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    Treluv's P.O.V. Chocolate Storm

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    September 2, 2013 Monday from 3:00P.M.-4:00P.M. I will be live with one of your favorite female comedians Chocolate Storm. What's in a name? Chocolate Storm speaks for itself! She is a worldwind funny of a comedian and is yes the one and only chocolate storm. You have seen her on who's got joke and she was also a finalist in The BABCC in 2010. Currently she does plays and hosts a comedy Show every Monday in LA and a hot spot called The Cork off LaTierja. The line up for September 2, goes as follows: Host: Treluv, Comedians Novakane, Stevie Mack, the ever so funny Geoff Brown, and your headliner none other than the LIVING LEGEND Shang! You are in for a romping great podcast and a hell of a show!

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    Tune into The Drop Night Show Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 9:00pm est. This week show will be packed with entertainment. Your host Shaun Beastley and co-host Mr. Beau Carter will be interviewing actor/singer Keith Robinson. Robinson may be best known for his critically acclaimed role as “C.C. White” in the Academy Award winning feature film, Dreamgirls. Also Kwonder and Mzz Opinionated will be interviewing Female Comedian Chocolate Storm. Karen “Chocolate Storm” Acrie has endured the harsh streets of East St. Louis, Illinois and the rough streets of Long Beach, CA and risen above the ashes.  This former nurse and social worker turned comedian, stage play actor, and author of Hidden in Plain Sight, has endured physical, emotional and spiritual  pain and is bringing her story to the stage in “There, I Said It”. You don't want to miss this! Lastly, we’ll be capping your night off with a mix by Los Angeles own DJ Count. 

    The Drops goal is to give our listeners head bobbing music, saucy topics and exclusive interviews. The Drop supports Indie Artist and Entrepreneurs so if you’d like your music played or business advertised on the show send your contact info, short bio and track to thedropnightshow@gmail.com 

    Thank you for Supporting The Drop!




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    KB and the Revolutionary Ryders wrap up the week in sports, music, entertainment, politics and damn near everything else. Featuring LPE on the wheels of steel. MILWAUKEES finest Internet radio show, accept no substitutes. If Black people are talking, they're talking on Chocolate SIty


    414 STANDUP!!!!

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    Internal storms can destroy lives. Is an internal storm holding you back?

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    My internal storm has been holding me back for years.  What are internal storms? Internal storms are faith destroyers. Internal storms are self built walls, internal chaos, built out of uncertainty, anxiety, depression,doubt, fear, hurt, shame and disappointments. One has to remain still on occasion to force gained ground. Do not allow yourself to stay afraid, therebis nothing to be afraid of, still your heart and calm your head by no longer lashing outbat nonsense.  Learn how to speak calmly, directly and withn purpose. Do not waste your energies on negativity. Is it as easy as it's written? Not at all but with progress everyday, it gets easier. Allow the close of 2014 to end your internal storm and begin your remain calm journey...

  • the Quiet Storm Christmas Special

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    the Quiet Storm Christmas Special

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    Work UP Weds. with Sweet Chocolate & Mz.Cherry LOL on us!

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     Are you worked up!

    It's time for some laughter and work up! The middle of the week! We want to keep you going and motivated! So what's on yo mind? Let's getworked up and talk about it!!!

    Happy Holidays to ALL

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    Aileen Mand - Producer - The Festival of Chocolate

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     The Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection revs up for a sweet 2015 as they host The Festival of Chocolate the weekend on January 17-18, 2015.

    The Festival of Chocolate, Florida’s largest all-chocolate themed event, which has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and on ABC's The Chew, boasts amazing chocolate indulgences, the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show and a live cake decorating competition.

    The event presents the area's best chocolate and confection companies selling tastes and treats of everything chocolate from truffles, cake pops and cupcakes to cookies, brownies, ice creams and even a smores buffet all peppered through a mind-blowing micro car display. Chocolate savory items, including chocolate BBQ sauce, meat rubs, wines, vinegars and even chocolate spa products will return for those looking for an alternative to the super sweet.

    Set in one of the largest and most eclectic automotive collections in the world, award-winning pastry chefs and chocolatiers will host interactive demonstrations, sharing techniques and tricks of the trade. On January 17th, The Cocoa Couture Fashion Show featuring chocolate-inspired fashion hits the “Yumway” amongst the glitz and glam of the largest James Bond collection of its kind. And on Sunday, January 18th, a live cake decorating competition will give breathtaking artistic creations a tasty twist.

     Chocoholics of all ages will love making chocolate lip balm, chocolate roses, sandy candy and the more adventurous can try armpit fudge. Chocolate Foodies can indulge in Chocolate and Wine Pairings. Chocolate History Makers will attempt to beat world record challenge times.  


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    Back From the WEEKEND with Mz.Cherry & Sweet Chocolate

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    It's MONDAY! We are back from the weekend and Sweet Chocolate, Mz.Cherry and you! Are going to talk about Mental Illness tonight!

    What's the resolution? Is there a soulution? Are some people beyond sick? Who's to blame? Is itthe world of Pharmaceuticals? The Gov"T?

    Media Broadcast? How do we help people get cured? Is there a cure? Join us on ladies night with special guest in the bldg! A Teacher, A Counselor and A Student. 

    Special Guest; Sheila Johnson 

    Thank you to all our listeners and supporters! 

    Have a safe and Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas to ALL! Remember, DON'T Drink,Text& Drive! Save a L I F E!!!!!!

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  • Martus Ministry - "Eye of The Storm"

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    The Daily Sacrifices and the Third Temple, The False Prophet and his miracles, Two State Solution Antichrist treaty, Thoughts about Christmas as a Christian, "People will fail us, God never will" and more!

    for more information go to http://www.martusministry.org


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    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW – TONIGHT FROM 10:00PM TO 12:00AM. (EST) – If the truth be told there are many things that really could have us down for Christmas. You know better than we know what those things actually could be so we won’t name anything to give the enemy something to agitate your spirit with. Tonight we are going to give you a spiritual uplift so you can go into this right. Join us as we take the time to uplift each other, it will be well worth your time.  

    Join us tonight at 10pm (EST) with Kelsi M Arceneaux, David Massey Sr., Tony L BWord, Storm Harris, LaToya M. Newton, Veronica Lifestyle Making Changes as we follow the star to worship our Lord and Savior. You can listen to our show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet by clicking here:

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