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    Should C.R.A.I.D be revived? If yes, then HOW?

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    There is a Facebook effort titled "Reviving CRAID" discussing the need for public conversations on racial images in worship. This noble effort is investigating the best methods for reviving CRAID in 2014. Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave us C.R.A.I.D early in his leadership and it was quite effective.

    Another Facebook group I manage is titled "GIVE GOD NO COLOR." (https://m.facebook.com/groups/136138373208123)

    It has been widely received and opened the following exchange : 


    Last week one of our Focolare friends shared with me a beautiful report. While planning for their annual "Day of Christian Unity" the company that supplies the artwork for this special day sent them a very; as she described it, "a very white American looking image of Jesus." However due to her being a part of our FB group "GIVE GOD NO COLOR" and her love for our concern she called the supply company and told them that they could not accept such an image or any racial depictions. This is very significant. We thank Allah for bringing Imam W. Deen Mohammed and the blessed lady Chiara Lubrich and their respective communities together as ONE! This is a way to advance the message of C.R.A.I.D. to an audience that we could probably never reach.


    Join WORDS MAKE PEOPLE on Sunday October 19, 2014 as we discuss C.R.A.I.D;  its history and relevancy today. 

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    E10: Domestic Violence

    in Women

    Domestic Violence: The complications of love, abuse, and society passing judgement. Why doesn't she just leave? Some part of her must like it. She's stupid for staying with him. She probably deserved it. 

    Join Chrystal and Chiara tonight as they discuss this extremely hard topic. 

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    E8: Getting Over a Breakup-- Tips for Moving On

    in Women

    Last episode we discussed whether or not it was worth going back to an ex. This week we discuss how to survive a breakup, heal from it and ultimately move on. And of course or special guest Colin Christopher has some expert tips. The amazing Julie will be subbing in for Chiara this week.

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    Visconsi: The Trees are Coming Down - Now What?

    in Environment

    Several Bainbridge Island residents have opposed a controversial shopping development planned at High School Road and Highway 305. Protesters are against cutting the 800 trees necessary to build, and have held a boycott pledge, candlelight vigils, demonstrations, and a Bainbridge High School graduate grabbed national headlines by sitting on a platform in an evergreen tree in protest.

    Ohio-based developer Visconsi received approval to begin clear cutting the land earlier this month, marking the first step towards construction of a 62,000-square-foot shopping center to include a Bartell Drugs, restaurants, a Key Bank branch, and professional services and health care facilities.

    Opponents claim Bainbridge has enough shopping, and the rural nature of the island is being overrun by corporate interests that threaten long term local businesses. Supporters say private property owners who comply with the legal process have the right to develop their land as they please, and more businesses drive competition, more options, and lower prices.

    On August 20, the process of cutting the trees began - but the debate continues. Join us as we discuss pros and cons, as well as what happens now.

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    Chianti Experiences with Chiara Certoma

    in Wine

    Chiara Certoma joins me to share her passion for the beloved region of Chianti and talks how it is a unique place in Italy.

    With so many travelers visiting the region it has been able to maintain its unique identity while fulfilling travelers dreams of a perfect Italy.

    Her project Chiant Experiences (www.chiantiexperiences.com) brings stories of this amazing region to life and allows travelers to share why Chianti is one of the most visited wine regions in Italy.


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    "The Astronomical Code of Dante"

    in Books

    H.R.H. Princess Chiara F. Hohenzollern, is graduated in Modern Letters at the University L.U.M.S.A., in Rome, with a thesis entitled: “The Comedy, Astronomical Code”. The passion for Italian Literature has always combined a passion for Geography and Astronomy.
    The book “The Astronomical Code of Dante-Forbidden knowledge of the Divine Comedy”, it’s her first opera. She lives in Rome, with her husband, H.R.H. Prince Kenneth-Wilhelm F. Von Hohenzollern.  

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    Modern Dating

    in Women

    Is dating as we know it dead?  Dating has radically changed in recent years between the emergence of “ hook up” culture and endless online dating sites.  More and more women are staying single longer than any generation in history and millenials certainly are redefining what dating means… for everyone engaging in it.  Freeing dating from the antiquated notion that singlehood is a problem to solve, Chiara Atik assures singles that the end goal of dating is not about finding a husband, but equips them to do so (while having fun!). In her new book MODERN DATING: A Field Guide (Harlequin Nonfiction; May 2013),  Atik successfully breaks down the dating today offering advice and ideas from the perfect answers to “why are you single” all the way through the questions to consider before you move in with a boyfriend, demystifying the digital landscape and effectively removing the preconceived stresses and deep-seated anxiety that comes along with the word “date”. (Pick up a copy TODAY!)

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    Surviving Internet Stalkers 101

    in Internet

    Chiara, M.M., Nista and Mob Baby tackle the issue of guarding yourself from online deviants & the emotional unstable.

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    M.O.B. Wives Talk Reality

    in Current Events

    Miserable Often Bitchy Wives is a collective of women who each have their stand out personalities.  Homemaker, doctor, fashionista, Bible thumper we come from different cultures, religions and backgrounds.  It's sometimes going to get hot up in here.  It's okay. We still end the show with a mutual respect.  M.M. leads the way with her often harsh, brash, blunt style.  She has no filter.  We'll talk about recent episodes of our favorite shows Mob Wives, Scandal, The Walking Dead to name a few.  We'll talk about current events, politics, the Super Bowl, plastic surgery and the question that still haunts many a Hound Dog fan: Is Elvis still alive?
    Chiara, Fashionista, MobBaby, G.G. and some others will join the characters of our crew.  Listen or don't we're still going to run our mouths and have a grand old time getting on one another's nerves an evening here & there each week.

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    The ongoing eGovernment evolution

    in Technology


    With the emergence of new trends like open government and open data, there is a perception by many that eGovernment is yesterday’s news, and has largely been completed.

    In a candid conversation, Barbara-Chiara Ubaldi, head of the OECD's eGovernment unit, explains that there is much work still to be done to bring eGovernment into the daily work of the public sector.

    For more information about this interview, including links and downloads - see gov20radio.com

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    "Off-Broadway," A family Story

    in Culture

    Join Television News Journalist, Eric Turcio as he interviews Actress, Chiara Montalto. She's Starring in "A Brooklyn Love Story," a play based on the decade that Chiara Montalto spent living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with her Grandfather. It was previously produced Off - Broadway. The Show is directed by Ronnie Marmo, and will be presented at Theatre 68- (www.theatre68.com).The Play will open in Los Angeles on September 7th and runs through October 6.  http://www.chiaramontalto.com/  Also joining the Program is Director of, "A Brooklyn Love Story" and General Hospital Superstar, Ronnie Marmo.   

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