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    The Cancer In Me...

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    Today, I am going to interview LaTorya "Torey" Brown AKA Naturaboi Pfresh.  Torey is living with
    Hodgkins Lymphoma, otherwise know as Hodgkins disease. Currently in stage 3.
    She works on daily in getting her WBC(white blood cell count up) very soon (she continue to pray that the chemo is effective and tackling the main site/source of the cancer which is in my lower region...(groin/abdomen area).
    How has Torey's life changed since the cancer...Has religion helped her cope with it?  How are her parents/family coping with it?  How many pills a day do you take?
    Stay tune for this great interview which will have three 30 minute parts. -I HONOR YOUR GREATNESS

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    Book Talk with your host Lawrence J. King and Nancy Bruning

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    Book Talk Radio with your host Lawrence J. King proudly presents Nancy Bruning as our special guest, Nancy Bruning is a 25-time internationally known published author, we will be talking about her book Coping with Chemotheraphy Compassionate Advice and Authoritative Information from a Chemotheraphy Survivor. Nancy Bruning was diagnosed with breast cancer thirty years ago, at the tender age of thirty one. Needless to say, the mastectomy, 9 months of chemotherapy, and the realization that neither of those were a guarantee of a cure were a shock for someone so young and so healthy. Just as shocking was the lack of information and support for people going through chemotherapy, so she decided that she would use her experience to help others. As a writer, the first step was writing a book and in 1989 the first edition of her book, “Coping with Chemotherapy” was published. Back in those days there were few books about cancer, people didn’t talk about it, and the media didn’t cover it—so the book was a testament to the bravery of her editor and publisher. Nancy has become a certified personal trainer, nutraceutical consultant and weight management consultant and has earned a master's degree in public health. Today she combines her writing and editing work with lifestyle coaching and helps people achieve optimum health through customized weight management and wellness plans provided in-person and though distance telephone coaching. It is truely an honor to have Nancy Bruning on my show.. Nancy Bruning on Book Talk Radio with your host Lawrence J. King. Oh Yell.... You Can order her books: www.Nancybruning.net.

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