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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Dr. Jeanette Wolfe and Alison Chester Lambert

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    Astrology Beyond the Shift with Alison Chester Lambert (20 min)

    BBC astrologer, and founder of the Midlands School of Astrology in the UK, Alison Chester-Lambert is known for predicting personal and planetary events with “deadly accuracy.”  Back by popular request, Alison will be providing a regular monthly update on how the transiting planets are going to be affecting us on a personal and global level as we move through the constantly changing energies of the Shift.  

    Astrochemical Healing: Solar Flares and the Evolution of You!

    According to this week’s guest, the current eclipses and solar flares are cosmically reorganizing us on a sub-atomic level.  This “reorganization” is changing our neurology, shifting our physiology and recalibrating us to a new way of being.   

    In this episode Naturopathic Doctor, author, Intuitive Counselor and motivational speaker Dr. Jeanette Wolfe will share what she has learned from the extraordinary journey she took with her multidimensional son, Samm, including:  

    The polarities of well being
    *The connection between depression, pharmaceuticals, the massive interest in zombies and how the world mind has become calcified
    *The meaning and the power of the latest eclipses
    how our bodies are being cosmically reorganized at a sub-atomic level to “calibrate  us to the cosmos”
    *Our changing neurology, and the effect this is having on our lives
    *What the solar flares have to do with the evolution of our bodies, minds, and spirits
    *How her recent work with the 12 new aspects of the Technologies of Medicine can support us ascension symptoms and the new harmonics of health that the solar flares are bringing in. 


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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Jim Self

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    2015 - The Year of Experiencing Yourself Differently

    As we broadcast our very last show on this network, we leave you with a glimpse of what potentially lies ahead for you and for humanity in 2015. 

    Professional astrologer, Alison Chester-Lambert will be giving us an astrological overview of the year to come, and then international speaker, teacher and author, Jim Self will present his final full length solstice edition of Keeping Pace with the Shift.

    For the past four years Jim Self has been pointing to the changes that are happening, what they mean, how they will be affecting us, and what we need to do to move through this transition. Now as we move beyond the “2012 effect” into a new era, there are new templates of being and experiencing ourselves in a new consciousness that are available to us. The problem is most of us just don’t know how to grab hold of this.  In order to perceive ourselves differently, we have to experience ourselves differently.  In this final episode, Jim and Sandie will discuss:

    *Endings and beginnings: now that the old phase is completed, what choices await us in the new?
    *How to dismantle the old templates that have been keeping you stuck
    *Getting out of reactionary, moving into mastery
    *Why you can’t express yourself as that 3rd dimensional personality in a 5th dimensional body
    *How to use your chakras in ways you’ve never been told 
    *Why some people are already experiencing their light body and how you can too
    And more…

    Jim will also lead a 10-minute meditation that will allow you to experience yourself differently, and provide you with a new tool—the triads.

    Listen to the show on the Awakening Zone network here: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3449


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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Alison Chester Lambert

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    The Last Uranus & Pluto Square – What Astrology can tell us about the next two years. 

    With five of the much-anticipated Uranus-Pluto squares now behind us, and just two left to come, Alison Chester Lambert offers her astrological insights on what we can expect in the next few years.  Topics will include:

    *The Indigo Generation – the kick-ass babies come into their purpose
    *Self-awareness – why we need it more than ever now 
    *Why deconstruction and changes in attitude are necessary before reconstruction and new growth can begin
    *What groundbreaking changes in technology, finance, geopolitics, and management of the earth’s resources are we likely to see
    *Do the stars really influence what happens on earth – learn about the incredible connections and synchronicities between ISIS the asteroid, and ISIS the jihadist group that is seeking to change the face of the middle East 

    And more…

    Listen to the show on The Awakening Zone Network here:


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    Co-creating with Andreana Dorrs and her amazing horses

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    This week Jennifer is co-creating with Andreana Dorrs where we will hear about her fabulous work with horses.  Andreana is a very skilled lady who has studied a variety of healing methods.  She uniquely works with the horses' energy fields, by using reiki and balancing their chakras. Listen to Andreana who explains it a lot better than I can!  Although, I work this way with people, I am astounded and extremely impressed that someone can do this valuable work with horses.  We talk about chakras in general and the need to keep in balance.  In addition about the healing power of horses!

