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    Totally Driven Radio #82

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    On our 82nd show............

    Ex-Lead Singer of RATT..... Stephen Sep Pearcy

    King of Philly Cheesesteaks...... & Host of the new Show on SPIKE TV.... FrankenFood   Tony Luke Jr

    We have one of the stars of the Iconic Happy Days...... 
    Don Most 

    Ex-Lead Singer of  RATT ............. Stephen Pearcy

    Plus Bay & Nick will be talking all your entertainment, news & stories 

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    The League

    in Hockey

    This week on The League, we're LIVE as Brian and TJ offer advice to teams that aren't necessarily performing at a level they'd like. After all, they may be too close to the problem!
    Also, the guys talk to Mike DeNicola from OrangeAndBlackPack.com about the Flyers, cheesesteaks, where babies come from and more!
    We'll also bring you our Greats and Goats and the Top Lines.
    This is The League. Only on the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

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    Joe Fan radio

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    The owner of the Ball and Oates Fantasy Football League (www.BallandOates.com) Philly Cheesesteaks, Joe Fan, discusses the league and other random things during this test pilot episode. Joe will struggle as he learns how to conduct the show.

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    The City of Not So Brotherly Love, The Jimmy Dennis Case.

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    Philadelphia is known as being the City of Brotherly Love, the Liberty Bell, Philly Cheesesteaks and music legends.  The likes of Will Smith who is now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood began his career in West Philadelphia as a young rapper then sitcom actor.  In 1991, another young up and coming singing sensation, lead singer of the next big boy band appropriately named Sensation, Jimmy Dennis was convicted of the murder of Chedell WIlliams.  Jimmy was weeks away from signing a lucrative contract with a major record label and sign his ticket out of the projects of South Philly.  What would Jimmy gain by shooting a young lady for $100 pair of earrings?  Was Jimmy the victim of misidentification?  Did he match the suspect description of the 5'9" male black seen fleeing the scene?  Or was Jimmy on completely the other side of town during the time the 50 witnesses watched the shooting?  Jimmy has supporters than span across the world including some major celebrities. Tune in this Wednesday as we will have two of Jimmy's supporters Pam Deghand and Tonya Sneed on The Other Side of Justice to discuss Jimmy's case.  Believe us when we say, people from around the world will be listnening to this case.  

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    Let's Do Lunch! @ Keatings River Grill

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    Philadelphia cuisine is more than just pretzels and cheesesteaks. Chef Kevin Reardon of Keatings River Grill at Hyatt Regency Philadelpha, Penn's Landing joins host Robin Milling for a special tasting.
    Chef Reardon prepared delectable comfort seafood selections of Maryland lump crabcakes with black bean corn relish and parmesan potatoes with remoulade influenced by his time in New Orleans, and pan seared Jersey scallops with lemon polenta at the restaurant  overlooking the Delaware River.
    Chef tells Robin how Keatings River Grill often caters rock bands such as The Beach Boys who have concerts at nearby Penn's Landing.
    Food and beverage director David Cribbs discusses the signature summer bourbon drinks and martini cocktails namely the Mantini with rye, sweet vermouth and specialty bitters and fruit.
    The Hyatt hopes to introduce the New Concept Market to it's restaurants including Keatings River Grill featuring natural beef and cage free eggs.
    For more information visit www.pennslanding.hyatt.com

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    Bawk Talk with the Rooster: 2011 Episode 13

    in Sports

    Join us for a preview of Maneater Bowl VIII as the Minority Roosters prepare to take on the Philly Cheesesteaks.

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    How Lenny's Sub Shop Builds Awareness via Social Media

    in Technology

    Joining us this week is Brent Alvord, President of Lenny’s Sub Shop Brent will share how social media continues to be such an integral part of their company strategy for 2012. If fact, Lenny’s constantly hosts unique contests and giveaways via its social media channels, which is why they have grown to more than 62,000 fans on Facebook.
    Lenny’s continually reaches out to their networks to show worth in remaining a fan of the brand by launching referral programs, such as its new Cash Rewards Program that will pay its Substantial Rewards members, Facebook fans, or anyone else for that matter, $10,000 for each referral that decides to open a new shop.
    Lenny’s Sub Shop features AWESOME half pound subs with premium meats sliced to order and Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks served hot off the grill.  Lenny's commitment to quality and fast, friendly service has helped Lenny's to become one of the most admired sub sandwich chains.  Lenny's Sub Shop continues expanding with great franchise opportunities still available.  Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks & The Deli Fresh Experience™ are why our loyal guests say they prefer a Lenny’s sub hands down to our competition. Why? Lenny's puts back what has been missing in the sub sandwich business - More Food, More Taste, More Personality!® For more information, visitwww.lennys.com.

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    SpokenHeard with Ed Mabrey and Host Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Ed Mabrey is a Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, National Poetry Slam Finalist, an Emmy nominated actor, National Best Selling poetry anthology contributor, motivational speaker, and poet. Ed has toured internationally and conducted performances and workshops at over 50 colleges and universities. He likes orange tic tacs, cheesesteaks, and french vanilla ice cream. He loves you more than you know.

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    North Carolina A and T Homecoming 2010 "Best Places To Eat" Live Radio (Feature: Corinthians Steaks)

    in Food

    North Carolina A&T State University Homecoming 2010 is Officially Underway!

    #GHOE - The Greatest Homecoming On Earth -

    Master Entrepreneurs Radio Show highlight's CORINTHIANS STEAKS for today's feature for the "Best Places to Eat" at the North Carolina A&T Homecoming 2010.

    Mr Riggs' culinary expertise is artistically displayed in every cheesesteak, made to the customer's specific order. His authentic philly cheesesteaks have received outstanding reviews from numerous customers all over the Triad Area. His Corinthians Steaks Facebook Fan Page is steadily growing as fans eagerly await the opening of his highly anticipated storefront (currently in the planning phase).

    Customers are already lining up to get there hands on the best "Authentic Philly Cheesesteak" at North Carolina A&T's Homecoming 2010. DO NOT miss out on your chance to taste the best of the best from a Philadelphian culinary expert.

    Listen in to this LIVE radio broadcast of the North Carolina A&T Homecoming 2010 "Best Places To Eat" featuring "Corinthians Steaks".

    North Carolina A&T Homecoming 2010
    #GHOE - The Greatest Homecoming On Earth

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    Philadelphia's King of Cheese Steaks Turns Movie Star "Tony Luke Jr." LIVE on Stardish

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    When you think of Philadelphia, you think of tough guys with big hearts – and cheesesteaks. That’s just fine with Tony Luke, Jr., restaurateur, actor, and impresario, who is as much a part of his city’s landscape as Constitution Hall and the Phillie Phanatic. With his legendary eateries serving up to 20,000 cheesesteaks, roast pork, chicken cutlets, and hoagies a week,the bear-sized Luke has taken his success to the big screen with the independent feature “The Nail,” co-written by and starring Luke. The film is now airing on Showtime and The Movie Channel, after earning the audience award for Best Film at his hometown film festival, Cinefast 09. Impressive versatility for a former martial artist and would-be boxer, born and bred on the streets of South Philly.
    Acting and performing were Tony's first passions.
    And he is stopping By Stardeish to talk all about it!

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    Lennys Subs Franchise Opportunity Meets with Franchise Interviews

    in Business

    You might get a little hungry after today's show. The creation of a truly great sub is no small feat. At Lenny's they pride themselves on serving up Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks & the Deli Fresh Experience™. Since the beginning, Lenny's commitment to quality and attention to detail has gone into every restaurant and every sub sandwich.

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