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    What is the Wormwood Falling Star?..Chernobyl?..

    in Religion

    With the recent METEORITE COLLISION in Russia causing over a 1000 injuries and substantial property damage, new concerns over DESTRUCTIVE FALLING STARS are back in the news. Not since the SHOEMAKER LEVY COMET that hit Jupiter and the release of various Hollywood Doomsday Movies like DEEP IMPACT, ARMAGEDDON, METEOR, etc, have given us an idea of what it might be like, if one of these ROGUE ROCKS hits the Earth! Perhaps the worst of these ROCKS is the one the Bible calls the BURNING, FALLING STAR CALLED WORMWOOD. Many Prophecy Teachers insisted that this WORMWOOD PROPHECY could have came to pass with the NUCLEAR REACTOR DISASTERS of Chernobyl (which means WORMWOOD in Russian Ukranian language). Perhaps the CHERNOBYL (WORMWOOD) disaster was simply "smoke before the real Bad Fire to come"?! Perhaps there is a "Radiaoactive Asteriod/Meterorite/Comet", aka, BURNING FALLING STAR that is yet to hit the Earths Oceans in the very near future? There are new cosmic threats of these PHA's (Potentially Hazardous Asteriods) being discovered now, more than any other time in human history. Perhaps WORMWOOD is one of these PHA's that is soon to bring its disasterous impact upon the Earth, very soon? Let's talk about this subject on todays episode of UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES with Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe..

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    Dead Air: Episode 14 - Chernobyl Diaries

    in Film

    On this episode of Dead Air, Jeff is reunited with Kristy to discuss the CHERNOBYL DIARIES. Tune in to find out what it did right, what it did wrong, and what the hell is up with CGI bears... Also included: discussion of STARSHIP TROOPERS, HECKLER, THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS, MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED, and news on the new Scream Factory label and the home video release of FATHER'S DAY.

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    The Mystery Of Mothman

    in News

    Jeff Wamsley, author of Mothman:The Facts Behind The Legend, joins Jim Paris Live. Was there really a connection between the appearance of Mothman and the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967? Is there any correlation between the large number of UFO sightings in Point Pleasant and the Mothman? What were among the most shocking witness accounts and what was the lasting psychological damage to those that saw the creature? Why do many now believe that Mothman is a demon and not of this world? Why are Mothman type creatures being seen around the world and at notable locations such as near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? How accurate was the depiction of actual events in the 'Mothman Prophecies' Movie starring Richard Gere? Is Point Pleasant known for other paranmormal phenomenon? Jeff also shares information about the new Mothman Museum and the upcoming Mothman Festival. http://www.mothmanlives.com

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    NLPI Radio USA with Kurt and Moe present the most taboo places to investigate

    in Paranormal

    webto NLPI Radio USA with Kurt and Moe as we go into detail the most taboo places to investigate in the world. Everywhere from concentration camps to Chernobyl and places beyond. We all have the beliefs that these locations are hot spots of the paranormal but will it bring negative feedback from the public. Join us with your ideas by Skype or call in at 619-924-0960. As usual we will deliver an exciting show. Don't for get to join us in the chatroom all you have to do is sign up for a blogtalk account.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Pastor Carl Gallups

    in Politics Conservative

    Tsunamis, earthquakes, world wars, nuclear disasters, and upheaval in the Middle East - could it be we are living in the final trumpet days of Revelation?

    In his new book "Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation", Pastor Carl Gallups gives us a clear look at the stunning visions of the Apostle John as found in the seven trumpets of Revelation and compares them to major events in the 20th and 21st centuries - the rebirth of Israel, the Chernobyl meltdown, and more?

    Tonight we explore the supernatural.

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    Whistle Blower Leuren Moret - Latest Nuclear Disaster!

    in Spirituality

    Scientist and Whistle Blower Leuren Moret joins Ari Kopel and Ari's Co-host Rose Paige on Shattering The Matrix Radio. Today she'll talk about another Nuclear disaster, as bad as Chernobyl, at the Zaporhyze Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. She reveals what is going on there - which has been kept secretive - and why this happened. Also to be discussed is:

    More information about the Jesuits and their involment in taking over the planet
    Fidel Castro
    What happened in Christ Church, NZ when it was hit by the earthquake
    What’s happening in Antartica
    More on Fukushima
    Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant in California
    More on the Wigner Effects on Planes and how planes are falling apart in the air
    Her conversation with a very sick German Pilot, exposed to Radiation while flying

    **Check out the Wind Map to see how Radiation spreads:


    Video on the incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsoTdz-CBNU

    Stay tune to this very eye-opening, candid and important interview that is jam-packed with information!