    "Totem Animals was initially a vision that Andreana had over ten years ago when she got Ebony Sky, her first horse. That experience was to change her life and in turn inspire her to want to help change others lives."

    Andreana now has 5 horses which she uses in her healing work.  A large part of her work includes working with autistic children.  She has found the healing energies these horses share to be extremely calming and beneficial to so many.  I'd love to go and meet these amazing animals myself sometime!

    More about Andreana can be found:-




    Music The Enchanted Forest by Ajna




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    ART Talk: A Conversation with Master Jeweler Dina Varano

    in Art

    Hello and welcome to ART Talk, a series of conversations with the artists and master craftsman that make our world a more beautiful place.  What inspires them to create?  What does it take to make it in the world of handmade?  Today I'm joined by artist, mother, small business owner, master craftsman, jeweler and nature lover Dina Varano.  A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Dina has had a presence in the Connecticut River Valley for nearly thirty years.  After spending several formative years living and studying in Italy, Dina settled into her studio, nestled deep in the woods surrounding her home and retail space in Chester, Connecticut.  At her shop, that fittingly carries her name, Dina displays her stunning collection of jewelry and artwork as well as a mindfully curated collection of the works from other artists.  She continues to draw inspiration from the natural beauty at her doorstep.  

    “I am inspired by nature. I study and explore through drawing in charcoal. My goal is to capture this essence and gesture in metal. I want to show the mark of my hand in each piece and achieve a rhythm of grace and movement.  My parents are dancers, at an early age I learned the grace of rhythm and movement which has become a formative influence in my work. I want my jewelry to inspire and welcome play with the wearer.” ~Dina Varano



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    Mindfulness at Work with Louise Cox Chester

    in Women

    Louise has been practicing mindfulness since 1994 when she was a Director at UBS Ltd.She left the City in 2001 to establish a consultancy practice offering financial and strategic advice and mindfulness training to business leaders both in the workplace and at Witherdens Hall, her award-winning, holistic Retreat in Kent.

    In 2010, she helped found Mindfulness at Work Ltd. with the express intention of enabling people to access low-cost, highly effective Mindfulness training, to enhance their performance as well as their happiness in the workplace and beyond.


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    Activating Compassion Radio - Wellness In Harmony

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Linda Diffenbach – founder of the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival, an annual fundraising event for the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County in PA; and focuses on building community and honoring our inner goddess.  Linda began her healing work in 2002 and continues to expand her knowledge, expertise, and experience.  She has certifications in Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Life Coaching, Bachelor of Social Work, Ordination to the Order of Melchezidek, Angel Reading, Divine Connection Attunement, Divine Mother’s Heart Healing, and Munay Ki Rites.  The core of Linda’s work is to facilitate deep Inner Transformation through identifying and clearing core issues within the consciousness.  We will be discussing her work with goddess energy, the Sacred Feminine and how men fit into that, and her work in healing trauma.  You can learn more about Linda’s work at www.wellnessinharmony.com and www.autumngoddessretreat.com


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

    Twitter:  www.twitter.com/#!/JesseNicholsGeo

    LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/spiritualadvisorjesse

    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 965

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Sequoya Willis from Chester, Virginia, a returning NAASCA family member appearing again as a special guest especially to update us on her progress with "The Sequoya Show". Sequoya grew up neglected, abused, starved, and malnourished. Amazingly she survived the turmoil of her past. With parents who cared more about their next hit of crack cocaine than the wellbeing of their children, it is amazing Sequoya is still in her right mind. She cried out for help; while everyone including friends and family turned their back. Her own mother threw her for a loop when she placed her daughters’ lives on the line for the love of a man who hung her out of a three story window. Going to school was her only way of having peace, until her classmates made her life a living hell. School officials and The Child Welfare Administration ignored the signs of abuse and believed the lies that were fed to them. Surrounded by rape, lies, drugs, and alcohol, Sequoya cried out to someone she never knew. She was told never to talk to strangers, but a stranger saved her life. Today, Ms Willis is an author of two books about her experiences, "The Fight of My Life: Memoirs of a Child Abuse Victim" and "The Fight Continues: Sagas of a Foster Child" as well as a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Internet Talk Show Host, and Inspirationalist. Her goal is to assist as many people and families as she can in reaching their fullest potential and purpose. Being a child abuse survivor and foster child, she relates to her clients', readers', and audience's feelings of losing themselves, worthlessness, uncertainty about life's purpose, self-doubt, and fear about their future.

