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    Chris Gloss "The Possibilitarian" on NLL

    in Self Help

    Do you believe "All things are Possible?" NLL does thru the power of Christ who strengthens us. Well this week, we have "The Possibilitarian", Chris Gloss on this week's show. He is a powerful motivational speaker and "Possibility Coach" who will bless us with nuggets to take You to the Next Level
    Join the conversation @ 8pm EST, 7pm CST. 626-414-3490 or join us in the Chat room.   Next Level Living Radio Show: Talking to Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to live life on the Next Level!

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    Chris Gloss presents "The Law of Consistency"

    in Lifestyle

    Join Stacy Emeri, Dr. Ayo Kedar and "The Motivational Minister" Billie Miller for another episode of Mindshift Talk Radio as we welcome "The Possibilitarian", Chris Gloss as he shares his inspirational message on "The Law of Consistency". Tune in to hear how you can incorporate these success principals into your lifestyle to obtain your desired results in the area of business as well as your personal relationships. Don't miss it!

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    Let's explore the Possibilities with Mr. Chris Gloss

    in Motivation

    it is his real life experiences which enable him to identify and connect with his audience with passion and conviction, inspiring them to see beyond hopelessness and impossibility mindsets, freeing them from self imposed limitations and helping them to discover and grasp their own world of possibilities. Chris Gloss truly is the message that he brings. Join us as this inspiring speaker talks to us about how to create the ultimate possiblity and what to do with it when it comes!! Also, friend of the program Mr. Manifest Ra shares again insights on the power of spiritual meditation and devotion..right her on "the Conversation"..call in (917) 932-1078 see you there!!!

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    1st Quarter Success Check Up w/ Chris Gloss!!

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in to MindShift Talk Radio this week as our special guest, Chris Gloss "The Possibilitarian" joins us to share his 1st Quarter Success Check Up and encourage us to stay on course to hit all of our development goals this year!
    Whether you're looking to grow personally, professionally, or spiritually, the world's greatest Possibility Speaker, Chris Gloss will inspire, encourage and equip you with the tools and information you need to be successful this year, and for many more to come. Don't miss it!

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    Filmmaker Chris Eilenstine: Writer & Director of "The Soulless"

    in Radio

    Chris Eilenstine wants you to forget everything you know about the living dead. The Soulless is a post-apocalyptic story about a father and daughter surviving a zombie apocalypse that has wiped out most of humanity. The two main characters are David his daughter Nicole. Their story begins on Z Day, when the plague is released and most of humanity is wiped out. Nicole and her father find they have special immunities and abilities; and the zombie population doesn’t attack them. They can walk among the zombies without fear of being eaten. The story becomes about two people forming strong family bonds and surviving together, learning what it means to be a father and a daughter in a way that few people ever do. The word zombie first appeared in The Oxford English Dictionary in 1819, but the first introduction of the word into the English-speaking world was an 1889 article in Harper's Magazine called The Country of the Comers-Back by journalist Lafcadio Hearn. While learning local customs of the Caribbean, Hearn came across a legend of corps cadavres or walking dead. The fear of zombies was tied to the practices of voodoo where it is possible for their idea of a soul to be removed and replaced by a god or sorcerer. Voodoo was deeply connected with the forced work and slavery of the people of the Caribbean; the main fear was that it'd be possible after death for a sorcerer to reanimate your corpse into an obedient drone. Meet Filmmaker Chris Eilenstine and find out more about his interest in all things zombie. After the interview, visit After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more information.

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    New Spirit Radio Show with Chris Dufresne & Lessons from Sylvia - #18

    in Spirituality

    The New Spirit Radio Show by Novus Spiritus with Chris Dufresne and Lessons from Sylvia - # 18

    Chris will continue to be our special guest on the "New Spirit" Internet Radio Show - Every Wed. at 6pm Pacific Time!

    Chris will take questions from callers and the chat room.

    We will also continue playing special audio clips from a seminar, that Sylvia did, we call Lessons from Sylvia. You can listen LIVE or when you can listen to the archived shows under On-Demand Episodes.

    Thank you so much for your continued support!

    May Azna Bless You and Yours!

    Society of Novus Spiritus

    Happy New Year!

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    The Most Interesting Man in Hagerstown: My Interview with MTEK Chris Abbott

    in News

    Join me this Wedneday, January 28 at 9:00 p.m., for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with business owner, My Tech (MTek), Chris H. Abbott, Hagerstown's most infamous viral marketeer, public opiner and opinion shaper and chief agitator of all politicans alike. 

    I'll talk with Chris about how he got started in the computer business and his viral marketing techniques 
    I'll ask Chris about his provacative online persona, his sense of humor and his trademark Facebook satire and how he amassed an uncanny online following 
    I'll ask Chris about some of the controversies created as a result of his online social media persona 
    We'll discuss the friction he developed with some local politicans in Hagerstown AND
    I'll ask Chris about his ideas to improve the City of Hagerstown and move the City in a positive direction

    Learn more about Chris and his business here and check out Chris' Facbeook page here. 





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    Let the Smoke Roll with Chris Chadwick of Lets Talk Smoke!!!

    in Food

    BBQ marks the spot !! Im inviting you personally to join us with the Best Feel Good BBQ Show there is Its all good here !!! 6pm cst  Listen in  or even better yet CALL 347-202-0263 and Be the Show!!!!Couple of Questions I would like to discuss tonight  that I've see in Group post this past week Talking about Pork is it better pan cook or grate and wrap , What type of cooker is best??  Lets talk your cook, product or next event !!Cooking tips for everyone !!! The Show All about you and the Q Chat room will be up!!!Look me up on facebook Chris Chadwick or please join the Show Group: Let the Smoke Roll Chris Chadwick Lets Talk Smoke !!!!!Instragram Hawgcountycookers

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO its Wednesday !!!!!!!! Thats  how we ROLL !!!

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    Chris Molinari Interviews Brad Yates on EFT and Tapping

    in Business

    Chris Molinari Show - Cancer a Warriors Journey -  every Wednesday at 5:00PM Eastern on Building Fortunes Radio.

    Today Chris Molinari Interviews Brad Yates on EFT and Tapping.

    Chris has been a successful author, distributor, consultant and loves to help people!

    She's trained with the best... and writes for many as a ghost-writer.. so you can see her all over.
    She's a home based business guru with a pinch of NLP thrown in for effectiveness.

    Check out the weekly segment on Building Fortunes Radio:

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    Chris Carley - “The Millionaire Within Us” talking about her journey to success!

    in Business

     Chris Carley - “The Millionaire Within Us” talking about her journey to success with Doris Wood & Peter Mingils.

    From a $79 Loan from her dad, to many million dollars in earnings later, Chris will share with you her formula for success. It's not always a pretty story, but it is an interesting read.

    If you would like to buy Chris Carley's book go to http://www.chris-carley.com,  “The Millionaire Within Us”.

    You can hear all of her shows at:  http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/chris-carley-radio

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    43 - 5 Questions to Know If Your Financial Advisor Stinks

    in Entrepreneur

    What are the questions you should be asking?

    Do you KNOW whether they are doing the right things for you?

    In this episode, find out what questions you should be asking before it could cost you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS of dollars!

    Chris Miles Bio:

    Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, interviewed internationally on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples (http://www.moneyripples.com/) getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.

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