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    Monday Chef Alex Cardinale Speaks February 17

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    We kick start a new 2 week cycle with this show!!!!!  It's Monday and that means I get to do my Alex speaks show!!!!! For the first time in Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show history, I will be doing an Alex speaks show on President's day! We are going to do a President's day themed Alex speaks show tonight!!! We will start the show with some quick house keeping news to get us situated for the week. Then we will move into a fun conversation. This week's conversation will include: recap of how my weekend went, I'll talk about some fun things to do for those on Winter Vacation, then I'll talk about President's day and what it is, and then I'll talk about my favorite presidents and why. Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 with any cooking, baking, or food questions! Enjoy the show!





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    The Alex Cardinale Show Ep.30: Cooking With Alex Cardinale 1!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex debuts a new series that everyone will enjoy! This is a series that I am sure will gain me some awesome listeners! Alex debuts his Cooking With Alex Cardinale series! This series is the one that retired the great Chef Cardinale Cooking Radio show here on Blogtalkradio. But, it's my honor to announce this series will replace the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show!

    On our very first episode of Cooking with Alex Cardinale I will be talking about Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, and Chocolate. 

    Ever wonder why your cookies come out too flat? Ever wonder why your cakes collapse? Alex will share his tips on making some delicious cookies, cakes, brownies, and chocolate desserts.

    Plus there are some great recipes in store! Some of the recipes you will get are: Chocolate Chip Cookies, White Chocolate Cookies, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cake, and more!

    Call in at 1 323-642-1605 with any questions!


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    Monday Chef Alex Cardinale Speaks Jan 27!

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    On this show, Chef Alex will kick start your week and Monday with an awesome show! It's the Alex speaks show!!!! I will kick start the show with some house keeping news and then move into a fun conversation. Tonight's conversation will be a complete NFL 2013 season review, I will review the NFL Pro Bowl, and Preview the Superbowl of 2014, then I will do a complete WWE Royal Rumble 2014 review and give my thoughts and feedback on the Royal Rumble as I watched it Live, then I will chat about some upcoming events for the CCCS, and Alex will recap his weekend. Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to ask any questions you may have.



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    Monday Chef Alex Cardinale Speaks January 20!

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    On this show we kick start an all new 2 week cycle!!!! Coming off the heels of such a great 250th episode, what does Chef Alex have in store for us to kick start your week? This Monday Alex speaks show is going to be a very special one! It's Martin Luther King JR. day and Alex is going to speak on MLK and his movement for equal rights for Black and white people and will share his thoughts on this matter. This is going to be the very first MLK Monday Alex speaks show! We are going to start the show with some housekeeping news, and then we will move into a fun and awesome conversation!  Our conversation for this week's Alex speaks show is going to be a complete NFL Championship playoff recap, Alex will make his super bowl 2014 prediction, then Alex will make his WWE Royal Rumble Predictions for the first WWE PPV, and finally Alex will talk about Martin Luther King day and recap his 250th episode!!!



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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 1: The Debut of Alex Cardinale

    in Radio

    W-E-L-C-O-M-E to the Alex Cardinale Show! Your one stop for a fun podcast. This podcast will have everything from sports to News to current events to even guests and more! This will be a weekly podcast that airs LIVE on Sundays at 3 PM EST.

    On this episode, Alex will discuss why he reccomends BlogTalkRadio to his friends and family, why he thinks you should be a host of your own show, and he will share the week's current news! So be sure to join us!

    You can say hello and meet Alex by calling in at 323-642-1605 dial 1.


