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    "INTIMATE SECRETS"-- Food Men & Secrets- with Chef Myron Norman

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    FOOD MEN AND SECRETS LIVE TONIGHT Interested in learning how to blend sour apples and greens for a popular dish? Join Chef Myron tonight as he shares how to bring creativity into your kitchen with these two unlikely foods. For weeks, Chef Myron has given his listeners shocking messages that impact people on almost every level. However, no show will be as extraordinary and shocking as this weeks show called--Intimate Secrets. Everyone has had a secret in their life. But what happens when individuals have secrets entering relationships? Unfortunately, many secrets affect how couples respond to each other intimately. How far are people willing to protect these secrets...and why? Join us this week as we confront secrets and ways couples heal after confession. Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about food and men surely to wet your appetite. Monday Nights 10PM EST (7PM PACIFIC, 9PM CENTRAL) Show airs April 7th 10PM EST




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    "THE SECRETS OF A SINGLE MOM"-- Food Men & Secrets-- w/host CHEF MYRON

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    More and more moms are finding themselves left without a spouse and handed all the responsibility of raising a family. For most single mothers, that means working a job full-time and parenting full-time alone.

    Unfortunately the efforts of single moms are often overlooked. So how do single moms cope with the challenges of singleness and motherhood? Join Host and Chef Myron Norman as he spot-lights the untold stories of single mothers. Stories of survival, heartbreak, abandonment and victory. Prepare to go deeper than you ever have.

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about men and food that will surely wet your appetite. Monday Night 10PM EST. (7PM PA / 9PM CT).www.kljnradio.com (347) 237-5342

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    "ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION"-- Food Men & Secrets-- w/host Chef Myron Norman

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    *In America alone more than More than 30 million men in the United States 20 years of age and older have erectile dysfunction (ED) or an inability to sustain an erection to have sex.

    For obvious reasons, this topic is very difficult for most men to discuss. Thus leading to shame, isolation and eventually abandonment--even destroying marriages and other relationships. Join Chef Myron Norman this Monday night as he goes beneath the sheets unearthing the truths and myths about Erectile Dysfunction.

    While men may remain silent about this issue--women will learn how to recognize ED and help their men cope. We'll also discuss the best foods that men can eat to sustain a longer erection.

    FOOD MEN AND SECRETS: A delicious blend of topics about food and men surely to wet your appetite. Monday Night 10PM EST (9PM CT / 7PM PA). Listen online or (347) 237-5342


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    "EMOTIONAL STALKING" - FOOD, MEN and SECRETS with Chef Myron Norman

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    EMOTIONAL STALKING:  Call The Show (347) 237-5342

    Have you ever felt uncomfortable around your partner? Things on the surface in your relationship appeared OK--but when you were out in public or around friends, you felt like you were being stalked by your partner. In some cases you were afraid to speak or even look in a certain direction. This form of emotional stalking can be even more dangerous than physical stalking.

    On this episode of FOOD, MEN and SECRETS Chef Myron Norman will share how he emotionally stalked women in his past. He'll also break down the silent behaviors linked to emotional stalking. From anger, to jealousy--learn how to recognize the unseen tactics that often lead to abuse and control. If you suspect someone is in a abusive or controlling relationship--this episode may be what it takes to save their life.

    *Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about Food and Men surely to wet your appetite. Every Monday NIght @10PM Eastern (9PM Central 7PM Pacific) Call the show or listen live (347) 237-5342 www.kljnradio.com

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    "HE HIT ME BUT ITS MY FAULT"--Food Men & Secrets-- w/host CHEF MYRON NORMAN

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    Chef Myron Norman returns for the sophomore season of Food Men and Secrets. Join Chef and Host Myron Norman tonight for a special episode as we confront the other side of spousal abuse. Is there ever a time a woman deserves to be beaten? Why do some women take the blame? Join Food Men and Secrets as we hear from both men and woman on both sides of the fight.

