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    Storytellers Campfire Presents The Marble Award Recipients

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    On Sunday, September, 28, 2014 on Storytellers Campfire Radio Show the Hosts and Staff Members announced 104 Marble Award Nominees recognized for their work. The Nominees were selected from a long list of guest who have appeared on the shows during the nine years Storytellers Campfire has aired. The radio program is designed to preserve history, educate and provide cultural enrichment for it's listeners. The Book Review committee and staff has reviewed in excess of ten thousand books and have aired hundreds of guest and have become a Book Review and Cultural and Educational authority. Since our success is primarily based on the success of our Guest, it was decided they would present Marble Awards to the guest who have exibited exceptional talent and made their contributions available to the world, through writing, storytelling, literature, music, poetry and research work. 

    The entire staff will Host this well anticipated event on Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time

    After the Award Presentations the Marble Award Recipients will be abe to call in and share their thoughts and comments with listeners joining us from 98 countries world-wide. 

    There are many surprises lined up so be sure to join us for this special event.

    Link to: Marble Award Video of Nominees

    Website Link to: Marble Award Nominee List

    Link: Press Release

    PDF Version: Press Release




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    Daytona 500 Recap/College Basketball News and Notes!

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    Tonight on Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen, we chat about the wild Daytona 500 that saw Joey Logano capture the checkers! We will talk about all 3 races that happened at Daytona, will Tony Stewart ever win the big one and news regarding BOTH Busch brothers. College Hoops update with an updated Bubble Watch as well as what games you need to keep your eye on in the upcoming week. Top headlines and more as we are LIVE!

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    Opening Song is Fireball by Pitbull


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    American Daily Review: Another ISIS Blitzkrieg

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    Slow Joe escapes the White House attic again; Democrats building weak anti-Walker narrative; Overhaul of No Child Left Behind more of a refurbishment; As the world "boils," Niagra Falls freezes - solid; A million ObamaCare conscripts given incorrect tax information; Obama Regime quietly & completely reneges on last year's VA reforms; Eric Holder couldn't scalp Darren Wilson, so he's going after the Ferguson PD on his way out the DOJ door; Praise homosexuality says schools, Equal Protection Clause says so; Straight-Men: Alabama's Last Stand; "Gender fluidity" is semantical stupidity; Subprime consumer debt soars to 7-year high; FCC Commissioner blows whistle on Obama’s illegal Internet takeover; Russia's geopolitical positioning continues; Islamic terror strikes Denmark, France (again) as resident Jews start leaving for Israel; Obama trying to turn Israel into 21st-century Czechoslavakia; ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians as part of invasion of Libya, triggering Egyptian retaliatory airstrikes, while capturing al-Baghdadi in Western Iraq, trapping 300 Marines at al-Asad Air Base; and while ISIS threatens invasion of Europe, harvests "infidel" organs and engages in anti-"infidel" cannibalism. Barack Obama's global "Stand With Mohammed" conference steals the show.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--LBJ--President Lyndon Baines Johnson goes to the Dogs(Beagles)  Historical Audio Extract  LBJ reminisces about his dog


    No President has ever owned an Afghan Hound--Borzoi--Greyhounds

    Origion of Scalping--It didn't originate with the native American Indians--


    1942--Nazi Occupiers of Poland Ban Jews from all public transport --Bicycles too



    2-20-BIRTHS-DEATHS & EVENTS relevant to US(a)  Death--Walter Winchell media liar about Rose D'Aquino aka Tokyo Rose--Elliot Ness fictional Untouchable--Ness had little to do in the successful prosecution of Al Capone





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    Wolfpack Takeover Tuesdays

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    Tonight's confirmed guest includes Ms. Hustle of the URL, as well as two up and coming URL PG's Dot and Chess.  Call in to chop it up with our guest and enjoy the interviews and topics that will be discussed.

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    Certifiable, Deflatrious, Chess

    in Technology

    It's time for another LIVE episode of the Patch and Switch show!!! It's a call in show, two IT guys (Patch and Switch) who are talking about whatever comes up for this episode. Can you say Tangent! 

    Call in - reach out or just focus on the chat room... Doesn't matter to us - we love the interaction!  Ultimately it's the Chat Room where everyone hangs out, so make sure to load it up!

    OMG - It's Friday the 13th... What could possibly go wrong with this episode?  What's the topic? We still don't know until the show starts. We have some ideas on what to talk about - but the callers shape the show!

    Three ways to connect:

    Call: (646) 595-4888 to talk to the hosts (POTS, Cell or SkypeOut)
    Skype in via the webpage, but you'll need to register on BlogTalkRadio.com site first (choose the FREE account, not paid account).

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    Chess and the Games of Life with International Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

    in Culture

    On this episode, after reviewing some of the great and dangerous ideas of the week, host Kasaun Henry interviews Maurice Ashley, International Grandmaster of Chess. 

    Maurice Ashley made history as the first African-American International Grandmaster and translated his love of the game to others as a three-time national championship coach, two-time author, ESPN commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker. He is working as a Director’s Fellow at MIT to bring the benefits of chess and other classic games to a wider educational audience through the innovative use of technology.

