ted” Wright a native Washingtonian and a graduate of the District of Columbia & Maryland public school system and a Bachelor Degree from Prince George’s Community College. Who presently works for the National Association of REALTORS® for 24 years in various departments and currently is the Program Coordinator for the Community and Political Affairs Division of the Association.

    Ted’s motto in life is to treat others in the way that he would want to be treated and the scripture for his life is Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

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    Building the Family - MAN TALK

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    You can dial in 646-716-4368 or listen online: www.realtalkwithchrisrichardson.com

    Join Edward J. Smith III, Rev. Jonathan Queen and myself as we commentate the game on MAN TALK on The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show. Fellas, what's happening off the field is effecting US on the field.

    (This is a CLARION CALL to sound the alarm for every man to UNITE). Calling all BROTHERS, FRATERNITY ORGANIZATION, MASONS, CHURCHES ETC. We want every man that is able and willing to join this show.

    -How do WE (MEN) get into the game?
    As the quarterback what's my purpose?
    -Why is my PURPOSE more important than my role?
    -As a defensive player how do we defend our goal while not abandoning our assignment?
    -You're a franchise player, but you're running your family like you're practice squad team member.

    How does this all tie into to BUILDING the FAMILY?

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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The Psychology of a Man Pt. 4 Divorce

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    The Psychology of a Man - What Women WANT to Know - Life after DIVORCE

    Special guest:

    Pastor Tim Baldwin - Tim is a fourth generation Pastor. He received Christ at the young age of 12. In 1998, after years of living life on his own, running the streets of D.C., and becoming a father to his first born Jasmine M Baldwin, he rededicated his life to Christ with the focus of never turning back.

    In April of 2008, Pastor Baldwin married Lady Britt Baldwin. In the early years of their marriage they had three births, Allysia Camille Baldwin, Aaron Malachi Baldwin and the church, L.I.F.E.ACI. Pastor Baldwin was previously married prior to marrying Lady Britt. His previous wife passed of breast cancer. She was survived by their two sons Timothy G Baldwin, Jr. and Joseph M Baldwin.

    Pastor Baldwin has been educated in the Word of God through various church curricula, leadership training, and bible institutes. Pastor Baldwin is currently attending Liberty University. He will complete his education with a Doctorate degree in Theology.

    Pastor Baldwin's prayer is for the Body of Christ to be built up strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

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    The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show - The ESSENCE of a Strong Women

    in Motivation

    Over the next 5 weeks I will spotlight a number of women as they discuss, not only their journey but what the ESSENCE of a strong woman really is.

    The first show is subtitled: Game Changers

    Guest Panel:

    DR. PAMELA LOVE MANNING (aka “Dr. Pam Love”) is an inspirational speaker, certified professional coach, educator, and the leading expert on the “science of finishing”. She is the founder of the FINISHERS Network which she launched at the end of March. Based on the “science of FINISHING”, this network offers tools, resources, and support to help people “finish what they start”... www.icandothismovement.com/finishersnetwork

    DARLENE BROWN, CEO of Divine Empowerment, is a certified Personal Development and Business Leadership Coach; Inspirational Speaker and author with over 25 years of professional business experience...


    ARI SQUIRE is on a heart-filled mission to empower women and young ladies to do what they love and live their best life.  She is a success coach, life design strategist and an advocate for youth leadership.  She is also the founder Elevate Her, an educational  leadership, mentoring and positive influence club for girls  who are dedicated to overcoming the odds and not letting other people define their future...




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    MAN TALK - Fellas, Can YOU Handle the TRUTH?

    in Relationships


    This show is all about the man, but discussed for the ladies. Join us for another episode of MAN TALK. A look inside the mind of a male predator in the jungle of life. Can the lion handle the TRUTH and can he survive outside of his element? The is the basement conversation every LADY wants to hear.

    Fellas, can you handle the attention? Is too much attention unhealthy for your ego?
    What happens when you meet the women that's got more swag than you bargain for?
    What's going through your mind when you see a gorgeous woman?
    Do you have what it takes beyond stimulating her body? Can you stimulate her mind with enough intellectual conversation to make her mentally climax?
    What are the signs that she gives off to make you feel that she's interested and ready for the approach?
    Are you intimidated by the position and afraid of the title? eg. Dr. JD, etc.
    Do you think every woman wants you? She wants to focus on the boardroom, but you want focus on the bedroom. How do we keep the main thing from becoming the main entree?


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