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    Momma's Babies Fathers Maybe

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will be talking about how men and fathers really don't stand a chance when it comes to the children. Women can pretty much do what ever they want but the men only have to make one mistake and the little rights he got are gone for ever.. Why are all men treated the same as a few bad apples. So tune in from 7pm to 9pm tonight central time 

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    Having babies for money in America!

    in Entertainment

    Greedy people always want more and they find crafty ways of getting it. But having babies to get paid? That has to be the all time low right? Well you can't say that for the women that are raking in the dollars from the millionaire men that they date. Having babies for these golden boys has proven prosperous to these modern day gold diggers. Chime in and give us your views on this quite interesting topic Monday December 14, 9AM EST.

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    Where Are All The Babies?

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Julia Aziz, author of Lessons of Labor: One Woman’s Self-Discovery Through Birth and Motherhood, talks about reclaiming the self in motherhood. Spotlight on Moms features Tiffany Graves of TiffanyGravesLaw.com. SCREEN founder and CEO, Tali Orad, shares why she felt the need to create a solution to help parents manage screen time. Mary Bowley, founder of Welspring Living, shares the plight of children fighting sexual abuse and exploitation. Debbie Slevin, author of Unpregnant Pause: Where Are All The Babies? shares how society can do to become more supportive of a woman’s decision to become a single mother.

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    Children: Potential Future Leaders

    in Lifestyle

    The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest will expound on the maturity of today's children that is standing in line to be the potential leaders of the future of this world. Can we sleep at night being confident in the ability of our young children to lead us prosperously. If we should take a good look at the behavior of our today's youth, can we see the potential growth or failure of the world. How frightened are we and is that fear enough for us to do something about it. Are we destined to live the balance of our promised life at the mercy of children, our potential future leaders. Join us today, Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 7:30pm (cst) by dialing 347-843-4945 and share with others how you feel. Understand, our potential future leaders are being groomed for life, but by whom?


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    What Are Your Children Doing??

    in Culture

    What do you think about homeschooling? Do you know what your children are learning in class? Are you paying attention to what games they play and shows they watch? Do you listen to your children? Do you know their interests, their friends, their challenges? The concept of children being at odds with their parents is a western concept that is foreign to melanated people everywhere. However, we've been acclamated by enslavement, social engineering, media hypnotism, religious programming...until we raise our children like potential enemies. But there are some beautiful examples of our strong families as well. What does it take for a family to be connected and cooperative in modern society? We'll talk most about what challenges our children are facing, and how we can support them.

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    in Self Help

    After completing her course in astrology, Leah Edmonds has been fascinated with how much of the informtion she learned is so valid and relevent to daily life. She has been participating in UsuiReiki since 2008, and continues her research to date. A passion for the eduction for small children, she believes that sharing time with children is a sacred gift to be cherished implicitly.

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    in Parents

    This show will be at 4:00 pm U.S. Eastern and 9:00 pm U.K.


    Sunday, September 21 ~ with call-in ~ an uplifting, inspiring show

    HOST:  Corri Milner                GUEST:  Angela Connolly ~ from the U.K.

    Owner of Alltogether Kids ~ http://www.alltogetherkids.co.uk ~ email: angelaconnolly79@alive.co.uk
    On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/alltogetherkids 
    Also does various types of sessions for achieving Tranquil Sessions

    Angela is a Specialist in & teaches:  • Children's Meditation & Yoga • Baby Calming • Brain Development 
    Other: Reiki Master - Aromatherapist – Reflexologist - Colour & Crystal Healer -Volunteered w/ Social Care - Teaching Asst. w/ Special Needs Children - Level 3,4 Foundation Degree (U.K.) Teaching Children

    In our fast-paced, quickly changing world, it is very easy for children to become ungrounded and pulled in many different directions.  It can be stressful and anxiety-producing for both children and parents.  Meditation for children is unlike the methods adults use to meditation.  Learn how this can benefit both you and your child

    Some of the benefits of Meditation Classes for children:

    Improves sleep
    Reduces anxiety
    Improves confidence and self-esteem
    Creates a coping toolbox to deal with extreme emotions

    Live Your Potential ~ and help your children Live Their Potential

    Corri Coaching
    email:  corrimilner@gmail.com
    LinkedIn:    Corri Milner
    Facebook:  Corri Coaching

    (photo by Mayan Brenn ~ Berkutt83@hotmail.it)

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    Dangers of EMFs - The greater vulnerability of children and infants and toddlers

    in Health

    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dr. Devra Davis will discuss electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and the greater health risk to children, infants and toddlers.

    Dr. Devra Davis founded the non-profit Environmental Health Trust in 2007 in Teton County, Wyoming, to provide basic research and education about environmental health hazards and promote constructive policies. Devra Davis’ career has spanned all areas of academia, public policy, and scientific research. She is the author of more than 190 scientific publications, editor of 11 books, and has written two best-selling books. Dr. Davis is one of the most vocal and credible voices warning about the dangers of cell phone radiation.

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    Rosina McAlpine, Ph.D.: Inspired Children

    in Self Help

    “Inspired Children” Are Inspired to…..What? My hope is they’ll be inspired to be themselves. Inspired to explore the world, to try new things, to challenge what doesn’t feel good and embrace what does feel good. Inspired to be joyful, to play, to experiment, to Love. I found Rosina through an e-mail. She so impressed me, I contacted her and asked if we could do some work together. She teaches people Win-Win Parenting. Come find out how she approaches the idea of developing Inspired Children.

    Rosina McAlpine is an Economics Professor……who teaches parenting! And, she’s one of the wonderful people who aims to make what most people experience as a complicated job, much more simple. With a very warm heart, a joy and enthusiasm that will positively lift your day, and a simple approach for Win-Win Parenting, Rosina brings her approach for raising Inspired Children all the way from Australia to us and the rest of the world. You’ll love this!  Click here to visit Dr. Rosina McAlpine’s website!

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    D'Andrea Bolden: Cultivating & Developing Prophetically Gifted Children

    in Books

    God desires to awaken and begin to deal with prophetically gifted children early on in life. These supernaturally endowed children are filled with gifts that must be properly recognized and nurtured. Many of these unique children have the tendency to be mislabeled, mishandled or completely overlooked. This is sad because the course of an individual's adult life is greatly influenced during their childhood. The foundation of the Word of God along with the combination of practicality and the understanding of child development can all play a role during a child's formative years.

    It is important that there are faith-based books and materials that encourage spiritual growth and development not only in adults but in children. Children are one of our greatest blessings from God. We want to raise a generation of Kingdom Ambassadors that have an understanding of who they are in God along with their assignment in the earth. It is time for our children to be Spirit filled world changers that can fulfill THEIR prophetic destiny.

    D'Andrea Bolden (Dee) is a minister with a strong anointing and grace for teaching the word of God with an emphasis on deliverance, healing, and restoration. She is the founder of Walking In Authority Ministries (WIAM), which serves the purpose of shifting believers to a place of Kingdom authority.

    As an entrepreneur and marketplace minister she focuses on media and business/ministry establishment and upgrade by conducting workshops and seminars across the country.

    She is also a TV & radio show host with a heart to reach people all over the globe with Christ centered media.  See more http://www.wiamglobal.com/blog/3-tips-for-effective-christian-counseling

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