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    A Silent Crime - Child Sexual Abuse

    in Self Help

    Tonight our broadcast on the Generation No More discussion will be looking into the dark reality of Child Sexual Abuse. This is a show important whether you work with children or are just a concerned adult who wants to know more about the dangers of this very silent crime. We begin at 9pm eastern/ 8pm central/ 6pm pacific time. Our call in number is 347-215-7754 for your questions, comments, shares. You can also connect with many others by signing into blogtalk with any social ID to join in our chatroom commentary during every broadcast.
    What is child sexual abuse? Most of us can answer this with the response of Molestation or ANY sexual contact with a child under the age of 18. Do you know however that this is a crime? Do you know what behaviors to watch for in those young children who are unable to tell us what's going on? Do you understand how to bring about conversation with a young child about sexual abuse? Do you know what Pedophiles and Predators look for in their victims?
    These are many of the topic points shared on our website to help you spot and rescue a victim. Tonight we are talking about this live with you, in massive detail, so that you will be better prepared to spot harm to your child or perhaps a child next door, down the street, or in your classroom.
    We strive to bring you the very best of our broadcasting and hope to encourage your interest and live participation during the shows. Our archives are always available to listen at your convenience, however with live shows you also get the pleasure of connecting with many others in the mission of protecting our children, giving them a better world tomorrow, being their voice and strong advocates within your homes, communities, schools.
    This is a broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. Our shows are not intended as any form of legal or psychological professional help. We highly recommend seeking counseling and/or legal advocacy when abuse happens.

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    -The show AWE Team will give updates & highlights of Upcoming AWE Awards Event in London for 29th June 2013. - Priscilla Musonda the Author of 'Stolen Childhood,The 3C's' and a nominee for AWE ward for the Author of the year Award. Pricilla survived childhood sexual abuse and now helps other victims to ovecome the traumatic experiences. Priscilla will be discussing what s Child Sexual Abuse, and she will also discuss ways of identifying and helping victims. Evelyn Corrado- Will be hosting the Show; She has previously worked with victims of Child Abuse during her work in Mental Health and aslo in her counselling services. She enjoys to see people succeed as they overcome life setbacks through her professional and confidential support. Hence, she does Online and face to face counselling which you can access via www.ev-onlinecounselling.com .Thank you. AWE Team.

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    The Watchtower, Mind-Control & The Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse

    in Religion

    Chris guest on this show is author/lecturer/mind-control expert Fritz Springmeier as they tackle the recent hearings in Austrailia by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse against the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society on their long history of meticulous record-keeping and peculiar cover-up of 1006 cases of unreported molestation in that country.

    Springmeier, either the author or co-author of several books on groups that excercise Watchtower-like control (Worldwide Evil and Misery, The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines) over their members and ties them all into a common thread.  In his book The Watchtower  & the Masons Springmeier says:

    "It has always been disconcerting that the Masons are so adept at smokescreens. The leader of the Anti-Masonic political party in the 1830-1840’s turned out to be a Mason.  Both C.T. Russell and J. Rutherford printed material that was less than favorable to Freemasonry.  And yet I now know that C.T. Russell was a Freemason, a Knights Templar.  I also know that Rutherford worked intimately with Freemasons who were his good friends."


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    White Out Child Sexual Abuse Day April 30th

    in Entrepreneur

    It happened to Oprah, it happened to Ellen, it happened to Monique, and it happend to 42,000,000 other reported survivors in the United States. Child sexual abuse is an epidemic affecting 1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys --- and only 1 in 10 ever tell. 93% of children are abused by someone they kow ad the median age is 9.

    WHITE OUT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE DAY APRIL 30th is part of THE VOICE MOVEMENT to bring the issue of child sexual abuse out of the closet and into the public arena. We are asking the wolrd to stand for the innocence of a child by earing white on April 30th and mourn the innocence lost of 42,000,000 survivors in the US.

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    Best Defense in Sex Offenses & Child Sexual Abuse

    in Lifestyle

    Best Defense – Sex Offenses & Child Sexual Abuse
    Update and important information by Guest Lisa M. Wayne, Esq.
    Law Offices of Lisa M. Wayne
    News that Matters
    Prisoner's Perspective
    Events of Interest

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    Child Sexual Abuse -Prevention and Awareness

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    SDIAG sheds light on the silenced topic of Child Sexual Abuse for April Child Abuse Prevention Month. 1 out of 3 girls, 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before age 18.Child Sexual Abuse awareness and prevention. From Darkness to Light survivor stories of Sexual Child abuse and our very own Founder of SDIAG will talk about these silenced topics and the importance of Breaking the Silence.IT IS 98% PREVENTABLE.

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    Panelist Rhett Hackett & Chad Fletcher Answer Your Questions Child Sexual Abuse

    in Spirituality

                   Inspiration~Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! w/Dr. Beverly L. Swanson                     Real People Sharing Real Stories of Great Trials Great Faith & Great Victories!

