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    Avoiding WW3 & The Very Criminal US Government Coup in Ukraine

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    Avoiding WW3 + The Very Criminal US Government Coup in Ukraine

    With guest(s) from AntiWar.Com

    Angela Keaton
    Jason Ditz

    Meet one of the leading anti-war organizations in the world right here in the USA that have stood up to the intimidation by the United States Government (USG )who constantly harasses and bullies them.  The USG has been at war with multiple dozens of countries all over the world for most of its history in one form or another.  The USG uses propaganda to hide its real intentions which is to serve its masters in the banking, military, intelligence and corporate elite sectors of the American-Fascist State (AFS).  Tune in on Tuesday evening and learn about the latest USG, US military and US Intelligence putsch in Ukraine by underming a democratically elected government there.  Also learn more about the USG + corporate owned "news" media propaganda machine going into high-gear to promote political tensions between the EU and Russia. 

    Viva La Revolucion!

    Join The New Militancy of the Oppressed, Degraded & Persecuted

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    Tracey and Friends - The Politics of Politics

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    As we prepare to see the upcoming 2012 primary, the new book of Dickj Chaney, and questiioning of Washington Press secretary about Secretary Clinton running against President Clinton. Dominique Strauss-Kahn  rape case, how it turned his world inside out and what happen when politics becomes personal.  Let's talk 347-945-5229

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    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - Midnight to 2 AM - Pacific -

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    ... Sorry about taking the night off last night without warning... sometimes it happens... Tonight I will have a few things to say about Obama, Cheny, War Crimes and War Criminals.. Media Mergers and Consolidations... MLK and whatever else comes to mind...

    Your calls are welcome at 347 857-4732

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    A Marines Disquisition

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    MARIO APUZZO, Attorney for Plaintiff CHARLES F. KERCHNER, JR. in a case involving Burrack H. OBAMA, US Senate, US Congress, (former VP Dick Cheny) Nazi Pelosi, (all individually) to INFORM those in the Military & Civilians who Care about the Birth Certificate (AND) Misuse of Social Secuiry Numbers by OBAMA prior to Obama's elections & appintment to President... futher l2nd Hour is Perspective of Alternative News Events for the Military with our Monday's Guest to Include Don Nicoloff joining interview