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    You ever been embarassed?  Honey HUSH!  I'm sure you've been caught a time or two, cheating on your significant other, HONEY HUSH!!!!  Do you see someone, you want to put your lips to their lips?  But you got somebody already???? H O N E Y    HUSH!!!   Did you have a relationship with someone and you guys broke up, only to realize that that person was the one, but you can't get them back now???  HH OO NN EE YY  (honey)  HH UU SS HH!!!!

    Honey Hush the show that features Stephanie "THE LAKER GURL" Beard and Robert Redwine.  They will introduce you to the other hosts and guests that will participate on the show each week.  Life & Love Relationships between woman and man!  Engaging grown folks in coversation with their opinion on *Rules of Life & Love - In the game of Life and Love ...there ARE rules!!!  "She" has her rules and "He" has his.  He Said/She Said battle of the sexes, giving listeners the opportunity to finally see how the other gender think. 
    Honey Hush!  347-205-9366

  • Live Broadcast, "I'm a Good Woman! Why is He Cheating?"

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    You are a GOOD woman.  You are giving and loving.  You accept his faults.  You don't need his money.  You keep your body together.  Yet, he's cheating on you.  Why?  Is it something you're not doing?  Can you stop him?  Ladies, this is the show you MUST listen to.  We will take your questions and answer them.  Topics include:  The Psychology of the Man; Why Men Cheat; Women Who Enable; and Strategies for Change.  Set a reminder to tune into Real, Relevant, and Raw on Monday, December 22, 2014 at 10 p.m.!


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    #T2Q's Toys for THOTs

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    Welcome to the first-ever T2Q Toys for THOTs fund raiser!  The Toys for THOTS Drive started as a way to help men during the holidays who have to appease their side chicks without further jeopardizing the relationships that they have with their real women.  The T2Q Toys for THOTs Drive takes donations to make sure that THOTs also have a Merry Christmas and not get items that are re-gifted.  

    Okay, that's really not true.  This show really isn't a fund raiser for side chicks.  It takes a satirical look at the world of side pieces (women and men) and discusses how uncomfortable things can be around the holidays when someone doesn't know their place!

    All of this and a little sports talk as the Talk 2 Q Radio Show celebrates Christmas!

    "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 424


    Scheduled for 90-120 mins

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    Why Men and Women Cheat.

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    The famous question has beeen asked over and over again, and that question is "why do men cheat?" Nevertheless we have discovered that men are not the only ones guilty of cheating, but women can be just as guilty if not more. During this show, we will discuss why men and women cheat. This show will be the first episode of Between the Sexes with Charles and Reniel Billups! With that in mind, buckle your seatbelts, because this one ought to be good!

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    Move over side chicks cuz im the main bytch

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    how do yall feel about side chicks? or even side dudes? why is it necessary? are people just greedy? what happens when your main chick finds out about your side chick? i want your opinion on this topic have you ever been a side chick or side dude tell me about it share your opinions and experiences in the nochille zone 9pm est dec22  lets get it poppin on nochille radio i wanna know whats this sidechick and side dude madness is all about let me know 

  • The Triple Threat Success: "How You Can Have It All" with guest Lakesha Cole

    in Motivation

    What does a "Triple Threat Success" look like from a woman who lives a demanding and challenging lifestyle as a military spouse? Well, you are about to find out how Lakesha Cole manages to make it happen as a business woman, entrepreneur, mother and Marine Corps spouse who is not only surviving, but thriving in what she does. 

    Lakesha Cole serves as an indispensable resource in assisting women and military spouses with starting, surviving and succeeding in small business, despite the daily challenges of the military lifestyle. Lakesha was selected as the 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® for her entrepreneurial prowess, volunteer efforts, personal sacrifice and her efforts to support the military community.  She has experienced her own entrepreneurial successes as CEO and Owner of She Swank | Too, a curated shop for women and girls alike, that stylishly promotes confidence, inspiration and independence. 