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    Chef Alex Cardinale Presents: Christmas 2013 Special!

    in Cooking

    On this show, Chef Alex gets you in the Holiday/ Christmas sprit as we celebrate Christmas a week early!!!!!! This promises to be a awesome, joyful, cheerful, and great show!!!!!!!!!  Alex loves Christmas so he is proud to do this show! So join Chef Alex as he celebrates Christmas a week early!!!! In the first hour of the show, Chef Alex will share what his family does on Christmas Eve, Alex will talk about Christmas dinner, and give out some awesome Christmas dinner suggestions, Alex will talk about how to keep Christmas cooking simple, Alex will give out his Christmas side and dessert menu, and then Chef Alex will talk about what you can do on Christmas EVE. Alex will finish the first hour with some wonderful recipes! In the 2nd hour of the show, Chef Alex opens the phone lines!!!!! Come call in to share your Christmas memories, tell us what you want for Christmas, share any Christmas miracles, and tell us what you are doing for Christmas. Just call 646-716-6458 dial 1. Also in the 2nd hour, Chef Alex will play some Christmas music, share his christmas memories, make some phone calls, and more! Enjoy the show!!!!!

    Merry Christmas 2013!!!!!!!



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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 28: Interview with JamBox

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    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be interviewing Daniel May from Jambox.Jambox is an online computer store that sells Guitar, guitar assoceries and everything you need for your guitar. Jambox is located in Canada but could probably ship to the USA. Daniel will tell us all about this brand new website and what it has to offer.

    What is JamBox? Who can purchase from JamBox? All that and more will be answered by Daniel May! This will be an awesome show!


  • 01:24

    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 32: Web of Lies

    in Television

    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be discussing one of his favorite television shows on Id Discovery called Web of Lies! In the 21st century, we're increasingly living our lives online, unaware of the risks that can lie ahead. Looking for friendship, love, sex or business opportunities has led many into a twilight world of seduction, danger, and false identity. You never know where the web of lies will lead.

    Alex will discuss some common internet cases including Autumn Pasquele, Megan Meier and some of the other cases discussed on the Web of Lies series, plus I will discuss why you should NOT trust everyone you meet on the internet!

    Call in at 1 323-642-1605 to share your thoughts!


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    Chef Cardinale's Ask Chef Alex Episode 1!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show, Chef Alex Cardinale will be doing his first episode of Ask Chef Alex. Ask Chef Alex is going to be a LIVE Question and Answer series where listeners can ask Chef Alex questions on cooking and baking or in the general restaurant industry. It will be very similar to what we called Question and Answer, but in a fresh new title!

    You can call in LIVE at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to ask a question or 2 LIVE on air!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

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    Monday Chef Alex Cardinale Speaks 12/9/2013

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    It's time to kick start the last week of the 2 week cycle! It's Monday and that means it's Alex's Favorite show of them all! The Chef Alex speaks show!!! This is going to be the 2nd to last Alex speaks show for 2013!!!! So let's make it a great one!!!!!! In the first hour of the show at 6 PM EST, Chef Alex is going to start the show with some quick house keeping news, then he will move into his conversation for the week. The conversation is going to include NFL Week 14 recap, Alex will make predictions for WWE'S last ppv of the year WWE TLC 2013, then Alex will recap his weekend, talk about plans for the week, what's to come in the coming weeks, and finally what to expect from Chef Alex. In the 2nd hour live at 7:00 PM EST, Chef Alex will be doing a Caller Interaction hour. Callers are welcomed to call in with questions on cooking, baking, or food questions. Callers are welcomed to ask Christmas questions, or chat Christmas. Also they can call in with to chat anything PG. Just dial 646-716-6458 dial 1 when calling in! enjoy the show!


    Merry Christmas 2013!




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    Alex Cardinale Show on ACE Network: A.C.F. Chef George Norrell Hour # 2!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of A.C.F. Certified Chef George Norrell Hour, Chef George Norrell and Chef Alex Cardinale will be talking about Spring foods!Spring is finally here and there are some awesome foods that come in during the spring! Produce is well known during the spring. Fresh Strawberries, fresh watermelons, asapargus, and more are some common spring produce.

    Chef Geroge and Chef Alex will be discussing the fresh produce of the Spring, and give out some delicious Spring recipes for you the listeners! Chef George's Recipes will include lettuce wraps, crab tuna towers, Southwestern fajitas salad,a melon salsa and more! Chef Alex will have the following recipes: Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Romaine Salad, Pasta Florentine, and more!!!

    Feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 with any questions!