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    Paranormal Frequencies - Bishop James Long

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we hear from Bishop James Long.  Bishop Long is an Old Catholic Bishop who has had his experience and intrests in the paranormal.  He has appeared on the show Ghost Adventures a few times to aid the fellas on their investigations.  If you have questions for the Bishop, listen live and feel free to call in during the show.

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    Expired "best if used by" LIVE hosted by Craig Sicilia

    in Education

    It's been about a year since the organization grew, it grew so much it consumed me in every way, more groups than possible, more out reach hoping that everyone would be able to find a voice or ear.  I had this weird vision that their could be a great unity of survivors, I saw this great potential for survivors.  As we grew I disapeared, it happened so quick their was so much need.  But for the need and the good there would be like dragons people who only destroyed and went after people, it fed them some how, then there is the political areana their as out of control as survivors that;s its own part of us, there is big money in brain injury..


    I am really looking forward to camp, after camp i have to put things in perspective, i have litterally let everything go in this quest a quest that many don't want one that maybe i am tired of fighting, i have not really had contact with reality for a year I have been so busy, busy putting into place my life now, three priorities 1. get out of the poverty bracket 2. Do things for me 3. follow the path that will be infront of me.

    I know the universe has some warped thing in store for me, now its time to explore that, finding that place where what i have to offer will make me a living.  Building my new life one that fulfills my dreams and my childerns.  What that is I don't know but i know it's coming now, believing in me, i just need to keep my mind open because it might not even be in this field what i do know dont offer enough value to sustain my family so that tells me something, tonight explore do we expire or what

  • failing from behind

    in Politics Conservative

    President Obama came to office Saying he'll adopt the theory letting America lead from Behind, The results where severe Faliures. America now is a joke and no body fears us. This can lead to attackes on America or its intrests. and Obama won't do a thing.

    Non intervention polocy dose not mean to be weak, it means that you are strong but humble, you deal with every body and not get involved in nation bulding. But you have to defend america and its intrests.


    We appoligoze, Due to technical problems this was not aired on time and was delaid for 1 week. 

    second delay for unforsean rasons for 3 days

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    A Look at the History of The Champion Talk Crew

    in Entertainment

    A very special edition of Champion Talk, we have a raw honest discussion about our days as backyard wrestlers. We talk about a friendships that were forged with desire to entertain. The drama that ripped at the soul of a tight group, A look at the colorful roster throughout the 8 years of the oCWa. So join us as we travel down a road full of emotion. Some of the classic roster may join us and The Wire WILL cut loose on some of the major insider problems with the oCWa, All this and a honest discussion on Backyard Wrestling today.

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    Annoucement: Show Cancelllation Today and Updates!

    in Radio

    Hello Every One! This Lardy Miss Clardy on BTR...

    I have an announcement. Todays, show on Wuzup-9ja is cancelled due to a change in schedule...

    I know you are wondering what is going on with the programs...however, we changing up some stuff and adding on some things and we have a few technical difficulties along the way.  But, please stay tuned in!

    I have a new co-guest her name is, Mahonale J to bring spice to our upcoming program this coming Tuesday on "Run Yo Mouth Night!" at 7:30pm PST/10:30pm EST and Wuzup-9ja is changing schedule days to Saturdays only, @ 1:30pm PST/9:30 WAT, until further notice. We are lining up guests for each show to bring you a variety of intrests and entertainment.

    Please stay tuned in...on Lardy Miss Clardy and Company on BTR!







    I know you probably wondering what is going on with Lardy Miss Clardy and her programs.

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    Emergency transmission from FEMA region II

    in Politics Conservative

       As we are led to fight over non existing racism and other PC concerns Infiltraters in our government backed by international banking intrests are robbing us blind and passing laws that will make it all but impossible to do anything about it or even speak out about it.

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    kyle's conversation

    in Paranormal

    Tonight on the conversation we will discuss We will talk about the birthday I celebrated yesterday turning 39. Also we will discuss the start of the 2014 NASCAR season and the Man United rut. Justina is a girl who as taken from her parents by boston childerns hosptial. The story is crazier then you think just make you think twice when signing the papers at the ER for treatment. Goin me for the conversation.  

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    GSICR welcomes Prophet Jonathan Shaw

    in Goals

    GSICR welcomes Prophet Jonathan Shaw
    Crown Ministries International Inc. Senior Pastor · Brooklyn, New York Oversee the Spiritual and executive intrests of the ministry. Husband to Sabrina Shaw   491 Wortman Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11208  

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    The Just Us League: Revolutions

    in Entertainment

    The Just Us League:Revolutions The Just Us League is a show just about the ongoings and relative topics and intrests of people living in the Montego Valley. Hosted by the Original Andy and co hosted by the Bo Didley. Sit back, Relax, call in and enjoy some time with us. Because here at the league, It's Just Us. 

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    activity book

    in Hobbies

    I want to know what childern want to see in an activity workbook.

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    USA Paranormal Radio- Research Institute of Paranormal

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     Golden GTN Award Winner
     USA Paranormal Radio 
    Staring Host Debbie Perkins
    Interview with Chris Matheny and Kimberly Huddle Brouillette will come shair there intrests and knolage of Bigfoot Research, UFO, and Paranormal, and also about there New Show WHat Lies Beond