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about Food and Men surely to wet your appetite. Listen to the show live this Thursday night 10PM EST (7PM PST) (347) 237-5342 www.kljnradio.com

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    "DO MEN MATTER AT HOME?" -- Food Men & Secrets - with Chef Myron Norman

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    Facebook's Chief Operations Officer--Sheryl Sandberg (whose individual worth tops 2 billion dollars) stated that men don't do enough at home. Her belief is that if more men step up at home women will be more productive in corporate America. 

    *Are men really slackers at home? If men are not slackers, why are they so quiet on social media and in public forums on this issue? Let's talk about this as we prepare for one of Chef Myron's most intense and controversial episodes.

    Join us this Monday night as we discuss conflict among the sexes. "Do Men Do Enough?" www.kljnradio.com 10PM EST (7PM Pacific, 9 Central) Call the show or speak to the host (347) 237-5342

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about food and men surely to wet your appetite.

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    "A Better Cycle For Women....Period!!" - FOOD, MEN & SECRETS with Chef Myron

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    *For centuries women have been trying to find ways to feel better during their monthly cycle--for many women, that time of the month can be very difficult. And you know the saying..."if she aint happy, he aint happy".

    Tonight Host and Chef Myron Norman is dedicated to helping women discover the right foods to make that time of the month easier to manage. If you're tired of popping pills, cramping and seemingly uncontrollable bleeding or you struggle with having a period, this is one show that you can't miss.

    CALL (347) 237-5342 to listen LIVE or join in on the conversation.

    FOOD, MEN & SECRETS is on KLJN 107.7  


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    "COUPLES IN BUSINESS."--Food, Men & Good Sex / Chef Myron

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    "Couple In Business. Help! My Boo Doesn't Support My Business" Chef Myron will discuss what to do when the person you love is jealous of your accomplishments.Are you interested in starting your own business? Well Chef Myron will also discuss marketing, business developement, and what its like entering a relationship with a business or goal.

    We invite you to contribute to the conversation by calling

    (347) 237-5342

    To contact Chef Myron email him myronskitchen@gmail.com

    Click here to visit Chef Myron on our website at KLJN 107.7

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    "FATHERS--DO THEY MATTER?"--Food Men & Secrets-- w/host-- CHEF MYRON NORMAN

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    Are men solely to blame for fatherless homes? Do wounded mothers pave a difficult road for fathers connecting with their children? Does America's legal system present a bias standard? How do new relationships impact visitation between separate households?

    In the next episode of Food Men and Secrets Chef Myron Norman will confront the challenges men face during fatherhood.

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about Food and Men surely to wet your appetite. www.kljnradio.com (374) 237-5342 Monday nights 10PM EST. (9PM CT / 7PM PA).

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    "WHY MEN LAST LONGER"--Food Men & Secrets-- w/host CHEF MYRON NORMAN

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    Why Men Last Longer (Listen Live)

    Author Tranea Prosser Joins the show to discuss the secrets of a waiting woman.

    *How do men view Celibate women? Do men last longer when it comes to Celibacy? Do men really respect "Celibate" women? How can men prey on women in waiting? On the next episode of Food Men and Secrets--Chef Myron Norman will push his listeners to a deeper understanding of Celibacy from a man's perspective.

    Food Men and Secrets: Monday Nights 10PM EST. (9PM CT. / 7PM PDT).
    www.kljnradio.com (347) 237-5342

    — with Tranea Prosser.

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    "90 Ways To Trick A Woman" - FOOD, MEN & SECRETS with Chef Myron

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    Steve Harvey, one of the most popular media personalities and comedians in the country, has a lot of advice for women in the dating pool. But is his advice really helping women?

    In this episode of FOOD, MEN & SECRETS--Host, Myron Norman will confront Harvey's philosophy of a woman giving up the nookie in 90 days. In what is expected to be one of the most enlightening series about men and women, Chef Myron will lay out 90 different ways a man can trick a woman into having sex too soon. 

    Whether you're dating, considering marriage or single, this is one episode you do not want to miss! 

    CALL (347) 237-5342 to listen LIVE or speak with the host.

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