    Listen in on Saturday, December 13th at 6pm PST/9pm EST!

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  • Shadows on the Wall Paranormal Radio travels to Haunted Russia

    in Paranormal

    On tonights show, Len and JC will be talking about Haunted Russia. They will talk about The Kremlin, St. Petersburg, The Curch of The Savior of Spilt Blood, The Palace Square, Chernobyl, and Lenin's Tomb...Just to name a few spots the will talk about.

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    The Purpose Behind Chemtrails & Radiation

    in Spirituality

    Ari Kopel and Crystal Andasola speak about Radiation and Chemtrails. They address "what" is behind the overwhelming assault on humanity with these chemicals and radiation and provide us with insight as to "why" this is happening and what we can do to protect ourselves. Although the information may sound simplistic to some, especially those who already know about the factions/groups behind these demonic assaults, what will be covered in an hour's time is more than enough to get those that are new to this information going down that "rabbit hole" and hopefully creating awareness for themselves so that we can hopefully tackle this situation together. The more that are aware of what is truly happening - why the assault is not just to exterminate the body - the better chance we have at stopping it!

    Please tune in this Saturday, December 20th at 6pm PST/9pm EST! 

    Some images used are from DeesIllustration.com

    Join us at http://2012Emergence.com

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    PDC Live ep. 144: 'Men in Black 3'; 'Chernobyl Diaries'

    in Film

    On this week's show, we'll journey back in time to save the world with Agents J and K in 'Men in Black 3'! Ten years since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones last teamed up, does anybody care about Men in Black anymore? Or are we looking at another old, formerly popular franchise that has lost its relevance?
    Plus, we'll scare up a review for 'Chernobyl Diaries', the latest intense, psycho-horror from 'Paranormal Activity' creator, Oren Peli! Does he have another hit on his hands, or is Peli a victim of his own success?
    All this and the box office, DVD releases, and the big news from out of Hollywood. Join us for another great show!

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    OCTOBER 2014 WEEK #4 REVIEWED: (Part 1)

    in Current Events

    Greetings Once Again Friends & Neighbors! We just wrapped up our first in a series of SUMMARIZED EPISODES OF BLOOD MOONS #1 & #2 dealing with the MANY COSMIC SIGNS OF THE ENDTIMES that occured, leading up to BLOOD MOON #1, including those ADDITIONAL COSMIC SIGNS that occured between both Moon Phases and came to an amazing conclusion! OUR WORLD MIGHT BE EXPERIENCING THE "OPENING OF THE 6TH SEAL OF REVELATIONS" that could've began in 2011 with the GREAT EARTHQUAKE OF 9.0 MAGNITUDE THAT DEVASTATED JAPAN! This could've also been the ongoing NUCLEAR DISASTER OF WORMWOOD that began in 1986 with CHERNOBYL, as forewarned in Revelations 8. Then the next SEQUENTIAL ENDTIME EVENT, also mentioned in Rev. 8:12, was 33% DARKENING OF THE SUN which actually occured in the Summer of 2013! Then comes the BLOOD MOONS #1 & #2 of 2014 and a DRACONID METEOR SHOWER of 2014, to complete the sequence of Revelations 6:12,13... Yes, it does seem that we are now experiencing the ENDTIME EVENTS OF REV. 6's OPENING OF THE 6TH SEAL!... We must all keep a close eye on the upcoming events between BLOOD MOONS #2 & #3 plus #3 & #4, to see if the rest of the 6th SEAL EVENTS are yet to happen! Because if they dont, there will not be another TETRAD OF BLOOD MOONS, until 2032-33 AD... Thus we have to wonder if "this is it"? Is this SERIES OF BLOOD MOONS the very ones that were forewarned by the Prophet Joel, the Apostle Peter, and Saint John the Revelator, in the Holy Bible? Or will it be another 15 years, before their prophecies finally come to pass? Bring on Blood Moon #3 and #4, and let's find out! Till then, check out our latest SPECIAL HOLIDAY REPORT ABOUT "CELESTIAL SUMMARY OF ENDTIME EVENTS FROM BLOOD MOON #1 TO BLOOD MOON #2" complete with color report and DVD. It makes a great holiday gift for anyone on your list. Get yours today! BUT TONITE WE TALK ABOUT OCTOBER WEEK #4 IN REVIEW..   

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