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    CDA Plus... Childcare Dollars Accelerator, Plus! A New Professional Journal.

    in Education

    The CDA, or the Child Development Associate, is an important credential for those in the professional childcare space.   Commercial center Directors, and even family child care providers have this credential either because it is mandatory for the job they hold, or as a step towards professionalism and career advancement.

    Childcare is one industry that is here to stay no matter how the economy changes, however, the profitability of this industry is still subject to all the challenges of other businesses, even though demand for this service will never go away.

    Maintaining the CDA credential requires continuing education, and this education opportunity is prolific, but most of what is available surrounds the job itself - how to care for the kids, curriculum, safety, center specs, and more.  Very litte niche specific education and resources exist that talk about money and profitability in this space.  This publication speaks to your personal development as a leader in the industry, and most importantly, to your money.

    The CDA Plus..., The Childcare Dollars Accelerator Plus, is a professional journal recently launched to speak to that need.

    The founding editors are myself, Trudy Beerman, the Lifestyle Upgrades the Debt-Free Wealth Way Money Coach, and veteran CPR/Safety Trainer to the childcare industry; and Nadine Burnside - a 30+ year veteran of the childcare industry, and owner/Director of two commercial childcare centers.

    You know childcare.  Now, let's talk business!   If you are an owner/director in the childcare space, or if you hold the CDA credential, this show is for you.

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    Should Literacy Training Be A Prerequisite To Being A Childcare Provider?

    in Self Help

    The State laws are now changing and some state are requiring that a Certified Childcare worker be crendentialed and certified in English as, The New Language Learner. How do you feel about these practices? Do you feel that they are considered,as best practices for a child? Please join us in a scholarly discussion. You May call in at the number below.

     You may call the number below:







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    What Are The Professions In Childcare, That A CDA Credential Can Be Use For?

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    Join us in a discussion on the topic of what professions , that you can utilize your CDA Credential for?  Ladies and Gentlemen your CDA and or CCP credential can be utilized in a variety of profession settings.  Call in this evening to discuss your future outlook in the childcare profession. Ladies are obtaining that National Director's credential and owing and operatining their own childcare facilities. There are other professions also that require you to either obtain a license in the childcare field such at in the profession of, Child Life Specialist and many more!   Please,come out to join us in a discussion! You can call into the station to voice your input!



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    childcare fusion

    in Family

    The difference between daycare and childcare. The types and names of childcare- Briefly, what do they do?
    Child Care Fusion wants to assist in the evolution of child care. "Let's Dream a new child care society."
    Your hostess, Rhonda Teague owner of Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC, a 24-hour childcare service. http://www.twlsnc24hr.com

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    Quality Care for Precious Cargo: Smart Childcare

    in Women

    Returning guest Judy Helm Wright (AKA Auntie Artichoke) will talk about childcare issue—one of concerns many mompreneurs have, especially for some of us who still have very young kids.    

    Juggling a mom-biz while tending to the needs of our children is the ultimate balancing act we all need to perform. And for most of us who have our business office at home, finding that previous and quiet time to tackle business-related tasks can be a challenge with kids around.

    So what solution do we have? Childcare…but not just any kind of childcare.


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    Guest Linda Smedley Join Us As We Discuss Issues Facing Women

    in Christianity

    Linda Y. Smedley is a mother, wife and minister of the gospel, who has a passion for seeing people get delivered, set free and healed through the promises of God. As a single mother of four, God chose to use her gifts to start an in home daycare which solidified her love for entrepreneurship. Trinity4life childcare became more than a daycare service…it catapulted her into ministry, as almost 90% of her daycare parents were single and broken. Now embarking on a new endeavor with her LadySmedleyDesigns line where she customizes t-shirts, mugs, drawstring and tote bags as well as canvas wall art, Linda is customizing the Word of God in a unique way! On her horizon is her first book entitled ‘Because of love’, a blogging website titled ‘Hearts exposed’ as well as her Master’s degree in ministry. Linda has launched a Domestic Violence Awareness campaign that is dedicated to bringing the light of awareness to the dark areas of domestic violence. She has created a line of awareness apparel along with a drawstring bag filled with a variety of personal hygiene products for a person who has decided to escape their abuser.

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    Mommy Wars

    in Parents

    Laurette Lynn offers commentary and perspectives on the ongoing battle between parents who make contrasting decisions in childcare.  From co-sleeping to vaccinating, viewpoints, opinions and sometimes even truths of "right and wrong" are loosely defined.  The struggle continues and many advocates fiercely defend and promulgate the agenda and plight of parental decisions.   But Laurette proposes that the ferocity of activism is not always in the best interest of the child, but is instead a otherwise unnecessary stroke of ego.