    Lakesha was selected into the Military Entrepreneur Program by Inc. magazine. She was also featured on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda and is published in Military Spouse magazine.

    Lakesha has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from North Carolina A&T State University; and an Associates of Applied Science in Retail Marketing from Parsons The New School for Design. She also serves on the Board of the Military Spouse Business Association and Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinician board. Lakesha and her family are currently stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa, Japan.

    For more info. about Lakesha go to: www.lakeshacole.com or www.sheswank.com or on Facebook: Lakesha Cole, 2014 Military Spouse of the Year. 


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    Why Exactly Do Men Cheat?

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever been cheated on? What reasons did they give you? Do you believe all men cheat? Have you ever cheated yourself? Can you honestly say your significant other pushed you to it or do you blame you and only you? Call us we would love to hear your stories or reasons on why men cheat!?


    We have our very own VA’s Mr. Broadway calling into give us the male perspective on cheating in relationships. You don’t want to miss it!


    Tonight at9pm EST. 6467168772

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    Does Cheating "Come with the Territory"?

    in Relationships

    There are some things that aren't the norm that we accept as the norm.  We get conditioned to certain things and after a while we expect it despite the fact that it's not the ideal way.  Even though we should expect better we accept what's given to us because we're conditioned for it.

    The same goes for men and cheating.  Some misguided women tend to believe that being with a man means that you have to accept certain things.  One of them is cheating.  And the more popular, rich, and/or powerful the man is then the more cheating is okay for him.

    Time for me and the Show Legends to educate the listeners!  Or do they think that cheating really does come with the territory?  

    Also on the show will be the 1st installment of "Ask Brandy"!  Do you have a question about life?  Do you need an unbiased opinion?  Then "Ask Brandy" at Brandy.J.Flynn@gmail.com and she'll answer your questions (anonymously) on the air!

    We'll discuss that and then get into some sports on tonight's Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 423


    Scheduled for 120 mins.

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    What Private Investigators do

    in Education

    Tonight I will discuss what licensed private investigators do and don't do. So if you've thought about hiring a private eye or just curious as to what we really do tune in and listen as I expalin the facts. 

    For more information visit my website www.Willzpi.com

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    MMSRS #23 - Final Christmas Prep show, it's a party!

    in Military

    Christmas PARTY Yall! Secret Santa gift exchange, spiked eggnog, hell - I'll even get Santa to show up so you can sit on his lap and whisper what you want him to bring on Christams Eve! A must-call episode at the usual time, noon CST Friday (that's 0500am Saturday morn for Korea)... come git yer hollerday spirits going!

    Weekly 2-hour web-based radio show, hosted by Dave Etter, focusing on the needs of men married to serving military members, both men and women. Male Military Spouses are a small niche of military spouses, comprising of only 7%-8% of all military spouses. We feel left out, usually, at support functions - especially those designed with the spouses being identified as "wives"! We get cajoled at playgrounds where our kids play, from the mommies there who think we don't belong. We are proud SAHDs, who gave up our careers to follow our spouses as they dedicate thier lives to defend our country! Here, on this show, we come together and share beer recipes, diaper changing techniques, financial discoveries - manly things, for men! Airs Fridays at Noon CT, rated R for the cussing that can occur, and available for download (podcast) immediately following each show.

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    I Don't Want To Cheat On My Hubby, But I Need Good SEX!!!

    in Relationships

    How many folks are stuck on this wheel?? 

    You love your spouse, every other thing is beautiful in your marriage but the sex sucks?? This is the dilemma of some folks, not knowing the best way to communicate the lack of good sex just to save face or keep the marriage going. Yet such folks are living in a world ofdissatisfaction when it comes to sex and love making.

    We are throwing this out to the listeners tonight to see how we can go about this problem without resorting to getting "some" elsewhere. 

    Call in @ 10pm! Let's swap tales....

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