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    Chemical Trails - Tiger Style

    in Self Help

    Individualism is the way because it is about people being responsible for their own self. Life is more than just a game it is an adventure. My aims is to associate with the true professionals and eventually connect with the world's finest in the creative and business fields. 

    Chemical Trails:http://chemicaltrailhome.blogspot.com/

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    Chemical Consciousness Encore

    in Health

    Chemicals are everywhere. We see them, use them and breathe them daily. But what you may not know is that can be a GOOD THING and a BAD THING.

    Chemicals are good when their presence makes it possible for us to have all of the practical, convenient things that are a part of our lives: like our homes, cars, food, cosmetics, cleaning products and really …. everything.

    Chemicals are bad when they cause harm to people and the environment. In our everyday lives, chemicals can often be harmful in ways that are not very obvious.

    When it comes to chemicals we really have only three choices:

    1. Give up our lifestyle and go live in a cave in the wilderness.
    2. Choose to be oblivious, while having as much fun as possible now, before we get old and sick.
    3. Choose to be aware, while consciously selecting our path to health and longevity. (And still having as much fun as possible!)

    If you have made choice #3, then this show is for you.

    Joining Dr. Ritamarie is chemical expert, Donna Kasuska. Donna’s passion is educating people about chemical safety and usage.

    What happens during the first hour of each day.
    What chemicals your health and beauty products really contain
    What’s really in your coffee?

    Visit Donna on the web and claim your free gift, an ebook called "The First Hour of the Day": Chem Conscious Community

    Have you joined Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community yet? Loving support is waiting for you!

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    Chemical Free Living and Loving - Michael Wenniger

    in Health

    Michael Wenniger, Founder and CEO of Essante Organics, talks about the benefits of chemical free living.  If you care about your health, you want to hear about the Essante 100% certified chemical free products.  No doubt that once you learn about these amazing products, you will love them and that has its own rewards.  Besides being good for your health, you can receive financial rewards as well.  We believe that if you live it, you will love it.  Once you use these extraordinary products and love it, you will want to share it. When you share it, you have the opportunity for a healthy home business.   http://www.healthyandorganic.net

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    Will Task Force Protect Pollinators Or Chemical Industry?

    in Environment

    A Presidential Memorandum was issued requesting that all federal agencies work together to develop a cohesive plan for pollinator protection. It was stated, “The problem is serious and requires immediate attention to ensure the sustainability of our food production systems, avoid additional economic impact on the agricultural sector, and protect the health of the environment.” This was the memorandum issued last June. Bee populations continued declining as well as other pollinators such as the Monarch butterfly. On May 19th, it was announced that under the leadership of the U.S. EPA and USDA, the Task Force was releasing its Strategy, with 3 overarching goals: Reduce honey bee colony losses to economically sustainable levels; Increase monarch butterfly numbers to protect the annual migration; and Restore or enhance millions of acres of land for pollinators through combined public and private action.

    As we continue our special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald talk to Larissa Walker, the Pollinator Campaign Director and a policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety about this new strategy. Stay tuned! 

    Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and visit our contest section at www.theorganicview.com/contests to win one of our monthly prizes! 

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    West Virginia Chemical Fire-Water

    in Radio

    West Virginia chemical company files for bankruptcy after leak



    Freedom Industries, Company Behind West Virginia Chemical Spill, Files For Bankruptcy



    Was the chemical spill accidental or on purpose?


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    Chemical Sensitivities the Spiritual Connection

    in Spirituality

    Aired on Walking Among Spirits - The new book by Scott E. Hensler - Second Heaven Invasion – chapter 26 - Chemical Sensitivities the Spiritual Connection - Between food additives and environmental poisonings what chance does a chemically sensitive individual have to stay healthy and live a normal life? Listen to what I discovered being a worker in the semiconductor industry exposed to toxins and the practice of spiritual divination I once was involved with did to me!

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    Is mental illness a chemical imbalance?

    in Health


    Do you suffer with anxiety?
    Do you suffer with depression?
    Were you told it was a chemical imbalance?
    Are pharmaceuticals harmful to take while experiencing anxiety or depression?

    Today on Aternative Thinking we have the President of The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, (CCHR), Robert Donson-Smith.  

    The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a nonprofit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices. CCHR has long fought to restore basic inalienable human rights to the field of mental health, including, but not limited to, full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the risks of psychiatric treatments, the right to all available medical alternatives and the right to refuse any treatment considered harmful. 

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    Madison Star Moon Chemical Patrol

    in Environment

    Madison Star Moon and friends discuss environmental crimes, whistleblowers, chemical sprayers, and the agenda to depopulate the planet. All are invited to call in and join us.

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    Wake Up: Neglecting murdered women of "color", Chemical food additives, and more

    in News

    Why are murdered women of color receiving less media coverage and attention than the males. Also bringing you sound information about chemical food additives and more with Kalyca Dubose!

    Lets discuss these issues and all "Wake Up"

    Hosted By: Kalyca Dubose; The Governor

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    Syrian Chemical Attack

    in News

    Latest on breaking news from Syria. A chemical attack has killed hunddreds.  There is no claim of responsibility.  Some background.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights intervention specialist Sandra Taylor-Anderson

    in Psychology

    Cumming, GA – Addiction is everywhere and it can happen to anyone. It does not care about your race, class, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation and it isn’t exclusive to American culture.

    Sandra Taylor-Anderson is an addiction interventionist, alcohol and drug counselor as well as an individual and family therapist.

    “You don’t have to be defined by your addiction,” says Sandra. “You have a bad disease. Like anyone else, you have got to keep that disease in remission.”

    Sandra has enjoyed a storied career in the field of addiction for more than 30 years. She has worked in treatment centers as a counselor, family therapist, and director of adolescent and adult chemical dependency units all over the world. Most recently, she served as program director for Talbott Recovery Center.

    “I think outside the box so I’ve always been drawn to working with young adults,” says Sandra. “I have a fundamental belief in people and they know I won’t give or accept any nonsense. That’s why they compare me to Judge Judy. I’m going to tell you like it is. I’m not going to hurt your feelings but I’m going to be straight with you.”

    And Sandra is always advocating on behalf of her patients. According to Sandra, today’s parents don’t understand the nature of addiction and how it’s changed. She says she identifies with the difficulties her patients have in their struggles with addiction so she will always invite the family into the process. She’s even been willing to confront parents for enabling behavior.

    “Everyone has a purpose. I believe this is my purpose,” says Sandra. “I dispense a lot of hope.”

    For more information on Sandra Taylor-Anderson, visit http://www.staylor-andersontherapy.com/

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