    Listen in to the pondering, then the suggested solutions offered on how to communicate our views more effectively and truly make it about learning and improving as parents, and as people. 


    For more information visit Laurettelynn.com 
    To suggest a topic or be a guest, contact: info at Laurettelynn . com

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    "Men Talk Monday" Why We Still Don't See Working Men as Fathers

    in Family

    While mothers will likely get much of the attention for their flood into the workplace and the barriers they still face, fathers will at least partially share the spotlight. This comes after a few smaller meetings, including one on working fathers specifically. Fathers, on the other hand, are a sure bet. While women with children make less than childless ones, fathers actually make more than men without kids. We still don’t see men as children’s caregivers, inside or outside of the home. Even the government has a problem with this: The Census counts mothers as the “designated parent” no matter what the actual family situation may be and only counts dad’s care if mom is gone.  Fathers increasingly want to be fathers. Pew found 46 percent of fathers felt that they don’t spend enough time with their kids, compared to less than a quarter of mothers. They are equally stressed about balancing their work and their families. Two-thirds of fathers in a 2011 survey wanted to split childcare duties with their spouse.

    And yet of those same fathers, two-thirds admitted that their wives provided more care. The reality is that no one can really do enough in either arena, so everyone is making a choice. It’s just that the choices are different depending on the gender. So how can we give men what they want and let them be parents as well as workers?

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    ClearHeartLife w Godis ShaniAsantewaa> 501c. EFfective Tool for Nation Building

    in Self Help

    There are all sorts of 501cs not just the 3.  We will explore how we can build our Multigeneratinal Age-In-Place Community via 501cs
    ClearHeartLife w/ Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers. Practically APPLY metaphysical techniques to AFFIRM LIFE, Health, Wealth, Relations, Creative Self-Expression, Community, Effective Strategic ACTION. No lamentations nor mere observations. Cultivating Self LOVE, we Graciously Accept our blissful Divine Inheritance; Illuminate events of the day to derive metaphysical messages, lessons, blissings & solutions that enlighten; Speak our Holy Word INVENTING our NOW of Respect Honor Grace & Prosperity & Resume our duties as earthkeepers, powerbrokers & game changers. Book Renaissance Woman~Yogini Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers Mother of 4, Metaphysician, Psychic Surgeon, Civil Engineer (MIT '84), Belly Dance Therapist, Environmentalist, Organic Coop Cofounder, Chef, Artist, Permaculturist, Inventor, Prepper, Culture Doyenne, Manufacturer of Natural Compounds, Lecturer & Author now  215.253.2134
    #blacklivesmatter #ferguson #Handsupdontshoot #Icantbreathe #mikebrown #occupy #thelegacyofanation

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    The Next Generation of Gardeners

    in Education

    The Next Generation of Gardeners!
    Lil' Suburban Homestead
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Karen Lynn interviews Christina Kamp, Blogger at Little Sprouts this week!  Christina Kamp is a family childcare provider in Oklahoma with a passion for giving kids her very best and caring for the whole child. She has been teaching in her home for almost 20 years.  She believes teaching kids to grow their own food with naturally is the key to saving our future.  She is learning right along with them as she teaches them about recycling and caring for the earth.  She blogs about their learning adventures and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and her experience with others.

    Read More HERE!

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    New Businesses Coming Out Owner/CEO of Miniature Me Academy Miss. Joy

    in Social Networking

    What's Up #Diamonds,

    Here we are again with a new week, and a new episode of the LJDN Show! So far this month has brought some interesting and challenging guest. This show has brought happiness to so many of my guest, given free exposure to their companies and helped  increase there social media connections.

    results vary just like advertisement only thing is my show does charge you any money for it. I thank all of you for that your #continued support it’s what keeps this show going #muchappreciated #loveDiamonds.  All I can say is it’s free, and it’s here, so why not use it… that’s why the show was created.

    Monday’s guests understand the meaning of free advertisement because when she opened her center she looked for it and utilized every avenue that offered it. My Monday’s guest is Miss. Joy (formally known as) Miss. Monique the now Owner and CEO of her very own child care facility called Miniature Me Academy. Yep! She did it! Most of you who have been listening to my show since last year remember my interview with Miss. Joy. She’ll be here to tell us about her new business opening experience. She will also share some back to school and back to work tips for working parents, and single parents. Check out the show on Monday it will also be a great time for you to ask questions about finding good care for your children, phone lines will be open.

    If you haven’t stopped by the LJDNShow.com website and checked out the monthly pictures or read my July wrap-up or checked out the pictures and information on the #DiamondDelight and guest pages.Hurry! August is moving fast and September will be here before you know it. See you in the virtual world. =) If you would like to be a guest on this show send me an email to: guest@ljdnshow.com, if you would like us to play your music on the show submit it to: music@ljdnshow.com.