    With Sexual Child abuse, Sex Trafficking and Teen Prostitution on the rise we simply MUST TALK about this very sensitive yet necessary subject!  I have Two Remarkable Men Rhett Hackman & Chad Fletcher, joining me on the Broadcast as a Panelist both  these men were victims of Pre-Teen & Teenage Sexual Abuse, even as young as age 7! ON THE AIR with me to ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!  Wednesday 05/06/15,     11-12:30 PST Call In # 347-202-0120.   Rhett Hackett is a male survivor of child sexual abuse from age 12-17. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show - "200 Men Episode", and has been featured on radio, television, and newspapers.   Chad Fletcher became educated on child sexual abuse from the front line starting at the age of 7 until he turned 14.  Chad grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  In 2010, he went public of his story on the Oprah Winfrey Show episode "200 Men Sexually Abused". show and allowed his story to be profiled for the world to see so that other victims suffering would know that they were not alone. 

    Dr Beverly L. Swanson of EAGLE WINGS drbeverlylswanson.com 



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    Doug Jones Stop Child Sexual Abuse

    in Youth

    Welcome back to WHR You Decide!
    In this special edition of our program, Patricia and I have teamed up to perform the research for the feature article for  one of the most talented actors of our age, Doug Jones, who we are honored to interview and will be here to chat with you at 347-838-9722 this Sunday October 06, 2013 at 10 AM Pacific time! Let it be known that Doug Jones is a crusader, fighting to help stop the horrible menace of Child Sexual Abuse! As our special guest on WHR You Decide this Sunday, Jones has chosen the very sensitive subject of child slavery and sexual abuse of children in America. Doug has worked tirelessly with Street Grace of Atlanta Georgia to combat this horrific crime against the most vulnerable in our society.
    As Doug wrote to us;
    "The problem (of child sexual slavery) is multi-leveled, as there are the business pimps using the kids, there's the customer base driving the business, and there's the kids who are in a position to be lured in. So many angles to attack from.  When it comes to the kids themselves, the deteriorating family unit is of special concern to me.  So this subject matter of parents and their children grabs my heart when I'm looking at film projects. "
    We will discuss his 2010 film, The Candy Shop, and encourage you to help stop the horrendous practice of Child Sexual Abuse. Thank you.

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    Chad Fletcher Sr. Victim Child Sexual Abuse Age 7-14 Yrs Shares To Save Others

    in Spirituality

        Inspiration~ Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! w/ Dr. Beverly L. Swanson                       A LIVE Radio Talk Show of Real People Sharing Real Stories of Great Trials, Great Faith & Great Victories!  

    Inspiration~ Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! Would like to welcome featured Guest Chad Fletcher Sr.  Chad Fletcher became educated on child sexual abuse from the front line starting at the age of 7 until he turned 14.  Chad grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  In 2010, he went public of his story on the Oprah Winfrey Show episode "200 Men Sexually Abused".  Chad was a featured guest on the show and allowed his story to be profiled for the world to see so that other victims suffering would know that they were not alone.  Upon his return from doing the show he came back with a desire to want to reach out to others so that innocent children would not be victimized.  Chad says, "I am ready to begin doing something that I am 100% passionate about"! I have recently joined forces with the team at Humanity Preservation Foundation (HPF) to begin a Michigan chapter. HPF is a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness and aiding in the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Bullying. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 of 4 girls and 1 of 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. This is an Epidemic that can be stopped if we provide our children and the adults around them the facts needed to stop future abuse.  JOIN US On The Air! BlogTalkradio.com/drbeverlylswanson

    Dr Beverly L. Swanson~ Eaglewings drbeverlylswanson.com


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    Addressing Child Sexual Abuse in India

    in Health

    India’s huge population, vast demographic differences and socio cultural complexities present challenges to addressing child sexual abuse. Get an insight and be inspired by three professionals from varied backgrounds who are breaking off chunks from the rock of denial, diffidence, ignorance and paranoia which epitomize the context. Join our host, Diane Cranley, as she talks with Vidya Reddy MA - Co-founder of Tulir a direct prevention initiative with children which includes online safety; Archana Dange - Master Franchisee, Teacher trainer for 40 schools across the state, Manager of the Helen O Grady Drama Academy; Trupti Chengalath Sreedhara - Volunteer Organizer and Technology Communications, Prevention Campaign Developer;  Nancy Thomas MASW - Co founder of  Tulir - Centre for the Prevention  Healing of Child Sexual Abuse at Chennai, India.

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    Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

    in Family

    Childood Matters: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse--April 11, 2010
    No child should ever have to experience sexual abuse, nor keep their experience a secret. How can we protect our children from life long consequences and offer them safe environments in which to heal and grow? How can parents and teachers identify the signs of child sexual abuse? Join Nurse Rona and guests to discuss child sexual abuse