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    City of Norco Presents: The Parade of Lights!

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    Looking for something festive to do this weekend?  Check out the City of Norco's 10th Annual Horsetown USA "Parade of Lights & Winter Festival!"

    You'll hear from the organizers of the event and discover why this time honored event is one the entire region looks forward to all year long!

    This year's event will include Breakfast with Santa and an extended Winter Festival!

    $5 Breakfast with Santa 9a.m.-11a.m.
    $5 Activity Wristbands for Winter Festival 9a.m.-9p.m.
    Additional Charge for Carnival Rides 9a.m.-9p.m.

    Train Ride! 

    Skating Rink! 

    Petting Zoo! 

    Live Entertainment!

    Craft Vendors!  

    Food Vendors! 

    NASCAR simulator!

    Santa's Workshop! 

    Pictures with Santa!

    Find out more on the event by clicking here!

    Check out the event Facebook page by clicking here!

    For even more information, contact the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services at (951) 270-5632.

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    A pansexual engaged to a gay man? Yes! Celebrating 2nd anniversary today!

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    What happened when Daniel G. Taylor first met his fiance Joshua Lansell-Kenny? 

    How have these two gents managed to co-create a life together that celebrates both:

    an age difference as well as

    two unique sexual orientations?

    Listen to Daniel and Joshua share a bit about their unique relationship as they celebrate their second anniversary as well as one-year engagement!

    Wish these guys a happy Anniversary by sharing a comment in the comment box below!

    To be on this show, click this link to email Soul, host of Gay Soul Talk with details about your show.  

    After the show, click this link to learn more about the Holiday Blues Buster program Soul mentions at the end of the show.



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    Could gentrification be the answer to violence in Chicago?

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    Join us today 5:30 CST as we raise the question:

    Could gentrification be the answer to violence in Chicago?

    When a more diverse group of families move into a neighborhood should this be viewed as a negative, particularly when greater resources and opportunities come as a result of this migration?

    Why do you think that some Black neighborhoods are not desirable and what can be done to make these neighborhoods more desirable even for Black families?

    To share your thoughts, views and opinions call 718-508-9533 Press #1 to express your ideas or click on the second link below to listen 


  • Baseball Week In Review Chicago Style

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    Join MLB expert Billy Brost, as we take a look at all of the latest off season, hot stove moves in Major League Baseball! We'll discuss the very active San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, as well as take a look at what teams like the Mets, Yankees, Mariners and A's are doing!  We have a ton of hot stove activity to talk about with Billy, who always gives it to us straight!  So join us for an hour of in depth, entertaining and informative baseball talk!

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    Wednesday Cubbie Day but not Chicago?

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    The Big Jack and Dan the Man agree that the greatest job in the world is to cover sports.  Whether it is in our backyard with Jay Cutler and the Bears, D Rose and the Bulls.  Does Money win Championships. Will the Seahawks repeat?  Who is the favorite in the NBA East, Bulls or Cavs?  But don't forget about Melo and the Knicks.  Dan the Man didn't and won Sports Time Radios first Yahoo Fantasy Basketball League, not only defeating The Big Jack but also Sports Time Radio's resident Fantasy Expert, Mr Fantasy!  Think you can beat Mr Fantasy, Dan the Man or The Big Jack, join our leagues!  This year we begin our first Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League.  Both the NBA & NHL fantasy drafts are auction style.  Strategize with us on air with us @ (646) 478-3753...

    Today is not a fantasy, as Chris Hagstrom from the South Bend Cubs joins us to discuss the new venture the Chicago Cubs have entered into with the former South Bend Silverhawks.  We'll of course talk some Theo and Jed.  Will we see Addison Russell in South Bend anytime soon?  Get your questions ready for Chris!






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    Confederate Heritage and Pride News and Views

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    Tonight im going to promote some pages on Facebook. Some people who deserve recognition for the work

    A Confederate page where you can Express Your Southern Pride! God BLESS DIXIE AND THE REBEL FLA...G AND ALL OF THE

    CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR OUR SOUTHERN STATES. Keep those flags flying high and proud!

    No, I'm no more racist than the next person. The fact is that the War between the states A had very little to do with slavery. In fact, it had nothing to with slavery until 1863 when Lincoln used it as a political agenda to save his sorry, dictator wannabe butt.

    The War Between the States was about state rights. The north was imposing tariffs out the wazoo on the south. Illegal tariffs, I might add.

    Sure, the south wasn't perfect; who is? All I'm saying is that they were the ones ultimately in the right in that 19th century fiasco and they took the flack for it because the winners write the history books. No the true history is written by warriors.

    If you want to argue with me, please, argue intelligently. I loath hippies.
    Just remember two things: 1) THE NORTHERN STATES HAD MANY SLAVES; 2)The emancipation proclamation claimed (because it had no legal authority) to free only the slaves in the "rebelling states." Northerners were free to keep their slaves until the 13th Amendment.

    Deo Vindice!


    Confederate Rebel Burton

    Confederate Heritage and Pride Group Admins:
    Confederate Rebel Burton and Freda Mincey Burton: Page Directors



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    Lorensen & Lorensen 108: NFL in Chicago?

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    Tweet us @LarcherLorensen using #LLShow.

    Al Larcher & Clark Lorensen, of ComedyAccident, talk sports on this live weekly podcast.  You can listen to us live or after we finish via Blog Talk Radio, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
    This is a Chicago based sports/comedy show that records live Thursdays at 6pm cst.  |

    Tweet us @LarcherLorensen using #LLShow.

    Blog Talk Radio



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    Amateur Hour Postgame - Chiefs @ Steelers, 2014

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    Ryan Scott Hall and HisDirkness from AHPKC.com breakdown the Chiefs thirteenth game of the season on behalf of the brothers Thorman and Arrowhead Pride.

    Looking for their first win in Pittsburgh since 1986, Kansas City faces the league's top-ranked offense. Can the Chiefs slow down a unit coached by Todd Haley, Quarterbacked by Ben Roethlisberger and led by elite playmakers in Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown? Buckle up, Red Team... this one is damn near a playoff game.

    The Amateur Hour crew will take questions from Twitter and Facebook, interact on the BlogTalk Live Chat and will take LIVE callers throughout the show.

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    Ninety Six Christmas Parade

    in Current Events

    Hear live brodcast from organizers, participants and viewers.

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    Advice for Chicago Cubs Diehards

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    The Chicago Cubs are making quite a big splash in the 2014 MLB Hot Stove with acquistions of ace pitcher Jon Lester and manager Joe Maddon.  We will provide advice for avid Cubs diehards so as to prepare them for the exciting and, at times, bumpy road ahead.  The core show panelists will also delve into NFL Week 15 with Johnny Manziel making his NFL regular season debut start for the Cleveland Browns, 10 NBA teams and what they need to improve upon to reach their most realistic next level (playoffs, finals or winning it all) plus much, much more.  

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    Baseball Week In Review Chicago Style

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    Join Eric Lamb and Brian Draus on Baseball Week In Review Chicago Style! This week they welcome MLB Hot Stove Hub's Freddy Cabrera, to break down as much of the recent Hot Stove/Winter Meeting activity, as we can, in an hour! The Cubs and White Sox both look to have improved a lot, and teams like the Dodgers, and Marlins, made some very interesting moves as well! Who made out the best in 2015? Who may have come out better, down the road?  Join us, as we examine the multitude of moves made at the exciting Winter Meetings, and who walked away the most improved!

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