    Incredibly passionate about chess, Maurice is now helping to raise the stakes with the Millionaire Chess Open. For over 12 years, he had dreamt about hosting a tournament of this quality and calibre, and is thrilled to have finally realized this goal.

    Maurice currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


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    Workshop Wednesdays with Tony Gambone

    in Business

    Workshop Wednesdays with Tony Gambone: with his guest Steven Ankerstar

    Steven E. Ankerstar is the owner and founder of Afterburner Financial, LLC.—a financial services firm based in Round Rock, Texas. As such, Mr Ankerstar is a dynamic and high-energy executive leader specializing in private wealth management and financial planning. He utilizes high-tech portfolio management and financial planning software to provide individuals with a crystal clear assessment of where they are as well as providing them with a tailored flight plan to achieve their financial goals. As a retired Air Force officer, Steve’s global security experience includes guiding complex operations, building key relationships, and fostering team development, proven through twenty years of success as an F-15C Eagle and F-117 Stealth Fighter pilot in the US Air Force. Mr Ankerstar served and defended this country for over 20 years and now he serves his clients and defends them against future threats to their financial well-being. He is dedicated to achieving maximum performance results with focused financial planning and specialized portfolio management to secure a stress-free retirement for his clients. Steve’s academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree and three masters’ degrees. In addition, Steve is currently a second year doctoral candidate pursuing his PhD in Finance. Steve recently published an article in The Platform Magazine entitled “Living Life with Passion” and also was the featured speaker for Lonestar MENSA.  He is a life member of both MENSA and the US Chess Federation as well as a "Featured Speaker" with the Public Speakers Association. 

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    Win Cash And Prizes from Naked Girls Radio!

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    Get on NGR - make friends, promote your page, upload photos, videos, audio, write blogs, forums and be social to win cash!!! Join us for Monday game nights & have tons of fun with all of your best friends while you earn points that can be redeemed for free prizes!

    The two player games for Naked Girls Radio Network members include:

    *8-Ball Pool * Backgammon * Battleships * Brilliant Turn * Cheat * Checkers * Chess * Conectomato * Darts * Domino * Four in a Row * Go * GoldMiner * Hex Empire * Hexaru * Kaban Tactics * Knights Domain * Mancala * Marbles * Match 4 * MineSweeper * Ramble Scramble * Russian Roulette * SheepMe * Sudoku * Super Star Balls * Tic Tac Toe*

    Log in & play games with friends Monday nights & win free prizes!

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    Open Carry TX Update & Guests; Economic Update; Global Chess Moves

    in Education

    Good evening fellow conspirators! Welcome back! Tonight we are expecting to hear from some special guests from the front lines of the battle for Open Carry in Texas! The situation on the ground continues to develop as Lt. Governor Dan Patricks tries to back pedal on his word.

    Also, we continue to monitor the economic waves as they crest on the global stage. Greek elections this week have elected the Anti EU / Anti Austerity party. The possibility that Greece could default and leave the EU could topple the dominoes of unstable, insolvent regimes across Europe. Concurrently, Western / EU countries continue to pressure Russia into lashing out against the sanctions and other actions imposed upon them. Not to be outdone, the Middle East turmoil continues to froth up and spread into a larger regional / global war game.

    Be sure to join us live, in the chat, and on the call lines! (347) 308-8713. Don't forget to stop by our FB page and give us a like. Conspiracy Corner: Blogtalkradio.

    Peace, Love, and Conspiracy!

    ~Dave and Wes


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    The Little Podcast of Kalamazoo - Fourth Coast Cafe - Coffee shop review

    in Fun

    The green canopies of the Fourth Coast Cafe jut out from the old brick building near the corner of Vine street and Westnedge avenue in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The only twenty-four hour cafe in the city and, as far as I know, in the state is a social hub for a community of college students, alumni, free thinkers, and everyone else. It's a shining beacon of warmth and caffeine in even the darkest and coldest nights. The side door might be closed in the winter, but the front door is never locked.

    As I enter through the glass door, the scent of coffee mingles with the smell of the street and the smoke of a couple on the sidewalk talking about politics, philosophy, and the latest additions to their record collections. To the right of the stairway, which leads up to the Crow's Nest restaurant, is another glass door which swings into the cafe. My ears are treated to snippets of conversations ranging from chess moves to stories of drunken debauchery. To my left, a barista turns on an industrial sized coffee grinder as another presses levers on a well used espresso machine, eliciting a low hiss as espresso fills a tiny metal cup. The place smells of old art, new coffee, fresh tea, and human energy. This coffee shop is where people come to meet with old friends and new minds. This is where they come to plan, and at times even create, new works of poetry, drawings, novels, and everything else which breaths life into life. This place is the living breath of Kalamazoo.


    I add a little sugar to my drink and fall in love with the dull clank of the spoon against the thick walls of the tall glass cups the cafe uses. I look around and see that my usual table, in the center of the room,  is taken, so I make my way to the bar stools and take a seat there. The chairs are surprisingly comfortable for being simple wooden seats. It's clear that the cafe knows well that people come here to stay for long periods at a time.

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