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    Why Fuhggin Not: we talkin about booty and chesticles

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    EXXXOTICA recap plus how you can join us on our next outing in Vegas which is this.... on steroids! lol

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    I'm on way, i'm on my wayyyay, home sweet home!! You know i'm a Dreamer, but my hearts of gold.

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    I had a runaway high so i wouldn't come home low. Just when things went right, didn't mean they were always wrong. Well well well welcome back to the record setting, panty wetting, never forgetting Unstoppable Radio! It has been just over a fortnight since our last show and since that point in history our downloads are up almost 300 percent. Thus i believe it is our duty to bust out a new awesome show for your audio consumption. So of course tune in to hear the unprofessional professional Van Schultz along with his co-host the infamous infant pen!sed Jason Neff as they discuss, dissect, and disgrace a cornacopia of subjects. Also the VanClan will be discussing Halloween and all the fun illegal sh!t to do during all hallows eve. You wanna know a super kick @ss Halloween movie that doesn't get it's due, f&ckin hocus pocus. That was not only a good movie but a smart movie. It teaches you that being a virg)n will make witches come back to life so get out there and get down people. Did you hear what i said, f^ckin witches if you don't pop that cherry. Get it done, thank you disney for that message and valuable lesson. "Sup Homes?" "Did you just call me homes?" We at unstoppable radio very much like bre@sts, that is why we are joining the fight against bre@st cancer and any other diseases, viruses, bacterias, or things detrimental to chesticles. Female mammary glands are awesome, they are like a more fun, softer, cooler nintendo wii with a more ergonomic design. So during this edition of Unstoppable Radio we will be thinking about bre@sts and neff will be looking at bre@sts during the entire broadcast. If we stand up to cancer maybe there will be a few more sweater kittens around for all of us. God bless America and t!ties.