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  • 02:25

    State of the World: Revolution, Winter Olympics, French Anti-semitism

    in News

    Are you watching the Winter Olympics? Or are you boycotting them like the morally righteous US, UK and French leaders, who are disgusted that Putin won’t promote pedophilia?

    Will the most expensive Olympic Games ever be a triumph for Russian peace over Western war, or will a CIA/Saudi-directed terror attack attempt to poke the Bear into a violent reaction before the world’s watching media?

    What’s really happening next door in Ukraine? Will the people there soon be liberated from the 'yolk of Putinism' and be free to join the glorious future envisioned by the EU? Or is it too just another CIA-led revolution? And what about the real revolution in France, why is no one reporting on that?

    We’ll also be discussing the weird weather - what could be causing wildfires in Alaska while it snows in Georgia? Or prolonged drought and raging wildfires in Arctic Norway while hurricane force storms drown Britain for months on end?

    We hope you’ll join us on SOTT Talk Radio from 2-4pm EST (8-10pm CET) this Sunday February 9th 2014 as we assess the State of the World a month into 2014.

  • 02:59

    The Boston Marathon Bombing Tragedy: America's New Normal?

    in Blogs

    Like a bad nightmare that one cannot awaken from, the Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy was yet another chance for evil to rear its ugly head on an unsuspecting innocent people who didn't deserve to have their joy, peace and tranquility disturbed so abruptly and in the most violent way imaginable.
    But the threat of death looms heavily over the heads of those who - for whatever twisted reasons their cowardly attackers behold - have nothing to do with the perceived wrongs that they feel were done to them if any existed ever at all.
    While it is difficult to truly gain an accurate insight into the disturbed minds of those who carry out these deadly attacks, the fact of the matter is that they seem to be increasing as time goes by and the profiles of these individuals never have a common thread through them as they could literally be anyone.
    The modern day enemy of freedom and the unseen boogey man of terror that occupies todays world is a ghost who can appear just about anywhere without warning or raising any red flags whatsoever.
    Tonight we will speak on every single detail of this unfortunate happening as it has been revealed at the time of this broadcast.
    Be very prepared for a very spirited show tonight as the passions will surely fly as it should!

  • 02:19

    East Anglian EDL - Russia Warned Us

    in Politics Conservative

    Did Russia warn us regarding "The Chechens?"
    A harrowing tale of a sex slave for Islamists.
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke
    Welcome to the Show, which is the Official Program for the English Defence League. Supporters, you have found your platform ~ this show is your voice.
    The Radio Show talking about the Threat to the UK and the World through creeping Sharia, Sharia Law, Islamism, Islamists and Political Correctness. These Issues and more will be discussed on The East Anglian EDL Radio Show.
    This show does not hold back, as it delves into the issues that affect England and the Western World. Thank you for joining East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show, as we share our voices and welcome yours, too.
    Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 8:30PM GMT, 3:30PM EDT

  • 01:00

    Boston Bombing and Immigration-Reform

    in Politics

    Oregon Update -- HEADLINES -- "Boston suspects background threatens to derail immigration bill"
    The suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, are ethnic Chechens who came to the U.S. from Russia about a decade ago as refugees and were granted asylum and the question being asked is should sponsors of the proposed law would delay debate on immigration bill as a result of this tragedy.
    we invite your thoughts on the Boston bombing and immigration bill and as a president puts it, "act of terrorism" within our borders and our hearts go out to those who have suffered or died as a result.
    Conspiracy theories abound...
    please feel free to call us with your thoughts, observations, memories,etc. Saturday April 20 1 p.m. Pacific Time 646-721-9887

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