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    Blues Guitarist Memphis Gold

    in Entertainment

    November 13 - Blues Guitarist/Composer - Memphis Gold


    Blues fans all over the world continue to discover the incredible sounds of Memphis Gold.  Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1955, Memphis Gold, Chester Chandler was the thirteenth child of fourteen. His father also a musician introduced his son to the guitar at the tender age of 4. By the age of 8, he was a regular on historic Beale Street in Memphis where he played the guitar and danced for pocket change from the crowd.

    Following in the footsteps of his famous cousins, Grammy Award Winner, Denise Williams, and Author/Activist/Comedian, Dick Gregory, Memphis has come a long way on a journey that has lasted half a century. Having released four full length albums to date, he has shared the stage with such artists as Bernard Allison, David Banner, James Brown, R.L. Burnside, Barbara Carr, Big Lucky Carter, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic All Stars, Deborah Coleman, Shemikca Copeland, Robert Cray, Eddie Cusac, John Hammond, Little Jimmy King, Bettye Lavette, Johnny Lang, Kenny Neal, Taj Mahal, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Bobby Parker, Louisianna Red, Lil Jimmy Reed, Jimmie Lee Robinson, Guitar Shorty, Elder Utah Smith, Mavis Staples, Hubert Sumlin, Roomful of Blues, Sister Rosetta Tharpe , Otis Rush, The Temptations, Jimmy Vaughn, and many more.

    Get ready for an hour of some good old, down home, foot thumpin blues.  As the saying goes, Memphis Gold is definitely the real deal. 

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    Goins Book, Author & Editor Scott Withrow

    in Books

    Scott Withrow, author, editor, historian, researcher, teacher and current president of the Melungeon Heritage Association "MHA" and  will join us for an interview on his chapter in the upcoming Goins Book to be published in 2015.

    Scott Withrow will be representing the Goins men of the Revolutionary War era.  Scott is currently researching at the library in Gaffney and found that that Goins was actually in today's Chester County, and that one son lived in Cherokee County south of Gaffney and was baptized in Skull Shoals Church.   

    Scott is also researching through the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County publications, and have found 4 or 5 Goins listed in Dr. Bobby Moss's African-American Patriots in the American Revolution.  He has also gone to the South Carolina Room, Greenville County Library, for information on "Buck" Gowan, but what is found was a collection for the most part of the Gowan Newsletter by Arlee Gowan.  

    Scott also plans to research in Chester County (library), SC State Archives (Columbia), Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County (library), Revolutionary War Pensions (online), the Native-American collection library at Univ. of SC-Lancaster and possibly again, the Caroliniana Room Library, Univ. of SC.  Scott will be talking to us about  some of the names, he has found regarding much migration after the Revolution.

    Scott is a contributing author and the editor of the Backintyme.biz Publishing, Carolina Genesis, Beyond the Color Line. www.backintyme.biz


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    LNB Dish: The Inspiration behind our LNBs to Grow Extreme Length Nails

    in Lifestyle

    Join me Mel Wilson and my special co-host Ms. Ayanna "Yani" Williams as we talk with some of our "heavy hitters" in the LNB community to include Ms. Lena Cole out of Dallas, Texas, Nicole Chester Walters out of El Paso, Texas, Gerri Stewart out of New York, New York, Sonya Tysinger out of Tennesee, Lateisha Hargett out of North Carolina. In the community many of our sisters and brothers have specific people or reasons that inspired them to grow their nails to extreme lengths and tonight our LNB sisters will enlighten us as they share their particular stories of inspiration, passion, dedication as well as struggle, success, and triumph. This is an opportunity to call in and say hello to our LNBs as well as make inquiries into subtle aspects of their lives asking questions about those things you've always been curious about.

    ON AIR at 10:00pm EST

    Guest Call In (657) 383-0083

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