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    Earth Needs Rebels Show P2 Richard Diaz joins Kevin Bull

    in Health

    Richard Diaz, Part 2, Author of the book Illness Defined; The Theorem. Richard Diaz believes that if you, as a patient have been diagnosed with a condition that has no identified cause and prescribed cure the probability of being influenced by one or more heavy metals is severe. Richard joins Kevin Bull with Katie (Research) re-broadcast on Free Thinking Voice [The Earth Needs Rebels Show] re-broadcast on http://freethinkingvoice.tv/ on Wednesday the 5th of June. Re-broadcast at 12pm-2pm PST; 1pm-3pm MT; 2pm-4pm CT; 3pm-5pm EST; 8pm-10pm GMT   Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show   with Kevin Bull & Katie (Research)   http://freethinkingvoice.org   Email theearthneedsrebelsshow@freethinkingvoice.tv                                 ------------------------------ Listen on Free Thinking Voice Radio http://freethinkingvoice.tv Monday to Sunday 7 days per week at 3pm-5pm EST; 8pm-10pm GMT.                             --------------------- Listen on Orion Talk Radio http:oriontalkradio.com LIVE Monday to Friday 1pm-3pm EST; 6pm-8pm GMT. LIVE Saturday 9am-11am EST; 2pm-4pm GMT.
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    NSA Chiropractic: A Holistic Approach w/ Dr. Katie Fahnel

    in Caregiving

    Network Spinal Analysis is an approach to Chiropractic Care developed by Dr. Donald Epstein that is based on a holistic wellness model and increasing body awareness.  Gentle precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.  Not only does Network Chiropractic improve the physical condition of spinal column and musculature, but improves emotional and psychological wellness, lifestyle choices and reduces overall stress levels.  NSA Chiropractic
    Dr. Katie Fahnel DC is a NSA Chiropractor based at The Healing Loft in Minneapolis, MN.  Tonight she will be interviewed by guest host Bel Marshall and she will talking about how she got involved in Chiropractice work and specifically Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic.  She will talk about how she works with the NSA and the success stories of her patients.  She will be taking questions from listeners during the show to help them see if NSA is right for them.
    About Dr. Katie Fahnel: Dr. Katie Fahnel received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI.  Trained in laboratory techniques and research, she experienced a shift in her career path after taking a nursing course in BodyMind Therapies--"just for fun."  Here, Dr. Katie was first exposed to different alternative healing modalities and discovered the wellness paradigm and the power of touch.  Chiropractic seemed a natural marriage between her science background and her desire to help people heal.   She was first exposed to the transformational power of Network Chiropractic halfway through chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University and began her journey...

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    Inspired Children with Dr Rosina- Chiropractic care for kids

    in Parents

    Join Dr Rosina as she interviews Dr Brett Grant on the benefits of chiropractic care for children. Dr Brett is a Chiropractor in Chatswood, NSW Australia specializing in family health and wellbeing.
    In his practice "Family Chiropractic"  www.chatswoodchiropractic.com Dr Brett sees many young clients ranging from babies through to teenagers. Over the course of the interview you will learn what chiropractice care is and how it can benefit children.
    Since completing his Masters in Chiropractic Brett has worked with many young children with learning difficulties.  I will be sharing some of the amazing testimonials on the show.
    You will also learn about the latest research on the benefits of chiropractice care and Dr Brett -  a qualified instructor for Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique, will explain how this gentle, low force, chiropractic technique works.
    Dr Brett has served on the Board of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and his practice been recognised in the North Shore Times business of the year awards, winning in 2006; and most recently recognised by the Rotary Clubs of Chatswood, receiving the first “Excellence in Business Ethics Award” for a business in Australia.
    Join Dr Rosina for another informative and lively interview. 

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    in Religion

    We are living in a day and time where people live anyway they want to without no respect for God and morality. There is no character, personalities are flaud. When things get as bad as they are "Judgement" is on the way, God's Judgement that is. Were going to discuss different topics that bring Gods judgement to a nation. We have two special guest, Dr. Connie Hayes of Fit 4 Life Chiropractice located at 2310 S. Grand St Louis Mo 63104 and Joynisha Perry.